PHOTOS: Injured Bald Eagle Recovering Near Des Moines Marina

Photos by David Sharpe

An injured bald eagle has been hanging out near the Des Moines Marina and Beach Park, and local Photographer David Sharpe captured some great images of it, along with some info (click images to see larger versions):








Sharpe told us that the eagle appears to have an injured left wing (which looks “tattered” in the last photo above), but that it doesn’t appear to affect its ability to fly.

“I got a call around Noon today (Friday) to come down to the Des Moines Marina because there was an eagle in the parking lot of the marina,” Sharpe told The Waterland Blog. “By the time I got there the eagle had flown over to the pier (that is closed due to construction) and stayed…he was still there 4 & 1/2 hours later when I came back down to check on it. Then as I was watching it, it hopped down from the railing to the walkway. As it was doing this it was being surrounded by crows. Then two other eagles came to protect it… suddenly it flew over to the park and landed in a tree close to the hillside (that is where I got the closer pictures) it looked like it’s left wing was injured.”

Sharpe added:

“Just a follow up on the injured eagle…I stopped by the marina this morning and it was doing well, in a different tree then when I last saw it…hoping for the best. This is a cropped in shot from yesterday, I just thought it was cool to see a close up of those sharp talons = ) You can see the injured eagle hiding under the fish gutting table towards the end of the pier & above it is one of the two that came to it’s aid. (notice all the crows gone) The pier is closed so I shot these from the end by the restrooms.”

Sharpe told The Waterland Blog that he called the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which told him “there’s nothing they can do about it since it can still fly.” He also said that Fish and Wildlife is well aware of the injured bird, since they’ve received many phone calls about it.

The eagle is apparently being fed daily by workers from the Des Moines Marina, and they are asking that people don’t worry about feeding it.

They especially warn people not to attempt to venture out on the fishing pier, which is still closed.

“You can see its left wing is injured, and there are a lot of people watching it, photographing it and endangering themselves by trying to go on to the pier,” Sharpe added.

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