Past the Popcorn: Waterland Home Video Feature

by Greg Wright

Draft Day releases to home video today, and is available for streaming at Google Play and Amazon Instant Video. Waterland PtP reviewer Jeff Walls says “it succeeds more than it maybe should.  Football fans should enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at how teams operate on draft day, even if it always feels a little made up.”

But what you really want to be watching is the Seahawks… right?

$_32Well, you can. And legally, too.

The official NFL Films Super Bowl season recap for the Seahawks was released on DVD and Blu-ray back in March. In addition to various bonus features (which include segments on Richard Sherman, Ken Norton, Pete Carroll, and Derrick Coleman), the main event on this release was the standard NFL Films highlight reel featuring each of the Seahawks’ regular season games as well as the playoff victories over the Saints, the 49ers, and–ahem!–those busted Broncos.

As a lifelong Seahawks fan (and season ticket-holder in the Chuck Knox era) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Blu-ray–and was not in the least bit disappointed.

The bonus features are all well worth watching, but really–isn’t it “all about the action, boss”? What we want to see is Lynch pausing before stepping over the goal line untouched, Wilson drilling a free-play pass to Kearse at the goal line, Sherman, Smith, Chancellor, Thomas, and even Browner picking off passes, Avril and Bennett collecting sacks… and, of course, Peyton Manning’s WTF-just-happened look on the sidelines about 12 seconds into the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah.

Nothing whets the appetite for the upcoming season (starting Thursday night against Green Bay!) like NFL films highlights.

You can still grab a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray at the local Bartell or Walgreen’s, I imagine… or, if you’re wanting to just hang out for a Tuesday evening, you can stream the main feature from this set at iTunes! This segment on its own runs a bit more than an hour.

I wish watching this on iTunes were just as easy as pointing you to Amazon Instant or Google Play with a URL, but sadly it’s not. So here’s a step-by-step for what you’ll need to do to stream this at home tonight for $4.99:

  • If you don’t have iTunes on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop yet, that’s the first thing: install iTunes, and fire it up.
  • Search iTunes for Seahawks.
  • The title you’re looking for is “NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Champions: Seattle Seahawks.” It’s filed under Movies > Sports > NFL Films.

While you’re there, you may notice in the search results that you can also stream the entire Super Bowl and the other playoff victories as well.

You may also not have heard yet about NFL Game Rewind. If you really want to go on a binge, you can subscribe to one of the their 2014 season packages and with that get access to every regular season game from 2009-20013… and the Superbowl (but not the preliminary playoffs).

In any event, grab something to eat from your favorite local joint… and get your Seahawks on!


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  1. I had a lot of fun watching that video.

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