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LETTER: ‘Do you believe Des Moines is a safe city to live in?’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Do you believe Des Moines is a safe city to live in?

According to the “NATIONAL INCIDENT-BASED REPORTING SYSTEM” statistics for the last three years, there were well over three thousand criminal acts reported to the Des Moines police. During that time, the following criminal acts were perpetrated against citizens of Des Moines:

  • 1690 larcenies
  • 98 robberies
  • 271 assaults
  • 3 murders
  • 18 rapes
  • 12 arsons
  • 524 auto thefts
  • 558 burglaries
  • plus many more lesser crimes.

In addition to all that crime, our police department is understaffed by 14 positions at last count.

Were you or any of your loved ones or friends, victims of any of these crimes?

We know those who are responsible for those people becoming victims!

They are the council members that we have elected in the last ten years who refuse to provide us with the public safety that any city is obliged to provide to it’s citizens.

When you or any of your loved ones or friends, become victims this year, you will know who to hold responsible!

What do you think the outcome would be, if a group of criminals attempted to invade your home, and when you called police, all available officers were investigating a fatal accident on International Boulevard?

We don’t like to think of something like that happening.

But aren’t we reading about or watching the TV news about home invasions, burglaries, or murders every day in our surrounding cities.

Those cities around Des Moines have been working hard to drive the criminals out of their cities.

It seems logical, that more of that kind of crime might come to Des Moines?

Some of us are concerned, that it may happen in our neighborhood.

It’s a known fact: ”Areas with a reduced police presence attract criminal activity.”

As that increased crime comes to Des Moines, We don’t have enough police officers to be able to control the growing criminal activity in our city.

It’s not safe to send our officers out on patrol alone.

We already had one of our officers murdered because he had no back up.

These conditions are a direct result of our City Council’s negligence. They don’t believe we deserve protection from the criminal element that they have invited to invade our neighborhoods

It’s time for someone to do something to change this unacceptable situation.

We have some interesting ideas about how we can accomplish that task.

We’re not looking for money. This Job only needs concerned citizens who have the guts to stand up and demand our city council fully fund out police department.

Please contact me, if you’re interested in helping make our city a safer place to live.

Yours truly,
Don Wasson

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