EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a paid Advertisement:] SasquatchEagleStairs Eagle Landing Park, a popular beach park in Seahurst, has always been a safe spot for locals…until now. An unnamed Gregory Heights resident, one who frequently trains for mountaineering expeditions, recently took the attached photo of what appears to be a Sasquatch at the west (water) end of the Park. The resident preferred to remain anonymous so as not to scare his children. “All I heard was MASSIVE crushing/crunching footsteps through the brush,” he said. “I looked down to my right, beneath me on the hill leading to the water, to see, very clearly, a large hairy beast. Steamy thick clouds of it’s breath traced it’s path on the cool evening. I am no scientist, admittedly, but I know what I saw.” It was dusk on the evening of the 17th when the spotting occurred. Local Real Estate Broker Matt Parker is offering a reward for the beast. “I’d say the specimen is worth at least $125,” Parker told us. “I will happily supply the reward money. ‘Alive’ only, though, as my mom would disavow me for hurting anything in nature. Please no darts or anything that could harm it; you’re going to have to catch it manually.” Will Parker try to catch it? “I have no desire to make the animal, whatever it is, a zoo animal. I want to communicate with it, broaching all forms of peaceful communication before we resort to entrapment. If it proves dangerous, yes, I will have one of my friends go after it so we can relocate it to a non-urban environment.” To learn more about Matt, visit his blog here: http://mattcparker.blogspot.com

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