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LEGAL TIP: You may be able to discharge taxes in a Bankruptcy

[1]by Marine View Law & Escrow [1]


…that you may be able to discharge taxes in a Bankruptcy?

We’ve heard from many clients that they think that their debt to the IRS can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Well, we are here to tell you that the IRS can be discharged, and we have helped many clients eliminate tax debt through bankruptcy. If you are facing tax debt and are thinking about bankruptcy, give you office a call for a free consultation so we can discuss your specific matter.

While this is not an all-inclusive list, below are the general parameters for eliminating your tax debt in bankruptcy:

If you meet the above requirements, then you may be able to eliminate your tax debt through bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 or 13. Even if you cannot discharge your tax debt through bankruptcy, a bankruptcy filing may provide you some relief if the IRS is attempting to collect from you, and is garnishing your wages, bank accounts, or other assets.

Call our office today for your free bankruptcy consultation to see if we can help you. We can be contacted at (206) 878-8777 or visit us at marineviewlaw.com [2].

“The professionalism and respect that I received was beyond what I could have expected. She (Attorney) made the whole process pain free and with the million questions I had she was always there with help and support. I would most definitely recommend her to others.”

– Satisfied client of Marine View Law & Escrow

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