Police arrest five, seize drugs, money & gun in Des Moines


The Des Moines Police Department is reporting that early Tuesday morning (Sept. 2), a tactical team from multiple jurisdictions – including the King County Sheriff’s Office – conducted a search warrant on a residence in the area of 216th & 30th.

The search resulted in the arrest of five subjects, seizure of drugs, several thousand dollars, and an illegal firearm.

“Thank you team for working hard to keep our city safe for each and everyone of our residents,” police said on a Facebook post.


4 Responses to “Police arrest five, seize drugs, money & gun in Des Moines”
  1. Colleen says:

    Good job! Keep it up DMPD!

  2. Cherish Jordan says:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to clean up our neighborhood and community.

  3. DMC says:

    Most of the apartments east of 99 are crime filled ghettos. Des Moines needs to shut them all down ASAP like Tukwila did to the crack motels they had. If the owners don’t clean them up throw em all in jail. Bulldoze them all and make a park!

    • Cherish Jordan says:

      Honestly that is only going to drive the criminals to another part of the city. Those that were contained in Tukwila are just moved here to Des Moines and actually have counterparts in Sea Tac, Kent, Federal Way, South Seattle, and Tacoma and everywhere inbetween already. I know as i have lived in this neighborhood primarily since 1989. I have seen the police attempt to work with those that are commiting the illegal acts to redirect them out. The just move from one side of the neighborhood and they move across the Midway Park to the otherside.

      The majority of the people in these neighborhoods are good people intimidated and affraid arming themselves from the approximently 50-100 bad apples walking around out here and attempting to make it home and inside before dark.

      The motels are a good part of the problem as well as apartments that do not do criminal background checks on their tentants and then keep those with sever histories out..

      The apartments i reside in do not condon criminal activity however its impossible to know what every single tentant is going to be like as people show good face and managers on good faith allow in those without criminal histories- perhaps they just have not been caught or grew up here and commited the acts in the time of living here as i personally know has happened. Managers or Owners do need to be held accountabe to what is allowed to move in the communities but they are human not fortune tellers able to forsee what everyones going to be like, and do make mistakes and sometimes the consequence of this is having to live with the issues until such time as appropriate legal actions can be taken. There are laws to even protect the criminals as well as the innocent and unfortunately without physical proof , restraining orders, people reporting things as they happen, or catching them in the act there is not alot that can be done.

      The Police , Managers, and Owners working together working together with the residents of our community can only do what they can if they have clear facts and evidence. We can’t just go around accusing people because they live in a place you can otherwise afford to avoid and need or want something to complain about. If your not apart of the solution you are apart of the problem. Make sure you keep this in mind before complaining. .

      I stated before the motels are a huge part of the problem.The resolve to that issue is to clear the drug dealers and human traffikers out immediately along with sex offenders !

      Sex offenders have done their time and can roam the community and because apartments don’t want to or won’t let them into their apartments they do reside in many of the motels. They need a residence you can not just throw them out because it puts more people in jepardy because homeless people are much harder to keep track of even if they follow the directions of courts and keep in touch with the registery or parole officers.

      The prostitutes are often not prostitues because they want to be but because its a means of survival. The pimps keep them hanging on for drugs, feeding insecurities, threatening them to harm their families and demeaning them to believe their is no other future for them and so they cling to them and hold their words in thier minds believing everything they say to keep them hooked.Essentially they are brainwashed by no real fault of their own and have no choice in their minds but to follow their pimps. Pimps are stealing the lives of these people they have taken captive they should be locked up without hesitation.

      Drug dealers should be locked up as well as they attrack the users and keep the pimps business in our area the kind of business that is very unwanted around here. The users need help or they too will just repopulate in another area.

      So now what are some realistic solutions we as residents can do to resolve some of the issues of our comminity.

      Make sure you keep this in mind before complaining. Tearing everything downs not a solution its a way to appease afew selfish people that want what they want because you think it will be easier. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and trust me it will repeat itself Remember again ” IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOU ARE APART OF THE PROBLEM “.

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