$600,000 Claim Filed Against City for Shooting Death of Rosie the Dog

Charles and Deidre Wright at a memorial for their dog, Rosie.

by Ralph Nichols

A civil claim totaling $600,000 has been filed by the owners of Rosie the Newfoundland for the Nov. 7, 2010, shooting death of their dog by Des Moines police officers.

Named in the action are the City of Des Moines, the Des Moines Police Department, Des Moines Police Officer Michael Graddon, who fired the shots, and Sgt. Steven Weiland, who issued the order to kill Rosie.

The dog was pursued, shot and killed by the officers as she cowered in blackberry bushes in a back yard near her home after earlier being reported loose on a city street.

Charles and Deirdre Wright of Des Moines, who owned Rosie, have filed individual “wrongful death” claims of $300,000 each with the city.

They are seeking compensation for the “intrinsic value of Rosie, loss of use of Rosie, emotional distress and wage loss,” and special medical costs.

Bellingham-based animal rights attorney Adam Karp, who filed the action, is also seeking punitive damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Assistant Des Moines City Manager Lorri Ericson told The Waterland Blog, “I have not seen the claim but I know [City Manager] Tony Piasecki received it last week and forwarded it to our insurance carrier” – the Washington Cities Insurance Authority.

“Any claim received by the city goes to them. They review the claim, make a determination, and if appropriate assign an an attorney.

Ericson added that since she has heard nothing “I can only assume they are still reviewing it.” Since this is an open case, she couldn’t comment even after getting it back from the insurance carrier.

In early 2011, Karp filed a petition asking Des Moines Municipal Court Judge Veronica Alicea-Galvan to file misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against Graddon and Weiland under a state law dating back to the Washington Territory.

After Alicea-Galvan recused herself at the outset of the initial hearing, the case was referred first to King County District Court and then to Pierce County District Court. All judges of each court also recused themselves and the case was then transferred to Snohomish County.

It finally came before Snohomish County District Court Judge Tam T. Bui last June. After receiving briefs and hearing oral arguments, Judge Bui denied Karp’s motion in September.

“After a careful review, this Court is not satisfied that probable cause exists” to charge the officers for the killing of Rosie, she said in her ruling.

Karp appealed her decision to Snohomish County Superior Court, where Judge Richard T. Okrent dismissed it on March 9.

Judge Okrent ruled at the end of a one-hour hearing that the statute of limitations in this case had expired, leaving him with no choice but to dismiss it.

Karp said at that time he would file a civil claim for monetary damages against Graddon and Weiland.

In filing their claim against the city, the police, and the two officers, Karp also alleged that after the Wrights commenced their legal action, they were stalked and under surveillance by the police department.

“Such stalking and surveillance by DMPD has caused additional mental anxiety to the Wrights, for which they also seek damages,” Karp declared.

Referring to their dog, Karp noted that “at the time she died, Rosie was three years old, trained, and did not have a fair market or replacement value. Instead, she had a unique value, also known as intrinsic value, to her owner/guardians.”

He added that the law allows recovery of damages for the loss of Rosie, for emotional distress, for lost wages and for related medical costs.


59 Responses to “$600,000 Claim Filed Against City for Shooting Death of Rosie the Dog”
  1. didi says:

    I hope they pay. Anyone who saw the dashcam video 545 (and I really mean watch and listen to it from beginning to end) can see the cops were intent to hunt Rosie down, taze and chase her from her property and violently end her life for no reason other than to entertain themselves. Rosie was contained in Lora Perry’s yard and was no threat to anyone! These guys are cowards and bullies and do not belong patroling the streets. Feel the same about Arrico too! Rosie should still be alive and shouldn’t have gotten a death sentence form these jerks just because she escaped from her yard and was standing wating for her owners to return in her own driveway!!

  2. Donna says:

    Good for you, Mr. and Mrs. Wright! May you definitely win this round for Rosie!

  3. Wanker says:

    Jesus Christ! When will this end. It is unfortunate that the dog died. The police probably did not act appropriately, but let’s not forget what led to this incident, the owners irresponsibility! I am sure they didn’t mean for the dog to get out, but it did. They fell short of their responsibility as dog owners and are now asking for the taxpayers of Des Moines to pay them. I am sorry your beloved dog got shot. As a pet owner myself I know how much they are part of the family. The difference between Rosies owners and me, you will never see my pets loose in the street. I am more responsible than that!

    • Anniecargirl says:

      Wow. How does it feel up on that pedestal of perfection? Lemme know how it works out for you when you come crashing down into the real world with the rest of us.

