Killer of Jennifer Walstrand Sentenced to 40 Years for her Brutal Murder

Jennifer Walstrand

On Wednesday (March 28), Daniel Alexander Threadgill, 24, was sentenced to an exceptional sentence of 40 years in prison for the brutal stabbing and beating death of Jennifer Walstrand in Des Moines in August 2010 (read our coverage of that crime here).

A jury convicted Threadgill on a charge of Murder First Degree in February.

Walstrand was stabbed at least 63 times and her head was severely stomped on. Prosecutors said Threadgill did that because she was still breathing, inflicting additional brutal injuries.

Because of the defendant’s deliberate cruelty, prosecutors requested the 40-year exceptional sentence.

The standard sentence range was 22 to 28-1/2 years.

Sentencing was before Judge Cheryl Carey.


5 Responses to “Killer of Jennifer Walstrand Sentenced to 40 Years for her Brutal Murder”
  1. Beverly says:

    RIP Jennifer… no one deserves to die in the manner that you did. May your killer rot in jail and may be meet the same fate some day…

    • Shawn says:

      Eyewitness Misidentification

      Eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in more than 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing.

      While eyewitness testimony can be persuasive evidence before a judge or jury, 30 years of strong social science research has proven that eyewitness identification is often unreliable. Research shows that the human mind is not like a tape recorder; we neither record events exactly as we see them, nor recall them like a tape that has been rewound. Instead, witness memory is like any other evidence at a crime scene; it must be preserved carefully and retrieved methodically, or it can be contaminated

      I never knew the cultural bias and make up of the pacific northwest. Well I know it now. While everyone is pinning for this poor woman recognize that she was a hooker, police it and clean it up any way you want. The truth is there was no DNA placing him at this crime scene. It was eyewitness accounts form people of ill character with something to gain form their testimony. Some things change and some things stay the same in “The New Jim Crow” No one is looking at the admitted pimp in this situation because he turned witness to save his ass from other charges. Pimps real pimps are capable of this kind of violence the average person is not. Bad Police work, horrible lawyering and a biased area that looked for the profile of a killer. Search your souls for the truth before you convict based on how someone looks. You don’t know any of the people involved. I agree that no one desrves to die the way she did but the innocence projects results prover that peole still get convicted errantly in this country all the time.

      • Judge Judy says:

        No she wasn’t a “hooker” she was a human being. Your ignorant pandering is a disgrace along with your “culteral bias” excuse.. 40 years for murder is a great deal for your man. Too bad he’ll be out in time to kill again.

        • humlelou says:

          Right you are she was not merely a hooker she was a human being that was also engaged in the dangerous practice of prostitution. Deserving no never,but don’t negate the real dangers of that lifestyle. Everytime she entered a hotel/motel/car the potential for death was waiting. Also that life requires one to cut of or numb yourself to normal signals of danger. I do believe like many she wanted to escape that life but not sure if she knew how difficult that would be. Also i believe she was brutallly murdered just not sure who. Not comfortable with this case the only accounts/statements/wire tap recordings are from the mouths of other prostitutes working under jennifer’s pimp. I think perhaps they were eyewitnesses but what they witnesssed and who is the question. Why would another pimp killl somebody’s elses prostitute? No no not the way the game works, I’m sorry.

      • humlelou says:

        I’ve been haunted by this particular case for a couple years now. When the investigation was taking place police were made aware of a similar set of circumstances involving another prostitute working under the alledged pimp. The incident which occured relative to the same time frame as the murder of Walstrand ultimately culminated into an assualt case. The victim also one of the pimp’s prostitutes was alledgedly beaten in her home vicously. The attack was commisioned by the pimp. This victim reports the crime to police. Where it gets confusing is in August 2010 a relative of the pimp revealed his main prostitute was killed and he was planning on attending the funeral. Sure an attack doesn’t necessarily signal a murder but I will offer another angle. During this time the pimp in question was able to bail out of jail with amounts excessing 40,000 on the backs of his prostitutes. It was also revealed 10,000 per weekend, property and plenty luxary items and trips were supported by the women he prostituted. Many articles insist walstrand was seeking to change her life ie. Get out of what is commonly known as the life. Also an interesting tidbit I’ve found searching suggests the eyewitnesses were also porstitutes of the pimp, similar to Mcmillon-Cooper. Also not the first time it has been brought to light the question of dna. How could there be no dna in a crime involving such brute force and violence. Not to mention it was a stabbing. No dna very peculiar, someone other than walstrands dna had to be present and if not Threadgilll then who?

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