All Highline Schools will be closed Thursday, May 21 due to Teacher walkout

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Screenshot from the HEA Facebook page announcing the May 21 walkout.

All schools in Highline Public Schools will be closed on Thursday, May 21 due to a teacher walkout.

The Highline Education Association (HEA) – the teachers’ union – voted by an 88% majority Tuesday night (May 12) to participate in a one-day walkout on May 21.

According to the union’s website, “teachers and support staff have gone six years without a state cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), the Republican Senate budget only includes a small 3 percent COLA over two years and no increase in health care funding, which means teachers will take home less money next year as health care costs rise. Legislators are in line to get 11 percent raises. Several budget proposals would also unjustifiably restrict school districts’ flexibility to make local decisions about teacher compensation and staffing for student programs.”

The district said that it does not have enough substitute teachers to cover all classes that day, so school will be cancelled on May 21.

Highline will make up the school day on May 26, the district’s scheduled snow make-up day.

HEA wrote in communication with its members:

“The target of HEA’s May 21 Day of Action Walkout is the WA State Legislature, not the Highline School District.”


6 Responses to “All Highline Schools will be closed Thursday, May 21 due to Teacher walkout”
  1. Don Wasson says:

    We send our children to school to learn about life.
    We tell our children to respect their teachers.
    It is against the law for teachers to strike, even for one day.
    Our bright children will have a learning expierience that you only have to obey the laws that youlike! Cogratulations teachers !

    • Jonah says:

      Laws? What about the passed class size initiative that is being ignored by Olympia? the cost of living adjustments that have been voted on, approved and ignored for the last 7 years? What about our state constitution that our own legislators are violating to the point of being held in contempt by our State Supreme Court for not adequately funding education as determined by the State itself? Where is your concern for the law in these issues?

      What future laws of any kind do you support being ignored by our legislators?

      • Martin Metz says:

        The teachers unions is simply lying to the public – and its own members – about the lack of education funding being proposed by both houses of the legislature. The Republican-controlled state Senate proposed a budget that any reasonable observer would qualify as a budget that truly prioritizes education. Nearly half of the budget is designated to education spending. Here’s what the state Senate budget does for K-12 education:

        •$2.7 billion biennial spending increase, a jump from $15.3 billion to $18 billion
        •$1.3 billion to meet constitutional requirements as ordered in the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. That includes:
        •$740 million more for materials, supplies and operating costs
        •$350 million to reduce K-3 class sizes
        •$190 million for all day kindergarten
        •$230 million for K-12 teachers’ and other employees’ salary increases
        •$210 million to pay for higher state pension costs, primarily due to longer employee life spans

        The Senate’s budget features a whopping 17.8% increase in state appropriations for education. Comparatively, non-education portions of the budget would grow by less than 6%. That’s the largest K-12 biennial percentage growth in 25 years. To put it in perspective, K-12 education comprises over 47% of the state Senate’s budget—the highest portion of the budget in over 30 years.

        That’s the kind of education funding that teachers unions have decided is worthy of breaking the law to protest.

  2. John says:

    With all due respect Don, sometimes standing up for what you believe in means going against a law.
    That my friend is a lesson that all kids can learn from.

  3. Pat Nardo says:

    Whether “against the law” applies here. is not the argument as I interpret it. Our teachers work diligently, long hours, even hours on their own time to bring our children into a better world. Frequently even spending their own money to provide some little things that may not be commonly “authorized, these pedagogues are the basis for all we hope our children will one day become and they are sorely under paid. I am against union activity though I have had membership in at least three, and I understand that, unless you have representation in the workplace, the management will take all they can get from you for as little salary as they can get away with. Sometimes a strike is the only avenue toward fairness, and what we should be doing here, is supporting our teachers and hoping, even praying, that they are treated fairly in the end. Let’s hope, then, for a very short rebellion of our worthy sculptors of society to be.

  4. Martin Metz says:

    The illegal teachers’ classroom walkouts are indeed strikes. Calling them “protests” is WEA’s attempt to justify their members’ strikes—which it knows are illegal—with a simple change in rhetoric. Unfortunately, there are too many folks willing to aid the WEA in its deceptive messaging tactics. Not too long ago, Gov. Inslee refused to call the recent illegal teachers’ strikes for what they are – strikes. The WEA has added insult to injury by claiming the planned strikes are for the sake of our children. No matter what union leaders may say to excuse the illegal strikes, school districts, parents, and students should take the strikes personally. The illegal strikes negatively impact school districts, they place undue strain on working families, effectively, punish students—an unjustifiable punishment meant to benefit unions, not children.

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