PHOTOS: Scenes from the 2013 Waterland Parade

Last weekend at this time participants in the Waterland Parade were putting the finishing touches on their parade entries, and looking forward to marching through the heart of Des Moines on Saturday.

Sadly, there’s no parade in Des Moines this weekend but we do have plenty of photos!

We also have the list of winning entries as published by the parade organizers earlier this week:

  • Float: West Seattle Hi-Yu
  • Commercial: Des Moines Dog House
  • Bands/Marching Bands: Kennedy high School
  • Novelty/Comedy: Seafair Pirates
  • JR Dance/Drill Team 12yo or younger: Diamonds of Washington
  • Dance/Drill Team 13yo or older: Electronettes
  • Antique Auto Individual: Lincoln Pink Tow
  • Antique Auto Multiple/Club: Airport Towing
  • Equestrian: Elbert Hill and Family
  • Non Profit/Community: Pacific Science Center

WLB photographer Michael Brunk was at the parade last weekend and put together this gallery of photos. You can click individual images to view them larger.


3 Responses to “PHOTOS: Scenes from the 2013 Waterland Parade”
  1. Pat Nardo says:

    We thought there were too many vehicles but that is a matter of taste. This is not the issue as I write though. The issue is that Michael Brunk can make anything look good! Whenever we see his name tagging a group or a single shot, we stop and look at each one for the awww of it!. Thank you Michael for such good work.

  2. Pat Nardo says:


    It has been long time since our good friend and owner, George Tsantilas was behind the counter, in front of the oven, and in the kitchen. When he left along with his pretty wife,Happy, the quality of food and service went slowly down and we went slowly elsewhere. Now that George is back with Happy,we can expect a return for the reasons that we were steady customers. Having read some unbelievably bad reviews I am encouraged to go back and “see for myself”. Rude, boring treatment is not a tenet of this little place of good food, good service and a welcoming staff…always. Let’s give them a better chance and time to turn this ship around. We plan on evaluating for ourselves soon so watch for a review that reflects our experience.

    It is not an easy enterprise to begin a business, and in Des Moines we truly need as many businesses as are willing to come here. They need to be welcomed and encouraged to come, flourish , and remain here for our patronage and enjoyment. All the nearby cities are like magnets only because we are not fully populated with life’s luxuries; like a goodly array of fine dining, casual dining, and fast food offerings. We also do not have a grocery store to walk to, but that may not be forever.

    Back to the Athens Pizza and Pasta; I would like very much to share my future experiences with those of you who had nothing good to say about what was once one of our favorite eating places in Des Moines. If I am not happy with a plate, service, price, serving amount, seasoning, I will tell the server or the proprietor, not by a nasty note in a “Review” column. Remember too that tastes vary and you sometimes get the treatment that you invite by your behavior in a situation.

    Why not go back to Athens Pizza and Pasta, smile and, if you must, pretend you are happy to be there, order something that you like, and then tell someone in the restaurant your views. You will find that both you disposition and your review will greatly improve. If I am there, I will buy you a drink!

    Remember too, that a bad review can discourage potential customers but sharing your views at the time of service with your server or sales person can cause lead to changes and improvements to please you later.

    Pat Nardo

  3. Pat Nardo says:

    Welcome Back, George and Happy
    For our midday meal today we enjoyed your Athens Special Pizza . Good crust with heft, no need for a fork. The service was the usual greeting that we had been accustomed to when the George and Happy team were there a few years ago. Our greeter offered us a choice of seating and promptly brought a menu. Suddenly from out of the kitchen, Happy herself appeared and it was like old home week, exchanging updates and old time memories. It was Happy that took our order and we first had Retsina for our beverage; cool, fresh and just right for the warm day. Once we settled on our pizza choice, it was a short wait for it to be brought to our table.
    The presentation, timing, service and, finally the lifting of a wedge mouth ward were all a very enjoyable experience and we will be returning with friends for this treat. The toppings were well dispersed and did not slip off as the wedge was hefted. To test, I bent the pizza Italian style and the point did not fall away losing the topping or “pelt”. There was a fine balance of ingredients along with an aroma the cries :”Mangiamo”: let’s eat! For dessert there was Baklava for Marianne and I had the Spumoni. The menu is typically Greek/Italian and there are so many good choices for any palate. Finally the bill came and we were equally surprised at the competitive prices here. This is a place you can depend on for consistently good food, good service, and great people that we hope will remain in Des Moines for every time we feel that hunger for ethnic, authentic fare.

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