    • MA says:

      Gee, I hope the person who reads your gas meter never leaves your gate open so your pets can get out and then YOU get blamed for being irresponsible. JERK.

    • didi says:

      Never say never. Accidents happen!

    • Scott says:

      He’s an aptly named fellow, I’ll give him that.

      This “wouldn’t happen to me” reasoning brings to mind Gene Weingarten’s Pulitzer-winning story on parents who accidentally leave their children to die in overheated cars. It’s a must-read for any parent who would stand in judgment of another parent. Turns out that parents who make this tragic mistake come from all walks of life: rich, poor, educated, dropouts, black, white, old, young. It’s a tremendous investigation of an awful subject. And the ultimate takeaway is this: it could happen to anyone.

      Any dog owner who thinks this couldn’t happen to him is arguably MORE likely to have it happen to him, and for one simple reason: overconfidence leads to a failure of imagination.

      At any rate, how Rosie escaped is unimportant. What matters is that a neighbor offered to shelter the dog in her own yard and was rebuffed by officers who were myopically focused on one goal: killing the dog. That this story doesn’t outrage more people is a complete mystery to me. Our tax dollars pay these officers, and that’s the kind of judgment we get in return? Really?

    • ForWhatisRight says:

      Wanker, it will end when justice is done! You OBVIOUSLY haven’t gone through ALL the facts! Regardless of how this Newf got out of her responsible owners fenced yard, the FACT is this dog was NO DANGER to ANY public and GUNNED DOWN in a PRIVATE neighbors fenced in yard in which the neighbor did NOT want this dog shot!!!
      Dog shootings have become way too common and UNTIL something is done that shows, you better think twice and have a “real life threat” in front of you BEFORE taking a life UNNECESSARILY, people will continue to fight for justice!!!

    • debzen says:

      How’s the view up there on your high horse? I PRAY next time you jaywalk…no, no, do something that has to the possibility to do grave harm to the public like run a red light, don’t stop all the way at a stop light, etc…the police open fire on you!!! JERK!!! Yes, their dog got lose, it happens, THEY DESERVED AN F’N TICKET, not a dead dog!!!! This is poor police policy which is the responsibility of THE CITY. Lethal force should always be used as a last resort…always. Has this department ever heard of a catch pole??There were other methods that should of could of been used here, not to mention that when the police kill your dog without a warrant, it is seizing your property without due process, which is a violation of our constitutional rights. Good for this family!! They stand for all UNDERSTANDING dog owners across the country! Hope they get their money! Hope the city better trains their officers!

    • Kodys Granmda says:

      I notice you say “pet owner” which leads me to believe you own something other than a dog. Maybe a bird, or a turtle that even if it got out no one would report as running free and thus the cops couldn’t turn it into a game of target practice. These cops of course were lousy even at that since they couldn’t shoot poor Rosie in the head and end her life quickly, they had to torture her with body shots.

      Over 40 years my husband and I have rescued over 45 dogs who live out their lives with us. We have 5′ chain link fence all around our property, professionally installed. Yet some managed to dig, jump or climb their way out. We have added electric wire to stop the climbers and jumpers. For the diggers we added iron rebar stakes 18″ long, driven every 6″ around the outside perimeter. On the inside we laid 3′ field fence bent in half, the upper part tied to the chain link and the bottom part secure with U stakes driven into the ground. Now that they are all older there is no problem but NO ONE can guarantee their fencing is secure all the time with all dogs.

      YOU are way out of bounds and I suspect, a shill for those who murdered Rosie.

    • Ted Meeker says:

      It will end when justice is done. Your supposed to be a pet owner, you say your dogs would never get out. How can you say that, stuff happens. How can you say that your dogs won’t be shot by the Police for being out? You can’t. As a Retired Police Officer and a Pet Owner, the PD did wrong, and these “officers” if you can call them that, need to pay. The city needs to pay, for having public servants that don’t serve the public.

    • Donna says:

      One only has to consider the word “wanker” to see that he is a jerk!

      • wanker says:

        Even if I did make the mistake, I wouldn’t expect the taxpayers AKA my neighbors and community members to pay for my mistake. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

      • wanker says:

        Also, every time I have an opposing view of someone else, rather than make a intelligent argument they go for the Wanker screen name. Come on, Donna it’s not that original. Since you feel the need to start name calling, I can only assume that your point of view differs from mine. Rather than acting like kids resorting to name calling, why dont you provide a valid reason why the citizens of Des Moines, a cash strapped suburb of Seattle should be on the hook for $600,000 lawsuit from animal owners who didnt keep their dog under control?

