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Colin & Brad: Two Man Group reviewed by Greg Wright

What do you get when two stalwarts from the long-running Improv Comedy TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? take to the road for a two-man Improv Comedy stage show?

Well, what were you expecting?

Not surprisingly—especially considering that Colin Mochrie, the co-star of this road show, is also one of the Executive Producers of Whose Line—Mochrie’s and Brad Sherwood’s live show bears a lot of resemblance to the TV show.  Fans will know that Sherwood has been one of the bright spots of the stateside version, and will in no way be disappointed in what they find in this 67-minute program.

two-man-group-insetPersonally, I’ve always preferred the original UK version of Whose Line.  It also starred Mochrie and Ryan Stiles (the US version’s other Exec Prod) as part of the more-or-less rotating four-comic panel, but it was less concerned with sexual innuendo.  I of course find myself laughing at crotch jokes and other suggestive humor—but I also know it’s terribly juvenile and an easy mark for stand-up comedy.  The bar could easily be set higher by reaching for a more mature style of humor.

That being said, I imagine you get the picture.  Included in the routines here is a good bit of raunch, though nothing you wouldn’t expect from the latest editions of the broadcast-TV Whose Line.

What’s missing?  Musical numbers.  Fans of Whose Line know that neither Sherwood nor Mochrie are particularly adept at musical improv, so don’t plan on finding any Wayne Brady show-stoppers on this set.

On the plus side, Mochrie and Sherwood incorporate a couple of new routines into the standard parade of Questions, Sound Effects, and so on.

The first of these is a unique improv they call Sideways Scene, in which the audience calls out a motivation for neighborly conflict—and the two comics play out a spat while lying on their sides against a backdrop that lies flat on the floor.  The audience looks on by watching a screen onto which is projected an image from a camera which hangs over the backdrop.  The effect has to be seen to be truly appreciated, and it is quite amusing.

The second twist is the final bit on this collection, what the comics call The Most Dangerous Game.  The two play out an operatic scene on a topic of the audience’s choice… while blindfolded… barefoot… on a stage covered with 280 set mousetraps.  Completely ridiculous. Hysterical.

If you’re a fan of mainstream improv, or of Whose Line in particular, you won’t be disappointed with this show.  Just don’t expect anything wildly innovative… or deep. But who’s looking for that on New Year’s Eve?

Colin & Brad: Two Man Group is available to stream online at Amazon.

Check it out tonight, and don’t forget to dine local first!

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