Pre-Construction work for luxury Artemis Hotel in Des Moines to begin Monday

by Ralph Nichols

Almost two years after ground breaking for the $45 million Artemis Hotel in Des Moines, pre-construction work is set to begin Monday (May 20) with demolition of existing buildings at the construction site.

The eight-floor, 238-room luxury hotel will include Des Moines’ first convention center, a banquet room that can accommodate 300 guests, and two full-service restaurants – a fine dining room serving authentic Chinese cuisine and an American grill.

“We’re excited that the Artemis Hotel project is ready to start and the city looks forward to working with the Artemis and Mr. Yang and his staff in the coming months as this project progresses,” Des Moines City Manager Tony Piasecki told The Waterland Blog.

Yang Chun is majority owner of the hotel project, and Yareton Investment & Management, LLC, of Washington state is the developer.

Puyallup-based Absher is general contractor. Belay Architecture of Tacoma designed the hotel.

Located at 22406 Pacific Highway S., the Artemis Hotel will be located three miles south of Seattle-Tacoma International and close to the Interstate 5-Kent/Des Moines Road interchange.

The Artemis Hotel project had its beginning in 2009 when Des Moines Councilman – and then Mayor – Bob Sheckler met with Mr. Yang at his invitation in China.

“We talked about building a hotel in the Unites States that would feature Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine,” Mr. Yang said at the groundbreaking in mid-2011. “This is a win/win situation for the city and the investors.”

“The Artemis Hotel, when it opens in about two years, will be a crown jewel on Pacific Highway South,” Sheckler told the blog.

“While there were a few naysayers who said it will never happen, a majority of Des Moines residents supported this project. Now it’s happening, and it will attract other new businesses up and down the highway.

“I couldn’t be more pleased and more excited.”

According to the Yareton Investment & Management website, the Artemis Hotel, designed with a 1930’s art deco flair, will include nine deluxe penthouse suites with panoramic views of the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains.

It will feature a casino-style poker room operated by a well-known gaming operator and have popular table games including Black Jack, poker and high-limit Baccarat.


20 Responses to “Pre-Construction work for luxury Artemis Hotel in Des Moines to begin Monday”
  1. Nancy Warren says:

    I think Highline Community College might argue that the Artemis Hotel will be Des Moines’ first “convention center.” Heck, the city might argue that fact, too, and so would Landmark.

  2. wanker says:

    Sheckler must be running for re-election. Seems to me the “Groundbreaking” 2 years ago coincided with him being re-elected.

    • Amber says:


      Sheckler is not up for reelection yet, they are just actually preparing the land for building now. No ulterior motives 🙂

  3. dearlittleone says:

    Personally, I find it hard to believe a majority of Des Moines residents support/supported this project — this is not the kind of practical, thoughtful growth & development our Waterland needs. I think more of us would be in favor of a grocery store in town . . .

    As a member of a 6th generation Des Moines family, the changes I see coming seem almost too painful to bear.

    • Danelle Nelson says:


      • Cheryl Nichols says:

        I am not happy about this because I am losing my home as a result of this. I live on 99 and 224th .

      • Pat Nardo says:

        It is 60 years since our deployment to South Korea, where the Chinese were not our friends…nothing has change, sadly, and I mourn your loss along with you. They’re here for reasons beyond normal business ventures, I believe. It looks like they will be bringing un-needed competition to our fine American Chinese Restaurants in Des Moines. Let’s then make it a point to patronize the ones we are so accustomed to., our American Chinese businesses!

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    Please do not believe you are alone. We were attracted her for, likely, the same reasons that you articulate but it has gotten more of the “big city” look than we ever imagined. The animal driver here is greed and lack of consideration for the majority. In the name of progress, our little, innocent town of Des Moines is being “converted” to one we think about leaving now. Look to you votes at the next election and tell your favorite candidates what you think; it could help, if they listen.

  5. Sue B. says:

    I ask a question of Pat Nardo and I get a response from a Wanker. How weird is this?

    • Wanker says:

      You took a rude jab at someone who obviously has a lot of pride in our little city. Whether his opinions are in line with your views or not, you cannot deny that he loves this community. I don’t see why you feel the need to belittle someone for joining into a conversation by questioning their “ramblings”. So, yeah, of course I will respond.

    • Wanker says:

      Also, you have to see the irony here. You criticized someone for proofreading, and then had your own error, that would have been caught if you had proofread. I am still searching for that elusive “Print” button on the blog.

  6. Pat Nardo says:

    Okay friends! I am stupid sometimes when it comes to my writings, but even my crude attempts at relaying my sentiment, my feeling, and my love for this city I “discovered” some forty years ago comes to the fore.
    I apologize, here, for not always proof reading and will try to remember not to be so hasty in the future. I remain, however, disturbed at an unexpected “growth” in our little village. It won’t be the same as when we first fell in love with it.
    As I approach the golden age of 85, I believe I may have earned the right to “ramble” and thank you Ms. Sue B.; Thank you too Mr. Wanker and God Bless you both.

  7. Sue B. says:

    Now that was a good response Pat. As for Wanker……well.

  8. Cheryl Nichols says:

    The people up on the top of the hill may lose their view thanks to the stupid hotel blocking them.

  9. jeannie says:

    I am a lifelong resident of des moines. I can’t stand the way this author referenced the slum motels & low income apartment complexes!! I only WISH my apartment, was for those of LOW INCOME!! LOL. I have a two bedroom/1 bath that sits directly BEHIND this gorgeous hotel. The outside windows aren’t even put on, and they are only on like the 5th floor of constrUction….My view, from my $1200 rent –on my “low income” apartment is completely blocked. I’m thinking about a “payout,” from these 50 filthy rich investors for losing the ONLY reason I moved from 16th AVE, Up to this slum neighborhood, on the other side of the hooked track!! God bless Des Moines! ! How do we find out employment info?? My son needs a job, desperately. Thank u.

  10. jeannie says:


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