LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Don’t let fear scare you away from facts and the truth’

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This country was founded by declaring, in part, that we in America have an inalienable right to “Life, Liberty, and a pursuit of Happiness”. I can think of no better way to accomplish this goal than to educate our children in every way possible and give them every opportunity to reach that All-American dream.

I live in the South of Burien and my children attend Des Moines schools (North Hill and Mount Rainier). With previous bonds we’ve replaced the old North Hill and Mount Rainier schools and my kids have benefited. While my oldest attended Pacific, my youngest may attend a brand new middle school in the Manhattan neighborhood. As a parent, I can tell you I would rather have my kids attend these newer, modern, schools instead of a 91-year old school like Highline high school.

I have walked the halls of the old North Hill and Mount Rainier and can tell you the marked difference in old versus new. Everyone who has seen the old versus new would agree that the learning environment and potential it gives to our kids is night and day. I want to say the same thing for Highline High school. With a new Highline we will give our kids those same opportunities to succeed. More than that, we tell our kids that they are worth this investment. And, in today’s economy, the investment will go farther since costs are lower.

With this bond we will give more of our kids every opportunity to learn and succeed in a more supportive environment.

I also want to be upfront with you… all of those signs you are seeing about that “60%” increase are a complete lie wrapped in a shred of truth. Those who oppose this bond are counting on your fear and are willing to do whatever they can to get you to vote their way. They will attack me in short order about $1.12 being 60% of the current rate and they are correct. However, with every chance they get the water is muddied. They push this 60% increase and IMPLY it’s your total tax bill that is going up by that much. To be 100% clear that is NOT TRUE. Those signs you see everywhere are counting on your fear to steal your vote.

Don’t let fear scare you away from facts and the truth. I urge you to attend a public meeting to get your questions answered at the Burien Press TONIGHT (9/27/2014) 423 SW 152nd st, Burien Wa.

I am being 100% up-front with you when I say this bond is worth your yes vote. The only thing I stand to gain is a better learning environment for my kids and yours. The only thing we all stand to gain is giving our kids every opportunity available to us.

I ask that you to vote YES this November for Building new Schools and I ask that you vote YES for your kids and mine.

– Joey Martinez (Burien)

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14 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Don’t let fear scare you away from facts and the truth’”
  1. Des Moines Voter says:

    We are all for our schools and our children, however this is not the bond we want to approve. I can turn what you said around with Des Moines Elementary. It is a school they say is too old but it does better in academic ratings than Parkside and Midway, also in Des Moines and newly built. A 60% increase in school tax bonds will still be a burden on a lot of people! it’s money they do not have. Don’t get fear and common sense confused. Everyone needs to take a look at the school bonds that we pay, regardless if this bond passes or not we ALL will be paying more in 2016. You have every right to your opinion, but it’s not gonna change the fact we already voted No.

  2. Burien Dad says:

    Joey, the fear you are referring to is coming from The Highline School District and the Commercial Land Developers that have already given hundreds of thousands of dollars for the passage of this Bond.

    • Dave Kaplan says:

      “Hundreds of thousands of dollars for the passage of the bond?” REALLY? Prove it!

      That’s NOT what is reported at the PDC. http://www.pdc.wa.gov

      • Joey Martinez says:

        Like I was saying…. Fear. No proof needed when all you’re slinging is fear.

        Joey Martinez

      • Burien Dad says:

        Dave Kaplan, as of yesterday Highline Citizens For Schools has received funding for just under 200,000.00 most seek to make a financial gain with the passage of this bond, HCFC has already spent just under 100,000.00 on this campaign,yes David I can read a PDC report.
        When The Highline School District built the Burien P.A.C instead of the high school gym was that not a ” Straight Out Lie ” from the Highline School District a LIE that cost the tax payers tens of millions of dollars,that must have really pissed you off, there is no reason to believe that anything would be different with this bond, The Highline School District just can not be trusted.

