LETTER: Another Reader endorses Municipal Judge Candidate

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Experience and respect matter. Judge Galvan embodies both these ideals and is an asset to your court. How do I know experience and respect matter? It is because I am a prosecuting attorney and a judge pro tem. It’s because Judge Galvan and I have worked together as prosecuting attorneys in Federal Way and I have known her both personally and professionally for 15 years. I know what it takes to do the job well and I can wholeheartedly say that I trust Judge Galvan to do what’s right.

Think of it this way. All surgeons are doctors but not all doctors are surgeons. If you needed an operation would you want your general practitioner to perform the surgery or would you want an experienced surgeon? I bet that everyone would choose a surgeon.

It’s the same with judges. Simply being an attorney is not enough. Judges need to gain experience before presiding over their own court. Most attorneys gain this experience by serving as a substitute for other judges, just like a substitute teachers does. This is a necessary step to being a good judge. Because trust me, the view from the bench is different than the view from the seats. Any judge or pro tem judge would tell you the same.

Judge Galvan has 12 years of judicial experience serving the last six years as your Municipal Court Judge. Over the last 6 years she has saved the City at least $300,000 by making the court more efficient and gaining grants to accomplish those goals. She is the only candidate with judicial experience.

She is well respected for her work and her contribution to the community. Not only is she endorsed by your entire City Council, but she is endorsed by 7 Washington State Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judges, and over 120 judges throughout the state. This tells us that people who do this job every day believe in her ability to run your court and believe in it enough to put their name and reputation behind her.

So I ask you, when you vote on November 5th, will you vote for experience and respect? If your answer is yes, then please vote to retain Judge Galvan as your Municipal Court Judge.

– Renee Walls

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One Response to “LETTER: Another Reader endorses Municipal Judge Candidate”
  1. Dan Kennedy says:

    When Veronica Galvan applied for the position of Municipal Court Judge, 6 years ago, there were 42 applicants. Only 5 made it past the “first cut” during the interview process. All of those applicants had at least 5 years of judicial experience. Mr. Gerhke would not have made the cut. The fact that he has raised an unprecedented $50,000 for his campaign and is doing TV commercials should not sway the voters. Consider the qualifications of each and cast your ballot. As Judge Galvan has stated at Candidate’s Forums, “I’m not asking for your vote, I’m asking you to consider what I have done and asking you if I have earned it”. I think she has.

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