Jeremy Nutting announces that he will run for re-election to City Council

Councilmember Jeremy Nutting on Monday (April 13) announced his intention to seek a full term on the Des Moines City Council.

Appointed in May 2013 to the seat vacated by former Councilmember Dan Caldwell, Nutting won election to the remaining two years of the term in the November 2013 election.

“We’re really beginning to see the results of the hard work the Council and City have put in to help bring some economic development to town,” Nutting said. “We need to keep our focus on building an economic base to fund crucial city services, enhancing public safety, and in reaching out to our constituents to make sure their voices are heard.”

A local contractor and business owner, Jeremy Nutting, has been supportive of a number of organizations and activities in Des Moines. He lives with his wife, Yvonne, and two children on North Hill.


24 Responses to “Jeremy Nutting announces that he will run for re-election to City Council”
  1. Bob Sheckler says:

    Jeremy has done a very good job promoting economic development and representing the concerns of his constituents. He deserves another term.

  2. BirchCreek says:

    Mr. Nutting, could you please share with us your position on the new buildings in the Marina District that break the rule for a maximum of 35 feet height restrictions?

  3. Dave Kaplan says:

    BirchCreek, the buildings on 7th Avenue are allowed to go higher than 35′ in certain areas. Anything on Marine View Drive is limited to 35′ heights. No “rule” is being broken.

    • BirchCreek says:

      Again Mayor, that you for the information. There may be to be some public education to verify these growth and development issues as there seems to be a lot of mis-information going around the community.

      • BirchCreek says:

        Sorry for the typos – new computer keyboard issues. Thanks!

      • Dan Sherman says:

        BirchCreek, the correct response to your question about downtown zoning would be that most of 7th Ave. S. has a 45′ height allowance and a large section of 7th Ave. S. is eligible for up to 55′ allowance. Most of Marine View Drive S. has a 35′ height allowance and a section at the north end of downtown has a 55′ allowance. Recently, the city was preparing to extend the 45′ allowance to one property on Marine View Drive S. but ultimately did not do so. The zoning for downtown can be found on the city website in the Municipal Code Chapter 18.115. Both the public and city officials may have some misunderstandings about development regulations.

        • Terri D. says:

          Per Dan S. reply, a public hearing is set for May 14. Please encourage your neighbors to attend this hearing and tell the City council to vote no on allowing the developer of Adrianna Senior Housing our public sidewalk are not for sale. If the council votes yes, then Adrianna can build a larger complex in the Marina District.

          • John Riley says:

            Why are you trying to kill development in the downtown region?

          • DM Resident says:

            Yes, please attend the hearing and ENCOURAGE all the development we can get in this city.

          • BirchCreek says:

            John and DM, what does “development” look like to you. I’m seriously asking this as this is a very intense topic on this blog. I think that it means different things to different people depending on your financial investment in the development and where you live in relation to it. Do either one of you live in the Marina/Downtown district? Are you invested in the projects? Is it development at all costs? Or can it be managed wisely and prudently? Or is your concern a general one for Des Moines as a very diverse city in terms of neighborhoods, business districts, and social economic status? I look forward to your thoughts.

          • BirchCreek says:

            John and DH, still waiting for you reply as development in Des Moines seems to be a passionate topic for you. Please let us engage in thoughtful debate!

          • DM Resident says:

            BirchCreek: I am not invested in the development beyond my concern for this City and its future. We basically have 2 districts in our City where we can allow development beyond residential development. The 2 districts are Marina and Pac Hwy. I think both need to be developed strategically and extensively to allow for the best and most development possible for the future of this City. No matter how big any development is in the Marina District, the Marina is not going away or what it has to offer. We have other locations in our City such as Saltwater and Redondo people can go if they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy down town. With our current downtown about the only thing I do there is go and grab and occasional meal. I would much rather see it developed extensively so that our downtown and City services can improve in this area to serve all our citizens and those of surrounding cities. Allowing a few hundred or thousand condos to develop in this area would only increase the number of businesses and their desire to come to this City. We also need to bulldoze all those old run down strip malls and allow them to build up several stories with some mixed use to allow them to offer services at street level to support the increase in population in the area.