        • Dave Kaplan says:

          You’re right! When Highline School District spent money on the P.A.C. from the 1986 bond levy, it wasn’t spent on what they said it would. That was 28 years ago, and there were two failed bond attempts after that to remind them, until the 2002 bond passed. They learned their lesson from that, and have been doing an admirable job with school remodeling and rebuilding ever since. You’re really going to hold that 28 year old bond levy against the District, and, more importantly, the students that deserve a better classroom?

          As for the PDC information, HCS has raised about $189k of which only a small percentage of the total can be construed in any way, shape or form as coming from “developers.” The original statement remains a flat out lie.

          As for the opponents and their campaign, they have yet to file with the PDC so it’s impossible to know the source of THEIR money and find out exactly what THEIR interests are. Isn’t it?

          • Burien Dad says:

            Dave Kaplan, with regards to a straight out lie 28 years ago, then why does Board President Michael Spear continue to bring up the level of trust that exist within our community toward the Highline School District.
            With some of the lowest academic ratings in the State of WA, the words Admirable and Highline School District should never be used in the same sentence.

      • Don Wasson [email protected] says:

        If Mr. Kaplan wants proof, all he needs to do is read the resolution that authorized proposition 1. It’s that simple Mr. Mayor!

  3. Rosanna says:

    I go back and forth on this issue. What is making me lean towards no, is the loss of Zenith park. If passed a park that we use will gone, in place the des Moines elementary. Which would put it really close to parkside elementary, which seems unwise to me.

  4. suenoir says:

    The Highline Public Schools have replaced aging schools throughout the district with new, quality schools, all on budget. Des Moines Elementary is 89 years old. Students need a new school. The Zenith site is big and there will be play fields after the new school is built for the community and little league to continue using. The current Des Moines Elementary will be used by community groups, just as Glacier has been. Glacier was used by Western Washington University for a while, as well as other groups, and the gym and field were rented by sports clubs. Highline High School is 91 years old and will be rebuilt for about the same cost as Mt Rainier was. Glacier High School will rebuilt as a middle school. Another middle school will be built on the Manhattan school site. Students today deserve the same quality schools we had. Mark approve on your ballot and get it in the mail to make sure we make this happen.

    • Mom says:

      The Zenith site isn’t big- but it will be big once they come in and take out all the trees and build the school, the parking lot, the bus drop-off area, the playground, and the fields. School playfields aren’t the same thing as a park- and Des Moines is sadly lacking in neighborhood parks.

      I do wonder- with all this supposed overcrowding at our elementary schools- why the bond didn’t address building a new high school instead? Mount Rainier is already busting at the seams. Is the board going to wait a few years until all these kids reach high school age, panic, then float another bond?

      • suenoir says:

        The zenith property is not owned by the City of Des Moines. It is owned by the Highline School District for the purpose of building a new school. If Des Moines is lacking in neighborhood parks you should direct your comments to the City of Des Moines. The District is building a new high school with this bond, Highline HS. This bond will reduce overcrowding now and will create enough capacity for decades. There will be more bonds in the far future, to rebuild Pacific and the other current middle schools and Evergreen and Tyee, but the current bond will invest in those schools and keep them going for many, many years. Please put your ballot in the mail to make this happen, before November 4th, or better yet put in the mail today. Thank you for your support.

  5. Burien Dad says:

    Joey you seem to convince others to vote no for the bond so what every it is keep doing it.

  6. Des Moines Mom says:

    Fear is making us oppose this money grabber? No, it is the funds and our budget. A lot of us are struggling to make ends meet right now and we do not want to extend ourselves out like we did in the recent recession. King 5 News had noted that 75% of our kids are on the free and reduced meal programs. I am not on board with this bond as it is written. Building a mega elementary school in the Highline southside does not make sense, especially when they let Federal Way District children come to our schools. The overcrowding is in the north end of Highline and we have a couple of vacant schools there already. Reject this bond, it is just a money grabber and will not help our kids educational needs that is needed right now. Vote No on Prop 1.

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