REMINDER: Fireworks are illegal within the City of Des Moines

The Des Moines Police Department would like to remind everyone that as outlined by Des Moines Municipal Code, the possession and use of “Fireworks” within the City limits of Des Moines is prohibited:

9.42.030 Fireworks Prohibited
Except as authorized by a permit for the public display of fireworks, as defined in RCW 70.77.160, or for religious purposes as authorized by RCW 70.77.311(2), no person, firm or corporation shall manufacture, possess, sell, store, ignite, explode or discharge any fireworks or firecrackers within the city limits of the city of Des Moines. The manufacture, possession, sale, discharge or storage of five pounds or more of fireworks or firecrackers is a misdemeanor. [Ord. 1537 § 1, 2012: Ord. 1362 § 3, As provided for in the Des Moines Municipal Code, any violation of this ordinance is subject to a $513 penalty and confiscation of the illegal “fireworks.”

9.42.130 Penalties
(1) Unless otherwise noted, a violation or failure to comply with any part of this chapter is a class 1 civil infraction. Any person who violates any portion of this chapter shall be subject to having their fireworks confiscated as provided in RCW 70.77.435.

(2) A person is guilty of a separate offense for each action which violates any provision of, or any order, rule, or regulation made pursuant to, this chapter.

(3) Civil proceedings to enforce this chapter may be brought in the city of Des Moines municipal court or in the superior court for King County. [Ord. 1537 § 2, 2012: Ord. 1362 § 13, 2005.]

“The men and women of the Des Moines Police Department encourage you to attend the Fireworks Over Des Moines Celebration at the Des Moines Marina beginning at 10:15 p.m. on Saturday July 4th. We hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!”


8 Responses to “REMINDER: Fireworks are illegal within the City of Des Moines”
  1. Irma O. says:

    I would like to know if it is legal to pop fireworks in Des Moines, WA area?¿

  2. Ann Gibbs says:

    Well very very disappointed at how few of my neighbors adhered to this ordinance last night in 8th ave south area of north hill, particularly at 204th and 7th ave. As far as I know no damage to anyones property resulted, but it could have as illistrated by komo 4 news. I feel like, putting a picket sign in all the offenders yards “the rules dont apply to this guy, he’s special, the rest of us are not. He is not a neighbor whos got your back, he only cares about himself” but I highly doubt they would even notice or care, people like that don’t feel remorse or regret nor empathy, this selfish me me me attitude is whats wrong with the world today. In my day we spent time taking photos of people,places and thing,nowadays all people want to do is take pictures of themselves, think about it……am I right? See-selfish!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am right there with you. It sounded like a war zone around me. The sudden bangs were scaring my 80 year old mother so much, I almost had to call an ambulance. My son is autistic and was hiding in a closet. ..4 hours straight with the firework in my neighborhood. ..4! I live between Marine View and 16th off Woodmont. I have two service dogs too that faired well because of their training but only the first two hours of it. Sad. Did No one Think of those with disabilities suffering as an expense of their “fun”. Did no one think of our veterans who might have reacted to that sound? Did none of you think about the fire hazards? I am appalled.

  3. Sue C says:

    My family always gathers at my mom’s condo which is above the Des moines Marina for the 4th of July fireworks. This year’s was terrible and sucked. They seemed to have problems from the start, was very boring and no grand finale. Maury’s Island had a much better show, great fireworks. People started to leave the marina before the show started. Our guests were bored of the show and they came from Bellevue and Redmond which is embarrassing. Who ever you hired for this show should be fired!!! All the neibors in the condo have been saying what a terrible show. Next year please do some research on the company before you hire them for the show. A 4th of July dissapointment! FYI people were lighting fireworks all over the place last night.

    • Jill A says:

      Destination Des Moines has been using the same company for fireworks for several years. The issues did not have to do with the company, it was due to many problems that happened throughout the day, including I-5 being closed for over 2 1/2 hours delaying the arrival of the crew and fireworks.

    • Joe J says:

      Maybe you should ask for your money back.

  4. RobK says:

    Ya, this year’s fireworks display was the worst I ever seen anywhere.

    That’s too bad that the crew go there late. Was that the reason there was no finale?

  5. Ann Gibbs says:

    So despite some serious obstacles the show went on but at a lesser caliber is what I’m gathering from Jills comment, make sense, there would have been a lot of disappointed people if the show had to be cancelled altogether, maybe if I’d attended the show then I wouldn’t have been home getting annoyed by the folks that didn’t adhere to the ban, but I too have a dog that gats anxious from all the loud fireworks so I needed to keep her company. We used Doctor Peyton for our sons orthodontia, he was one of the sponsors, we really love him, we made sure to thank him for his support, we are lucky to
    have our donors!!!

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