LETTER: ‘Why should you come to the Des Moines Elementary Spring Auction?’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Why should you come to the Des Moines Elementary Spring Auction on April 26, 2014 and become a steward for local, public education??

On a recent field trip to the Seattle Children’s Museum, a kindergartener stared out the bus window, with his mouth hanging open. When asked what he was looking at he replied, “I’ve never been to the city. It’s all so BIG!”

Another 6th grader, after returning to school from Camp Waskowitz, proudly tells us that she can finally say that she’s been camping! She tells us that she has never been to the woods before, let alone on a hike.

A few weeks ago, Taproot Theatre Company came to the school and performed a play on bullying. The kids all laughed and thought carefully about the play’s message on recognizing, refusing and reporting bullying.

The stories of how our school makes a difference in the lives of children are too many to tell. These stories, often, are very different from what a traditional school experience used to look and feel like. Luckily for the children at Des Moines Elementary, we believe, that difference is oftentimes, for the better. Better, because of the supportive city where we all reside and the community and staff present at Des Moines Elementary ever day.

Des Moines Elementary not only strives to provide each of its students with a quality education, it strives to provide them with important social, athletic and artistic experiences that will, hopefully, result in a well rounded and happy childhood.

Field trips, scholarships for camp and money for assemblies are just a handful of the ways the additional financial support generated by our school auction makes a difference.

Teacher’s budgets are continually cut and the demands in their classroom constantly increase. Teachers struggle to provide their students with access to art supplies, classroom libraries, afternoon snacks and so much more. Too often, the money to pay for these things comes directly from our teacher’s paychecks. With money raised by our auction, we provide every staff member with a $200 stipend at the beginning of the school year, to help shoulder some of their out-of-pocket expenses. Additional support throughout the school year is also available and has provided Music and PE equipment, online educational resources, reading supports, magazines, recess equipment and so much more.

We are also able to provide 14, tuition free, after school clubs for the students here. Clubs like Cross Country, Jumprope and Cross Country JR ensure that kids, whose parents can’t afford (or, provide transportation to) costly sports teams, are able to participate in healthy and rigorous activity. Clubs like Theatre Club and Rock Band Club help children who may not ever experience the fine arts, experience them and participate in them. Other clubs such as our Robotics, Reading, Spanish and Science Fair Club, provide kids access to educational material that allows them to apply all they have learned during the school day and develop and explore that learning even more.

In order to continue to support the students and teachers as we have in the past, we need additional financial support from you; our neighbors and friends.

Public school is, for many, the great equalizer. It is a safe place that provides children, from all types of financial backgrounds, with an education and a dependable, supportive environment. This environment guarantees that the children at Des Moines Elementary have the chance, at least, to learn and grow so that one day; the will become vital adult members in our wonderful Waterland Community.

Please help these children become just that by joining us this April 26th at the Landmark Event Center here in Des Moines and attend our Spring Auction. Tickets are on sale now for just $50 and can be purchased by visiting our school office or by contacting [email protected].

We believe, that is, you and I, that education is not an expense. We believe it is an investment.

– Lyndon B. Johnson

Gratefully yours,
Julie McCullough & Abby Wammer
(Des Moines Elementary Auction 2014 Co-Chairs)

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