LETTER: ‘The Minority Has Spoken’ About South King Fire & Rescue Levy

The Minority Has Spoken

The South King Fire and Rescue Levy did not pass. With 59% of our community voting in favor of it, it failed. In any other election a 19 point margin would be a landslide victory; here we call it a “loss”. The minority has spoken. Something’s wrong.

In a country that champions representative government and, “one person, one vote”, we have somehow managed to enfranchise a minority to speak for the majority. The majority has said that we should resource SKFR and enable them to do the job with which they have been entrusted. The majority has affirmed their performance and appreciated their sacrifices to ensure our safety. But the minority has spoken. Unreal.

Because SKFR is committed as an organization to protect and improve our quality of life, they will now endeavor to do more with less. The impacts of this vote may not be felt for a year or two, but they will be felt. Education programs have already been cut. Response times will go up. But more importantly, we have said to the men and women who serve us faithfully, “We aren’t behind you.” What does that do to department morale?

To SKFR I would like to say, “Thank you”. Thank you for your service and thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for always being only minutes away, whether we need you or not. Thank you for the many other ways you care for our city, whether improving school grounds, collecting school supplies for under-resourced children, or providing a Christmas experience for families who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

And when you become frustrated with lack of support from our community, please remember – The Minority Has Spoken.

– Jon McIntosh

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8 Responses to “LETTER: ‘The Minority Has Spoken’ About South King Fire & Rescue Levy”
  1. Joe Average says:

    Shame on the majority for passing those super majority rules…oh.

  2. The Truth says:

    Thank you for the kind comments, let me shed a little light on the Fire Service. Sadly the Levy failed, so what is the real impact? Well it could mean additional staffing cuts, who cares right? Well those of you who voted NO might like to know that the fire department rarely goes to fires. What we are very good at is Aid Work, ever seen a heroin overdose, gun shot, stabbing, rape ,done CPR or any of a hundred other aid requests? We do it EVERY DAY. Yep, South King Fire does that and more, about 17,000 times per year. The taxation laws that deal with fire districts were written in the 50’s and are grossly out dated. On occasion we need to ask the voters for support, this time you said no, too bad. The truth is the impact to the residents of SKF&R are not yet fully understood. But I can promise you service won’t be improved as a result of the NO vote. Folks you get what you pay for, this is an essential service that when YOU need it is pretty important. This fire department is one full of pride with quality people that spend a lot of time away from their families so they can help others. Its a sad day when the community can’t or won’t support their fire department. Remember that if you ever need to call 911, we will do our best to serve you no matter what, but we could use some help from you too

  3. Homeowner says:

    As a homeowner, I am pretty fed up with the excessive taxes on homeowners. My home value is down to a 2003 level. My taxes in 2003 then were 30% of what they are now. I owe more than my home is worth. The fire department wants more money? Guess what, so do I. I took a 10% pay cut in 2008. I don’t have match on my 401k anymore either. I’ve never had a pension funded by anyone. I’m paying 80% on my medical and it used to be free. Everything that was taken from me is taking food from my family. So now you know why I voted no

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    While I feel certain that there are good reasons put forward by those who voted no, it should be noted that we are al in the same suffering boat when it comes to home values and finances in general. My recent ambulance ride was a life saver that might not have been available as quickly if it were not the taxes dedicated to this service; so we voted a strong yes in favor of the levy. We feel sorry for those who voted no and had good reason for that position but I also believe there were a few votes out there thatwill vote no for everything without evaluation. It is a sad testimonial that a minority of voters can prevail in what we feel is a democracy.
    Pat Nardo

  5. Marg says:

    Unfortunately, I had to call and use our emergency medical and they are without a
    doubt first class. I would pay double per year for all the help they have given me and
    my family. Thank you EMT’s for all that you do.

  6. Todd says:

    Pat – A supermajority or a qualified majority is a requirement for a proposal to gain a specified level or type of support which exceeds a simple majority (over 50%). This is sound legislation when the outcome of the issue affects ALL taxpayers. If you cannot get 60% to pass the legislation, then how valid and acceptable is it. Just like there are people that will always vote no there is always people that will vote yes. If you want legislation pass that affects all us then show us by having a majority and find 60%. This is example how the minority is protected. Its people like you that think fair is 50% to 50%. Wake up, if you to think it’s so great and needs funding, change or put into law then go get 60% to agree with you, If you cannot do that then it speaks for itself.

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