Man shot, killed in Des Moines

A man was shot and killed on in the 20100 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive Wednesday morning just before 10 a.m. (Nov. 12), according to the Des Moines Police Department.

Police say that an altercation occurred in the front yard of a residence, and an adult male was shot and killed at the scene.

“We believe that the shooter is known by the witnesses inside the residence,” police said. “The shooter fled the scene and officers are working to confirm his identity and the description of the vehicle he fled in.”

Police first got a call at 9:55 a.m., but the call disconnected. When police arrived, “people were running around hysterically,” Doug Jenkins of the Des Moines Police Department said.

Four or five adults were in the home and front yard when police arrived. At some point there was a confrontation between the victim and the shooter. Police don’t know how many shots were fired, nor what the argument was about.

Des Moines Memorial Drive is currently closed between South 200th Street and South 202nd Street as police investigate. Detectives are getting a search warrant.

More details to follow as more information becomes available.


Des Moines Police issued this statement on Thursday, Nov. 13:

The Des Moines Police Department appreciates the comments from the community about yesterday’s incident on Des Moines Memorial Drive South. We hope you understand that this is an ongoing investigation and we can’t release all the information to you at this time. We knew at the time of the incident this was not a random event and it was related to events and activities at the address we had secured. We also had very good reason to believe the suspect had left the area in a vehicle and not in a direction that would have put him anywhere near North Hill Elementary School. Because the suspect had not fled anywhere near the school, North Hill Elementary was not notified of the incident. Both the Chief Operations Officer of Highline School District and the Transportation Department were notified of police activity in the area and the closure of Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

The Des Moines Police Department is happy to discuss this situation with anyone that would like to contact us. All inquiries should be directed to our Public Information Officer, Sergeant Doug Jenkins. He can be contacted by phone at 206-870-7608 or by e-mail at [email protected].


9 Responses to “Man shot, killed in Des Moines”
  1. Donna says:

    I would lime the Des Moines police to explain why the school’s close to there were not notified and on lock down while the helicopter flew over the playgrounds?

  2. Amy says:

    I live on 202nd and 8th so about 2 blocks from where this happened, I drove down 200th more or less past the crime scene at 9:15 and they already had the road closed down and crime scene tape strewn all over the place so I think the shooting occurred much earlier than 10am .

  3. This is very sad this was just a few blocks from my home and Blut until 9 pm last night did the coroner show up, that’s more than 12 hours after it happened and that person’s body laid out there all those hours just not cool to family at all amd also no schools were notified my daughter went past it on her lunch not knowing what it was with this killer on the loose this is not ok someone should be too blame us it the police..##

  4. JS says:

    I do wonder if we will get an update on this. If the suspect is known, then why don’t we have a photo, name or description? Kind of dumb not to include this information as the person is on the loose.

  5. AB in DM says:

    Did you hear Councilman Bob Schlickturd say at the last Council meeting that essentially in order to prevent murders in Des Moines, you have to keep the police understaffed? True story.

    This brilliant crime-fighting strategy brought to you by the smartest guy in the room, for over 18 years.

  6. Bridgett says:

    Can anybody shed some light on what was going on Thursday night?
    At Des Moines hills apartments there were several cop cars and SUV
    With crime dogs shouting for someone to come out
    It went on for several hours but their is nothing documented or coming up in google
    It was really terrifying like something in a movie

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