LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Proposition #1 appears to be an outright theft’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Response to Mr. Schipper’s letter of September 30, 2014.

I am amazed that anyone would think that the “Highline School Board” could possibly be regarded as a good fiscal steward of our tax dollars”

Mr. Schipper’s letter must have been written for him by the Highline School District’s Public Relations Department, because it’s hard to believe that any one could be that naive!

The primary function of the Public Relations Department of the School District Is to hoodwink you into voting for this and other upcoming bonds!

Recently, they budgeted $700,000.00 per year for the Public Relations Department with an annual increase of 16%.

Compounding those increases each year will bring that annual amount to a whopping: One Million, Four Hundred Seventy Thousand, Two Hundred Thirty Nine, Dollars, annually! That will happen in just five short years!

You might wonder how that expenditure will benefit the Students or the Highline School System! It won’t!

Proposition # 1 appears to be an outright theft, in broad daylight, if the low information voters are conned into voting for it.

The Board also, Recently increased the salary of the Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Highline School District, from a whopping $75,000.00 dollars per year to $303,000.00 per year.

Over the life of the bond issue that will amount to NINE MILLION, THREE-HUNDRED NINETY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I guess the School Board has to do something with the money our taxes provide! Do you believe that qualifies as “Good Fiscal Stewardship”, I don’t, but I guess I must be old fashioned! I used to vote for school bonds to benefit the children but we live in a different world now! Will our children benefit because our School District ends up dividing up all that money among their employees?

For those who have no grasp of what (good stewardship of school funds means.) I guess that will have to do!

But let’s not let it happen this November!





– Don Wasson

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5 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Proposition #1 appears to be an outright theft’”
  1. Kristy says:

    I actually love that you wrote this letter Don, it’s a nice endorsement for prop #1. We all know how much you like your money!
    I’m going to vote yes and I sure hope that the adults in our school district care enough about our children and their futures to vote yes as well.

    • Vote No On Prop 1 says:

      Kristy, naive and for people who have no grasp ? Just maybe this letter is directed to you and others who share your same way of thinking ?
      Vote No On Prop. 1

    • Sensible Spending on Our Schools says:

      Hey, Kristy. You have it all wrong…it is the Highline School District that likes your money!
      Read the Bond Measure and maybe you will realize that it is all open ended and if the HSDB deems it necessary, than some of the $385 million will trickle down to the kids. Otherwise it stays up top!

    • Burien Dad says:

      Hey Kristy go tax yourself I am already taxed out to the max got no more to give, the closer we come to a hundred percent in voting this bond down the louder the message will be.

  2. TheNo'sDoubleStandard says:

    While the school district is being accused of lack of transparency, it appears those opposed to the bond seem to lack it entirely. On the various signs around they show they are paid for by “Sensible Spending on our Schools.” Of course, there’s no such entity registered with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission. Seems to me Mr. Wasson pled guilty to similar egregious violations. Come out come out wherever you are!

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