            You are right, this is very important topic on this blog and we have a handful of residents that live on 8th Ave who think they own the view rights. This is not the case and I’m sorry under my plan they would lose some of their view that that’s life and they always knew that was a possibility.

            Lastly, we need to allow commercial development within the Marina itself. A couple of nice hotels and restaurants would be great down there. Maybe develop it similar to a small Pike Place Market.

          • BirchCreek says:

            I think your vision of a “few hundred” condos might be able to be support by our infrastructure/road system, but a “few thousand”?
            There is no way the road infrastructure could support much more traffic going into and out of the Marina district as I was just again reminded while trying to get home during “rush hour”.
            There is no physical way to expand 1st Ave, Kent Memorial Drive, 216th or Kent-Des Moines Roads. Therefore I think it may be a bit short sighted to consider radically increasing the population density of the down town cooridor.
            Mass development of more dense housing would seem to be more appropriate along Pac-Hwy where the infrastructure is in place to accommodate the increased road use demands.
            Again, I am not about “no development”, but I am for calculated, controlled and well thought out development and growth of our town.

        • BirchCreek says:

          Dan, Thank you so much for some facts. It helps clear up a lot of mis-information for me and I hope for others.

        • EH says:

          3 buildings are allowed to go to 55′ – The Adriana will be one of them.

          • BirchCreek says:

            Thanks EH for the info. What are the two others?

          • Terri D. says:

            The Adrianna Developer wants the public sidewalk on 7th Ave S & S 225th St so they can build a larger bldg. The council is holding a public hearing on this May 14. I encourage you to come and tell the council that you don’t want public space sold to the highest bidder. Giving away public sidewalk sets a precedence for other developers. Developers want the city council to change building codes to accommodate their mega-sized buildings in the Marina District. I believe these large scale buildings belong in the Pacific Ridge area. The Pacific Ridge has better access to grocery, medical and public transportation. Per the city transportation planner, there are all ready 30,000 vehicles using Marine View Drive on a weekday basis, add more apartments to the Marina District will further slow traffic not to mention more emergency service siren noise.

          • EH says:

            Someone could put up a 30′ building and it would block your view. You are killing downtown DM.

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    Tall buildings would actually ruin the “village” picture of Des Moines that we have come to love. “Tall” should be more clearly defined by our council, permitting guidelines and common sense. We have a good, fair minded council now that is more business friendly than ever before, so some changes for the better are inevitable. I would agree to, not over two stories, some of which we already do have. “Marine View Drive” says it all as I see it though.

    • DM Resident says:

      I think you’re correct because run down old empty strip malls don’t have any negative affect on our “village” picture of Des Moines. BUILD AND BUILD BIG!!! I would much rather drive downtown and have another 2000 or so people living there in new condos with all the businesses it would take to support them like a grocery store, additional restaurants, etc.

  5. Pat Nardo says:

    When it comes to specifics re: building height restrictions/allowances, we need to pay attention to two major players on our council and I mean really pay attention, along with confidence in their part in this decision making. They are, our Mayor Dave Kaplan, and Matt Pina, Mayor Pro-Tem. We finally have executives that are selfless and dedicated to what is best for our Des Moines. Supporting them now is our future.

  6. duhhhh moinz says:

    Well don’t even get me started on view rights. Des Moines doesn’t give a s*&t about preserving views. They passed an ordinance last year that took away everyone’s rights to maintain trees and vegetation. They call this place the waterland but really it’s a wasteland of restrictions and rules that don’t make sense. You can’t maintain a view, you can’t build over a certain height, you can’t get a permit without spending thousands of dollars and jumping through hoops. The council is a bunch of uneducated good old boys that are only here to serve themselves. The anti development mentality is going to ultimately destroy the city. The city is headed for bankruptcy and I for one can’t wait to see what Federal Way, Kent, and Burien do to improve things when the city gets split up.

    • EH says:

      By air rights and you are allowed to maintain your view. Otherwise, no city government or judge in the nation will grant you the right to a view.

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