        • Donna says:

          Yes, Des Moines IS cash strapped but you may want to look into why the Des Moines City Council makes it so difficult for small and worthwhile businesses to actually start up in your community–way too many restrictions.

          The subject of your shortsightedness: Four cops who refused to properly rescue a loving and gentle dog like Rosie doesn’t bode well with many animal lovers in the world (petition is signed by people from all over the world who are upset with this inhumane indignity).

          Pick another, more acceptable handle. You leave yourself wide open on that one! I call “foul” on your intentions.

        • Linda says:

          I believe the article says the claim has been forwarded to their insurance company.

    • dinseattle says:

      Really? Fell short on their duties as pet owners? That’s an abhorrently uneducated statement to make, if you know anything about what happened that day.

      What happened to Rosie is, putting it mildly, utterly reprehensible. That dog was faced off and taunted while still on HER OWN PROPERTY , continuously badgered by Officers..ultimately running in fear for her life from these supposed “upstanding patrons of public service”. She was found cowering in bushes in a safely enclosed private yard (a property, mind you, being occupied by someone who felt Rosie could stay there as long as she wanted- in other words, not feeling threatened by this dog) and they shot her as she stood there, shivering in fear. But they didn’t shoot her just once. No. They shot her multiple times in an absurdly inhumane fashion.

      When attempting to villify people for incidents like this, it really helps to educate yourself on some background info first. Otherwise, you risk looking and sounding like a tool…which from the sounds of it, your moniker is a rather befitting one.

    • bichykim says:

      wanker, what a good name one that refers to a penis whacking one off. anyone can open your gate and let the dogs out. no ones dog gets put because they are irresponsible . if you are so cold and callus go read another story,. you just want attention saying the stuff you said, if it was your dog you;d have a different attitude. i hope u never find out first hand how the cops CAN REALLY BE .. Go to facebook and look up please mr policeman don;t shoot my dog.. EVERYDAY innocent dogs are KILLED BY THE COPS.. in the future i hope you know what you are talking about BEFORE you talk because to outsiders listening to you you look like a complete WANKER. Great name do not change it.. it fits perfectly now go wack off. you sound like you need laid and it also sounds like no one wants to do it for you!!

    • Michaelb says:

      Death penalty for any infraction? BTW she was in her own yard when the police arrived.

    • Linda says:

      At least you agree there is a chance the police did not act appropriatly. Pretty sad that some people seem to think that is “ok” . Even in a “cash strapped suburb of Seattle” deserves to have their police act appropriatly……..

    • Allen Evans says:

      Since when do trigger happy cops have nothing better to do than to kill a dog in it’s own yard! I’ve lived in Washington state for 8 years and in that time, I’ve lost ALL respect any cops simply for their shoot first ask questions later attitude! These officers are nothing more than Neo-Nazi Scumbags who should not even be allowed to be out in public!

    • AllHopeIsNotLostYet says:

      If you have the empathy to understand what took place, you would understand that 1) “Pets” are not objects and 2) that absence of empathy is a very risky social condition, particularly for those who are responsible for the use of any means of lethal force. Clearly, in this situation, there was elevated excitement about a “hunt”, if not an aberrant amusement for torture, in addition to simple ignorance about how an animal would respond to a threatening situation. There is no doubt that someone with a good mind and a good heart would have had the ability to manage the situation properly.

      For the sake of your “pets”, I hope that you are always able to keep them confined and safe.

    • Sharon says:

      Oh heartless one…. If you EVER get the chance, I STRONGLY urge you to watch Dashcam #545 from BEGINNING TO END. I managed to change a few minds by having THEM watch it. If you have any kind of mind and heart, and actually care about the pets you claim to have, you might understand why this is important.

      Rosie wasn’t killed: she was hunted and assassinated by some filthy beasts who decided from almost the moment they arrived AT HER YARD, WHERE SHE WAS, that they were going to kill her. They DROVE her out of her yard deliberately. You have no clue what you’re talking about in any of this.

  4. Amy says:

    Justice for Rosie!

  5. LE South says:

    Many of us in law enforcement did not agree with this act by the DM police. I hope the Wrights get some resolution. For those of you who do not understand why this is such a big deal and keep asking why this story doesn’t seem to end then sacrifice your time and educate yourself.Dash cam 545 disgusts those of us in LE who cannot fathom such behavior.
    If DM is stalking and using surveillance or had in the past hope the plaintiffs need to have proof. May be a federal case. Law suits seem to be the only way behavior changes. They could have solved this problem by firing the psychopaths who got thrills from killing a scared dog.

