by Marine View Law & Escrow Did You Know…that you may be entitled to money after a foreclosure has occurred? At Marine View Law & Escrow, we’ve helped many people avoid foreclosure and save their homes. But, there are instances where foreclosures have occurred, and we’ve even helped people who were entitled to money after their foreclosure has occurred. How does this happen? Well, there are times where a home will sell at the foreclosure auction for more than what is owed to the bank. By the time the bank receives its money, processes the foreclosure documents, and calculates the costs associated with the foreclosure, they wind up with more money than what was owed to them. So then, they hire an attorney, and this money is deposited with the Court Clerk, and certain steps have to be taken, usually within a lawsuit, to recover the money that was owed to the homeowner. This process can take months, and if the money sits with the Court for too long, it can be turned over to Washington State Unclaimed Property. Here at Marine View Law & Escrow, we have helped homeowners obtain thousands of dollars owed to them after a foreclosure has occurred. If you, or someone you know, believe that they are owed money from a foreclosure auction where the house sold for more than what was owed, give us a call.

“The professionalism and respect that I received was beyond what I could have expected. She (Attorney) made the whole process pain free and with the million questions I had she was always there with help and support. I would most definitely recommend her to others.”

– Satisfied client of Marine View Law & Escrow

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