Judicial candidate’s campaign signs vandalized; suspect apprehended




Campaign signs for Des Moines Municipal Court Judge Veronica Galvan were vandalized twice over this last weekend, and according to a post on her Facebook page, a suspect has been apprehended.

The signs, placed along Des Moines Memorial Drive, were cut off their stakes with a blade or sharp implement.

“Frankly, it is a relief to know that the destruction appears to be politically motivated as zen the individual has never appeared before me in my professional capacity,” Judge Galvan said. “Thank you to the Des Moines citizen who witnessed the incident and called the police whose timely response allowed them to apprehend the culprit. Obviously I have recused myself from hearing this case and it will likely be transferred to another venue.”

Galvan’s signs were initially vandalized sometime Friday evening. The culprit cut one side off each sign, so only half of each sign was left on the stake. A campaign volunteer replaced the damaged signs on Saturday. Then, on Saturday night, the signs were hit again  this time, both sides of the signs were cut off, leaving only the stakes.

Galvan noted that the manner in which the signs were taken down feels threatening.

“This is more than a mere knocking down of signs,” Galvan said. “Someone went to extra effort to send a message.”

Galvan apparently felt threatened enough that she was accompanied by Seattle Court Marshall Junior Ortiz when she went doorbelling on Sunday (Oct. 6).


3 Responses to “Judicial candidate’s campaign signs vandalized; suspect apprehended”
  1. Pat Nardo says:

    Epitaph to a sorry SOB. If you, cowardly spirit, read this, I do hope you are on your way to hell for not understanding democracy. These signs cost money and our candidate has less than one third of her opponent’s bank roll. If you have an ounce of shame, a least stop chopping signs and not Gehrke, Pina, Kaplan or others’ signs either. Show your preference at the polls not at the end of a hatchet! Am I angry? Of course not; I am pissed off!
    No public official should ever be or feel threatened. This coward should receive some punishment like community service at minimum. here is a four letter word that best describes you perpetrator is the kind one; PUNK most closely fits you.

  2. Wanker says:

    While vandalizing these signs is illegal and wrong, I think something needs to be done about the trash that piles up on the sides of our roads every election season. Honestly, when was the last time a sign skewed your vote?

  3. Pat Nardo says:

    There ia always a mess of left over signs after an election. A few responsible candidates make an attempt at “housekeeping ” when it is over, but they, are the exception . My theory on who votes based on the signage:
    There will be many uninformed and maybe just lazy voters will likely vote based on how often they see the same name or face by the road side. This goes back
    To my strong belief that the more money you put into signs and personal visibility , the better your chances are of “winning a position”. Our president recently made a similar observation as he remarked that It is a shame that the most affluent are attaining the highest positions in government. Money it seems, is the root of all evil in politics.

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