    • Donna says:

      Thank you, LE South, for your comments!

    • Hermette says:

      Wow!! Finally another law enforcement person says it like it is! I could kiss you 48 times!

    • Jennie Ladew-Duncan says:

      This should NEVER have happened. As a tax payer and dog lover, I would rather have this come from my taxes if need be,because ultimately I want to be sure my police force is above board and compassionate and well trained. They have a tough job, but there was NO call for this brutality.

  6. abby says:

    Ok, i am new to this story. But the person criticizing the dog owner, you f-ing suck! Who gives anyone the right to hunt down a family pet, torture and murder it? You are worried about your tax dollars? Your tax dollars are paying these fools to do sick shit like that. If you think that is ok than you are really really stupid.

    Is the dash cam video available to view online somewere? I think the nation of animal lovers need to see it.

    I am soo sorry for your loss to the owners of this poor creature.

    • didi says:

      Watch dashcam video on Justice for Rosie Facebook page. Please watch dashcam 545; the entire thing to get a good representation of what went on. Ralph can you repost this for others that don’t belong to FB? The one with the captions is best.

  7. WankersAnIdiot says:

    @Wanker – what an appropriate name you’ve given yourself. Accidents happen dogs have instincts and sometimes surprise us. As a responsible dog owner myself, I hope this would never happen to me – my dog being at large, however, knowing that dogs will be dogs, I would hope for more understanding from my own local police and fellow dog owners if she were to get out! They are within their rights to demand justice, and perhaps with some repercussions, if your so perfect dog gets out, of your oh so perfectly controlled world, it may not get shot, for the pleasure of shooting something only.

    • wanker says:

      Name calling….Original.

      I understand your point of view, but respectfully (even if you did call me an idiot) disagree. As a responsible dog owner, you should know that if your dog gets out, there are dangers, and by not securing an animal there may be consequences, that you, the owner are responsible for. In this case they were extreme, and it sucks that the dog ultimately paid the price, but I believe the owners are just as responsible as the police that pulled the trigger. Had she been properly secured we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and I wouldn’t be an idiot.

    • Donna says:

      Further, you are nothing but a troll. We are definitely paying too much attention to you, the troll!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Justice for Rosie! Passage of time does not make what happened there that day to Rosie, a typical sweet Newfie, any less shameful. Those idiot cops should be punished!

  9. Mary Anne Clark says:

    In a case in Maryland, a similar amout was awarded to a family. Not that it replaces your lost animal, but hopefully police departments will learn a lesson.

  10. Cindy says:

    This case goes beyond the death of a dog.

    It goes to the very heart of our civil rights, our right to property and due process and directly to the accountability in our city’s government.

    It speaks to internal reviews and accountability of our police force and city officials to uphold the very laws and rights they are charged with enforcing

    Des Moines residents need to step up and take a closer look at what is going on in this city’s management.

    This case deserves to be heard in a court of law. The alleged violations need to be exposed and those who have allowed and condoned those violations/actions need to be admonished and removed.

    When ANY citizen’s 4th amendment rights are violated it is a violation against every citizen.

    Violations of our trust in these elected officials and institutions affect every citizen. The only way to preserve our rights is to exercise them. I hope every citizen of Des Moines will take a stand in protecting the 4th Amendment in Des Moines.

    The truth needs to be exposed;

    The people in Des Moines need to step up and hold their city police department and city officials to a higher standard than has been demonstrated in this case.

    • debzen says:

      That’s exactly how I see it also….when an agent of the government seizes your property without due process, it’s a violation of the 4th amendment. Killing someone’s dog is just that.

      • Kevin says:

        I disagree, the police did not seize anything, the dog escaped. This is not a 4th amendment issue.I am not condoning the actions taken by these officers, but we do have to keep this real. The failure in this case is with the criminal justice system (King County Prosecutor), which is no surprise given the current state of affairs with our Sherriff’s Department.

  11. Watergal says:

    The City of Des Moines is more concerned about making the city a Kirkland jammed with 10-story high buildings full of people and traffic. The Police and Council could care less about anyone’s safety let alone an animal. I hope they pay big for their cruel and evil actions. Justice for Rosie!!!

