MAP: Here’s where striking Highline Schools Teachers will be rallying Thursday

Highline Public Schools Teachers will be “walking out” of classrooms this Thursday, May 21 – all school is canceled for the day – and will be striking at the following sites, including a big rally at Moshier Field in Burien set for 1 p.m.:

“Our walkout is a principled non-violent protest in support of a value we hold deeply — the promise afforded by universal public education to create individual opportunities for our students, and stronger communities for all,” reads an announcement.

Here’s more from the Highline Education Association:

Parents and others in our community support great schools and can be strong allies. You can help build support with them for the issues we care about by helping the community understand what’s at stake and why we’re taking this action.

  • We need less time spent on testing, and more time spent on teaching.
  • We need smaller classes so we can help every single one of our students learn.
  • We need professional pay and benefits so that we can feed our own families, pay our own bills, and afford to stay in our current careers.
  • What do teachers want? We want kids in our community to get a great education.

We’ve tried for years with letters and emails and rallies to convince lawmakers they need to comply with state constitutional mandates and court orders to adequately fund public education, but without success. Answer questions openly and honestly, but avoid getting into a debate or disagreement. If you are talking to parents you know in the community, encourage supporters to join us on picket lines or at our joint rally on May 21 at Moshier Field, 430 S. 156th St, Burien at 1:00 pm.

Spread the word by explaining to their friends why these issues are important, either on social media, or in quick conversations in grocery store checkout lines, or in letters to the editor in local newspapers.

Help feed a hungry child on May 21: Bring a can of food

We’re not just walking in support of public schools on May 21. We’re trying to support another good cause, too: feeding the hungry. To support families of Highline, we are supporting our local food banks. Please bring a can of food or other non-perishable food item to the midday rally at Moshier Field. We’ll have a collection site so that donations can go to help families here in our community.

Join the Sign Waving Efforts on May 21, 2015 – Site Locations:

  • North Zone, Site 1: SW 107th & 16th Ave SW
  • North Zone, Site 2: SW 128th St. and 1st Ave. S
  • North Zone, Site 3: SW 148th St. and 1st Ave. S
  • North Zone, Site 4: SW 160th St. and 1st Ave. S (“Five Corners”)
  • South Zone, Site 5: S 188th St. and Pacific Highway S (99)
  • South Zone, Site 6: S 216th St and Marine View Drive
  • South Zone, Site 7: Kent-Des Moines Road and Pacific Highway S (99)

Map of Locations:


4 Responses to “MAP: Here’s where striking Highline Schools Teachers will be rallying Thursday”
  1. Martin Metz says:

    Teacher strikes are illegal in Washington and are not allowed under state law. The same goes for all public employees at the state and local level. The reason doesn’t matter. They’re not legal as a protest. They’re not legal for collective bargaining purposes. They’re not legal under any circumstances. This disregard for lawful behavior is not the example our public school teachers should be setting.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      The same can be said for the reasons they walked out. Unless and until.the state meets its mandates this is a case of two wrongs not making a right.

      I support our teachers!

    • Mysty beal says:

      Wrong, pal – the law, as written, is ambiguous. We parents are in complete support of our teachers and joined them at the rally. We are tired of the Republican legislators constantly putting aside our voter-approved reduction in class sizes and increases to our teacher’s pay. Fund our schools!

  2. Martin Metz says:

    The law is only ambiguous if you want it to be. Please remember that Democrats have been pretty consistently in charge of the budget over much of the past 30 years. It was their failure to prioritize the schools as a first round focus. The Republicans took over the Senate for this budget cycle as well as the last one and broke the trend. It’s time to stop playing politics with our kids. BOTH parties need to place our children as the priority and pass a budget!

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