LETTER: Reader submits another cartoon about City Council election

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Hi again,

Please post this political cartoon (click image to see larger version):


We really need a change.

No, really.

Dan Kennedy

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14 Responses to “LETTER: Reader submits another cartoon about City Council election”
  1. Sandra Higgins says:

    I am distressed at these cartoons. What is the point? Bob Sheckler is not up for re-election and Mayor Kaplan is unopposed. Do you have an idea to promote? Is there someone else you suggest as a write-in candidate?
    I realize the blog is part of our ‘free press’ but question what service is being provided with this particular content.

  2. littledearone says:

    Thank you for the cartoons Dan. You are right on!

  3. Nathan L. says:

    “Fails with Pride.” Absolutely devastating.

  4. Melissa Musser says:

    Wow Mr. Kennedy,
    Thank you so much!! You make me look very strong.

    What crime?? You seem to imply I am ignorant. You clearly have never met me. I would be more than happy to discuss my commitment to the public safety of our community in person… And not in ‘Toon Town, if you can afford the time away from your successful new career as an illustrator. I think you’ll find while I value our fire fighters and appreciate how lucky we are to be represented by such a fine group of professionals, I am not wearing blinders.

    Councilperson Melissa Musser

  5. Dave Markwell says:

    I love this stuff!! Because… it “illustrates” that people have some passion for what is happening in this community. Interested people taking the time to thoughtfully express their feelings is about as American as it gets. It’s great. What is lacking in this particular expression is any SOLUTION. Obviously, WE have problems. WE have challenges and differences and hopes. But…I optimistically believe that WE share a common wish for a better Des Moines. Our hearts are the same. With this in mind, some meaningful collaborative effort to ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMETHING can occur, if these common hearts decide to forsake “being right”/ political/personal/philosophical BS…for SOLUTIONS!!! We are in this TOGETHER. And only together can we create the community in which we all want to live. Thanks, Dan, for offering your talents and creativity to showcase the world as you see it. Your perspective is shared, if not by me, by many and I appreciate the courage you have to share it. That said, it is valuable and your mind and ideas are valuable to finding solutions. USE THEM!! Involve yourself in important conversations and help find solutions. We need the good minds in this community collectively focused on solutions instead of politics…and you’re one of the good minds, Dan…thanks, Dave

    • Pat Nardo says:

      Dave’,you should have been on the “ticket”. We only disagreed with you on the SWM issue and still do but that is only one out of hundreds that you stand for. Maybe next chapter?

  6. Tim Anders says:

    I think the point of this cartoon is that the same folks who have overseen
    the ignominious demise of our fair city, are now backing a candidate whose
    main claim-to-fame is being the winner of last year’s chili cook-off.  I
    am sure it was delicious, but really?  And we are entrusting these same
    people with our tax dollars and safety???

    As a protest vote, I wrote-in James Payne under Council-member Kaplan,
    Pina and Musser’s names on my ballot.  At least Payne has some real

  7. Pat Nardo says:

    Dave Kaplan, Matt Pina, Melissa Musser, Jeremy Nutting, Vic Pennington, and James Payne are all good people who are running for office and should all be shown equal respect which they deserve as dedicated citizens. Having sat with Melissa Musser and Matt Pina as they ran four years ago in the Reuben Sandwich Shop, both Matt and Melissa exhibited such a strong desire to cause a rebirth of business perpetuation in Des Moines, that we supported both candidates. Melissa, far from being “ignorant” relative to crime is more likely just naivety here. Our Huntington Park crime level is well over 100% and it is a conspicuous absence of police that is causing great concern.

    Dave, Matt, Melissa, and Vic are all unopposed, and who has considered the havoc that would arise if they had not volunteered to continue their service? None of these council members have contributed to the “demise” of our treasured city and we do know who lead us into this sorry state of affairs. Each of them have done the best they could and have added one more, keenly interested in reversing our fortune; Jeanette Burrage. Now Jeanette, Matt, and Melissa represent “new blood”, along with candidate Vic Pennington, not influenced by another council member’s poor navigation of our city’s fortune.

    We have two opposing candidates for council in Jeremy Nutting, and James Payne; both of whom are good upstanding, family men and willing to stand up for us with little expectation of greatness. Nothing ill can be spoken of either of these candidates and only one will be chosen, we hope, for his excessively strong leadership experience and desire to cause a “revolution” favorable to us, the people of Des Moines. This would be, of the two, our friend, James Payne, who represents “new blood” in its best definition. We all seem to agree that a serious effort is needed to make things right here and it would be ideal if it could be done without animus, keeping in mind that these honorable office seekers are not enemies but rather friendly contenders who may very well dine together when the smoke of battle subsides.
    Nice cartoon Dan, but the lady looks more like Bruce Stringbean! Yes, it was also noticed that term limitations is long overdue!

  8. Angie Meyers says:

    I feel sorry for Mr. Nutting.  How can he possibly be an independent
    thinker when he owes his entire political existence to most of the sitting
    City Council and all those Unions?  Cute family though.  Unfortunately, we
    are not electing the position of “family man.”

  9. Pat Nardo says:

    Mr. Nutting is not be felt sorry for and his affiliations should not be a determination for considering him for this honorable office. You should note here that Mr. Nutting has not uttered one single word of degradation against his opponent. or those who support him. When voting, his credentials only should be paid heed to not anyone person who may have stood behind him. Mr. Nutting and Mr. Payne are contenders, not enemies. Look to those who throw stones to be invited to leave office on next election;. neither Jeremy Nutting nor James Payne will be in that number…bet on it! In the end our votes will determine who we think is best for Des Moines, not who was behind that candidate!.

  10. Fritz Fairview says:

    Sheckler only won by like 31 votes last time. Since his legacy after 18
    years on the council is so meager, and his arrogant leadership so tenuous,
    he won’t survive the next go-around. Artemus Bellhops comment was
    hilarious. I wonder how much input he has into the hotel plans? Maybe he can
    lean on the owners to give him better bellhop quarters or free chop suey.

    • Pat Nardo says:

      Another friend discovered! Thank you Fritz for your sage observation. We do need a change in our council but it would be nice if we could be nice getting there. As a busboy in the Bellevue Hotel in Boston, I got to see some of the Bellhops and I am not certain that qualifications would be met here. They were sharp, attentive and always giving; never a harsh word. They never indulged in name calling either. This is not a laughing matter though, especially if the hotel doesn’t get off the ground. Remember, we have some truly valuable council members now that need our support and an occasional morale boost. Remember here; no Payne, no Gain!!

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