  12. DM Resident says:

    Wanker, good luck with trying to intelligently discuss this with this unreasonable and apparently deaf group. The 15 people that care about this incident, and 3 that live in the City have no ability to use logic or reason. In the past I’ve simply suggested to them that there are two sides to every story but quickly discovered the only side to this story appears to be THEIR side. Don’t burn the calories typing and using a sensible and logical argument.

    Justice for the police officers!!!

    • Donna says:

      Troll No. 2 aboard.

    • wanker says:

      Well said DM Resident. I am done trying to debate this. Thanks!

      • Shane says:

        Amazing how you can make a comment like that when it is obvious that you have not read any of the facts in this case. You make yourself look like a fool and open the door for the more informed people to to laugh at your ignorance. Justice for Rosie, the Wright’s and all the other pet owners in this country!

  13. 511 Fan says:

    I am guessing Wanker man and DM are police officers or wanna be, or friends of the officers who are involved. Glad they don’t work in my department – they would have been fired or driven out by peers. …Astonishing is that the command staff of DM “doesn’t get it”. They ever stalk us officers who support the Rosie case they will be looking for a Federal Case. I know some attorneys who would love to take them on.

    • didi says:

      Please watch this dashcam in its entirety. It is very disturbing. But those of you who don’t know what really went on that day do need to see it. Then you can make your own judgement on what went on. If you are ok with your officers behaving in this manner then so be it. This is your personal opinion and I am not going to attack you for that. Personally I find it insanely cruel treatment of an animal and can barely stand to drive through the city of Des Moines because of it. This event has forever changed my feelings for this beautiful seaside community. I am so glad we have great officers next door here in Normandy Park. This would not happen in Normandy Park as our officers are competant and know how to treat and effectively deal with a loose dog!

  14. didi says:

    Link to dascam video 545 is above.

  15. Debra Dennison says:

    I am very glad to see civil charges being pursued. Nothing will bring Rosie back, but if these types of cases cause some changes to policies/irresponsible behavior, then I am all for it.

  16. debzen says:

    OMG, that video is DISGUSTING…how in the world could that department not find those officers guilty of animal cruelty/murder is beyond me. Wow, unbelievable….my neighbor’s dog was shot a few months ago by a police officer, I started up a petition for police policy change to use nonlethal force…it was printed in our state’s capital newspaper…and man…95% of the comments were like those of wanker and his buddy. I was torn to pieces by high and mighty dog owner’s who’s animals have never gotten lose. I found out one of the supporters was actually a police officer…I was shocked. He has since given me valuable information as to why officers are more apt to shoot through emails. Once again, here, I’m glad to see officers here in support of this poor dog’s death at the hands of some pretty bad police officers. I do understand not all officers are power hungry/trigger happy, ti’s the bad ones that make you all look bad. Anywho, no this wasn’t about a bad owner with a lose dog, this is about a dog on it’s own property, taunted by the police to leave…just so they could shoot something, all on the tax payers’ dime. I hope they go to hell…. and to the personal responsibility people…yes, this story is national…the world is watching…and come on…really…..hope you never break a law…

  17. Reverend Jane Eagle says:

    Sue these monsters until they can no longer afford bullets T_T

  18. Bob and Kathy Hanes says:

    We would like to first and foremost address those comments made by “Wanker” and “DM Resident” – assuming that they are still paying attention.

    It’s very easy to say whatever comes to mind and toss your (misinformed) opinions around when hiding behind a not-so-creative screen name. If you really stand behind what you believe to be the truth in this case, how about backing it up by submitting your posts with your actual name included? It would make it much easier for the rest of us to take you seriously, as opposed to coming across as just another troll whose mommy didn’t hug them enough.

    How about it? Our names are right up there for everyone to see. And I’ll go you one further. We are the breeders that the Wrights obtained Rosie from in the first place. So now there’s very little doubt about who we are. Who are you?? If you’re actually willing to step up to the plate and assign an identity to your posts, we would be happy to have an intelligent conversation with you regarding the facts of this case.

    But we suppose we should warn you that we have read every single word of virtually every document pertaining to this case that has been made available to the public. We have watched every second of every dash-cam video that has been released. We have read all of the eyewitness statements, all of the police reports, all of the internal and independent reviews – and have copies of all sitting on our desk at home. So we’re fairly informed and educated with regard to the facts, and as such feel confident that we can engage in an intelligent conversation about them.

    How about yourself? How informed are you? Other than the occasional news blurb and maybe a quick trip to YouTube, how much time have you spent actually informing yourself about what actually happened?

