They’re Back… Comments That Is!

We’re a day late, but as promised in our earlier post when we disabled comments to provide a “cooling off” period, they’re now back with a few modifications.

First and foremost we’ve now implemented our new comment rating system. You as a reader can now give a comment a thumbs up or thumbs down. If a comment gets enough down votes, it’s hidden by default, though you can click a link and still view that comment. Posts that get enough up votes and comments with many votes in general also get highlighted.

We’ll be watching how the system performs and tweaking the numbers based on what we see happening, we expect it will take some time to get things fine tuned.

Note also that we didn’t remove any comments in this process, so now that we’ve turned the system back on all previous comments are back and available to be rated.

Second, we spent a little time thinking about our commenting policy going forward. You can read it here or from the link above the comment box on any story. We think it’s pretty straight forward but we’re happy to get your feedback and make changes as necessary.

With that, let the commenting recommence and feel free to let us know what you think.


2 Responses to “They’re Back… Comments That Is!”
  1. John OLeary says:

    Thank you for bringing the comments back! They were a favorite part of why I frequented your blog. I still believe you displayed poor judgement in canceling the comments during the local election cycle. You could have made these same changes during the holiday period when many of your readers would be otherwise engaged. While many of the comments during the election process were divisive, public discord is part of the election process. I think the blog and its staff could have addressed any issues related to the elections differently. The timing of the comment cancellation was very suspect and served to stifle public discussion and debate both cornerstones to the election process. Admittedly I am not living in Des Moines but I still have a great fondness for this community.

    • Wanker says:

      I agree! I went from checking the blog and b-town blog a few times a day to maybe once a week. No offense to the editor, but I am more interested in how the community reacts to news than the news itself.

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