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‘You’re INVITED!’ says the Owner of Waterland CrossFit


You’re INVITED!!! Sitting in my little space at Waterland CrossFit, I watch folks drive by or curiously peek in the windows or “like” a Facebook post, I wonder…WHY AREN’T THEY IN HERE!?!?? I watch my town walking or driving or riding a bike, passing my window and living their lives and I wonder why so many people AREN’T in here. Many folks are, but many more aren’t. Why is this? I ponder. A few reasonable answers presented themselves. The first: fear. The second: money. The third: they don’t feel invited.

This note is not some thin-veiled, insincere, disingenuine attempt at luring your business into my door. This note is a blatant, hit-you-in-the-head-with-a-hammer attempt at luring your business into my door!!! But, not for the reasons you may think, at least not ONLY for the reasons you may think. Sure, I want/need your money to support my business/life. BUT…and this is a BIG BUT…I also believe that by supporting my business you support YOURSELF. Not only that, you support your community.

As small, local businesses, we rely on local folks for everything. Our hope is that we, in our own unique ways, contribute to a higher quality of life in our community. The only ways we can do this is with your help. We are partners in this. Des Moines is in a crisis of culture. Businesses have left and are leaving. Empty storefronts clutter our main street and a sense of frustration is felt by many.

As we impatiently wait for “someone else” (developers, the City, etc…) to “do something”, we overlook the simple fact that we have the power to change what we don’t like. By patronizing, supporting and being involved with our local community, we change it. We improve it. By demonstrating that the community can and does support good local businesses, we become more attractive to outside investors. We make it easier for folks to want to bring their businesses here. This is what we want/need and a good investment is what “they” want/need. We create a win/win.

While not attempting to speak for all of my local business friends, I think I can safely say that “YOU’RE INVITED!!” Check us out!! If we have something you need, buy it from us. We try to improve your community experience by offering what we have. We are partners in creating the community we want to live in.

Speaking specifically to my business, each day my folks are moving around this town. They are running, jumping, carrying something down the sidewalks and improving their lives. This inspires me. And with a lack of things to feel very good about in Des Moines, I hope this is a departure from the empty, shabby storefronts or smokers tossing their butts on the sidewalks in front of our bars. It represents that good things are possible. And this IS a good thing. And, “YOU’RE INVITED!!” to participate!! Talk to me about what we do if you’re uncertain if it is for you, but interested. I have “special deals” for those with money concerns. Ask me. And please know that you are truly invited. This is not an exclusive club. It is for everyone.

So, while I thank you for supporting our local business folks as you do, I ask that you do more. Together we can change this town in the ways we want it to change. Together, we are powerful. You’re invited…

–Dave Markwell
Waterland CrossFit- owner/coach
[email protected]

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One Response to “‘You’re INVITED!’ says the Owner of Waterland CrossFit”
  1. Susan White says:

    At this moment Dave and so appreciate your article . . what it would take for me right now would be you picking me up at my house. . .”dragging” me to your facility and getting started. Kidding!!! but that’s kind of the way I feel right now when you ask the question as to what it would take to get myself to your positive place of wellbeing. Under so much stress with my husband in the hospital right now and being in the role of caregiver for so long too I know I’m not doing as much as I should to take care of the caregiver . . in this case me. I guess sometimes as we get exhausted from life situations which we all do although we know what would be better for us is simply to carve out the “selfish” time to get healthier. In the meantime . . . . thanks for all you do for our community to make it better.

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