LETTER: ‘Opposition statement to the Highline School District No. 401’

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The foundation of our opposition to the the Highline School District bond from the beginning was that the $385 million dollars was just too expensive to ask for from our community. We thank the voters for their wisdom in discerning the difference and reasoning of the millions of dollars spent and the accountability of those funds.

With this bond not passing we understand that there will be another bond proposed to our community we hope the school board will make the right decisions to ask for an amount that our community can afford as there will be number of propositions from other public entities on the February ballot.

We are encouraged with Superintendent Susan Enfield’s statement “We will work with our community to determine a plan for moving forward.” In dealing with our financial and physical limitations, the last thing we want to see is to have this same bond put on the ballot. It is imperative that we have a bond that will go to the construction and the preservation of our schools and is affordable to our community.

This entire School Bond process has brought strong emotions and division into our communities. The time has come to put those divisions behind us and come together as a community to create a plan that will go specifically to the needs of our schools. It is vital that some of the ideas that were completely dismissed by the school board be revisited and included in a new plan.

Laura and John Castronover

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3 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Opposition statement to the Highline School District No. 401’”
  1. Rosanna says:

    If they drop the part about moving Des Moines elementary to Zenith Park, I think they will get more yes votes also. It was mentioned in the comments on another article that Zenith Park is owned by the highline school district for the sole purpose of building a school there. This is true, but I wonder for how long. How can there be an official city of Des Moines park sign at Zenith, if all that its destined for is to leveled and built on by the school district?

    • Des Moines Resident says:

      Not moving Des Moines Elementary is an absolute in my vote. ANY bond package that includes relocating this school will get a no vote from me and my family.

  2. Kasy says:

    The location of the school at Zenith does not make sense. Shutting down Des Moines Elementary (prime property) does not make sense. Historically, the other school properties that were shut down and replaced by new schools have been left just sitting. The main reason my family voted down the school bond was because nothing was mentioned about how these abandoned properties are to be handled. They are cash just sitting there in the form of property. There is your bond money! Sell them! Don’t just sit on them! They are not going to hatch! Your golden egg to get new schools and or fix older ones is right under your nose. I think the voters are smart enough to see that there is more to be done by addressing those issues first.

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