    Allow us to boil the thousands of pages of documentation and dash-cam videos down to a few very simple points.

    Rosie’s escape was in no way due to negligence or lack of responsibility on the part of her owners. Read that last sentence again. I’ll wait. When confronted by officers, Rosie was on her own property, and posing no immediate threat to anyone. The City of Des Moines had several contact numbers on file for the Wrights due to their registered alarm system – numbers they never bothered to look up. Rosie’s departure from her yard was purely out of fear that was a direct result of the officer’s actions. Rosie was in a fully fenced yard when officers caught up to her, presenting no threat to anyone or anything. Indeed, the officers had to open a gate to gain access to the yard where she was hiding prior to shooting her. We won’t spend the time or space here going over the entire case on a point by point basis. If you’re truly interested in an “intelligent” conversation, you’ll do the research yourself.

    There is very little in any of the dash-cam videos that anyone would qualify as “professional conduct”. As a matter of fact, I have several friends who are LEOs, and they were frankly embarrassed by the conduct of the officers involved. This was a hunt, pure and simple.

    As for the subsequent reviews and investigations, they could only be classified as window dressing for public consumption in the hopes that the entire incident might just “go away”. It should come as no shock that the DMPD internal investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of the officers. The “independent” investigations that followed involved persons that either directly or indirectly held ties to the DMPD and/or the officers involved. One could liken it to the criminal prosecuting his own crime. Not much doubt how that’s going to turn out.

    What this really comes down to is not whether or not Rosie should be dead or alive. It comes down to holding public servants to the same, if not higher, standards that society holds for the rest of us. It comes down to whether or not you believe that the actions taken by those officers could be deemed “reasonable”. We have yet to speak to ONE person, who after watching to videos and reviewing even some of the documentation, that can agree with the actions of the officers in question. The actions of these officers, on that day, speak volumes to their “above the law” attitude and are a direct reflection of how you might expect them to administer their duties in other situations throughout the course of their jobs. Their cavalier attitude, lack of compassion, and might I add lack of skills (how many times do you have to shoot a stationary target at point blank range in order to kill it?) only serve to reinforce the lack of trust/confidence that a large percentage of the population hold toward law enforcement.

    By your logic, LEOs shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions because of the financial position of the entity that they work for. The fact that they are paid by our collective tax dollars should ensure that we are getting the best that they can provide. If what we saw on those dash-cam videos is the best you’re going to get from the DMPD, then count us thankful that we don’t live in Des Moines. For your sake, we hope that should you ever require the services of law enforcement, you get a higher caliber of service than what passes for acceptable in Des Moines.

    For the record, there are far more than 18 people who care about this case and have been paying attention to how it’s been handled. There has been an outpouring of support for the Wrights from literally all over the world. Again, a little research on your part would have kept you from looking foolish. But hey, why let facts or reality get in the way?

    Do we hope the Wright’s prevail in this case? You’re damned right we do. Do we hope that this case will inspire a change in the attitudes of some LEOs regarding animal rights in general and how to handle situations such as these? Of course we do. Do we hope folks like you will spend the time to educate themselves so that they can engage in an intelligent conversation about the issue? Sure do.

    But we won’t hold our breath.

  19. Michaelb says:

    Rosie’s case makes transparent the stranglehold and undue influence the police unions have. How many postings do you see from unaffiliated LEO that support the shooting. The Unions have an army of fake posters to “tell the other side”. You will not find one that will support it face to face. Even the temporary Chief looked like he was nauseous when he made his report to the City Council.

  20. JRZGRL1 says:

    Anyone who thinks that Rosie’s death was in any way, shape or form “justified” is either on drugs or has lost touch with reality so significantly that they need to seek immediate professional help. I am praying that the Wrights get EVERY PENNY that they are asking for. I cannot imagine living with the horror of knowing that a living being that you loved so much died in such a horrible way AT THE HANDS OF SO-CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. RIP Beautiful Rosie.

  21. LE South says:


    Notice the difference between the attitude of professional police departments and the Des Moines PD in regards to accepting training and RESPONSIBILITY to the public

  22. Matt says:

    I hope they get every dime of that settlement, and opt not to pay one damn penny in taxes on that settlement. I would so be facing multiple counts of 1st degree right now if this happened to my dog…provided I let them take me alive. The absolute SECOND me or mine is threatened, the only law that applies is survival of the fittest. So for all the little cyber-security/NSA trolls that monitor these posts…Put this one in my file @$$holes!

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