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An open letter to our elected leaders and officials of The City of Des Moines:

The citizens who live and call the City of Des Moines ‘home’ are faced with the biggest battle that they have ever seen. This battle could change the face of our community forever and affect each and everyone of us in the tri-city area of Kent, Federal Way and Des Moines.

The Woodmont Recovery Center is at the heart of the conflict and has heated up the community to a boiling point beyond patience and trust of our civic leaders. Over 250 angry, involved and scared families attended a community meeting on August 18th. People stood up and told Mayor Dave Kaplan and CEO Ken Taylor (of Valley Cities), that this facility is not welcome in our community. Now our city leaders admit to us that “They Screwed Up”. Not only did they screw up, they betrayed each and every one of us. They put their own agenda before the safety of citizens, children and families.

Our city leaders got us into this mess, and now they have to get us out of it. To address the city councilman and city officials who chose not to attend our community meeting… I can safely say there are a lot of people in this community fighting this battle who do not think much of your leadership and the direction you are taking our city.

As for the independent third party examiner, Theodore Hunter, that our city hired to hold the public meeting and approve this facility…Shame on you. The gravity and magnitude of this decision should be career ending. Blatantly disregarding the existence of an elementary school while placing a drug, alcohol, psychiatric and methadone clinic within 674 feet of it is not only a question in moral judgement but also worth evaluating the decision making process. The City of Des Moines is nearly insolvent and bankrupt. Combine that with a reduced police force (four officers at any given time) and a local government with agenda’s other than the safety and protection of families, and we will be looking at a war zone in the Woodmont area. The jurisdictional lines are clouded at this intersection with Federal Way to the south and Kent to the east. Who will be taking responsibility for responding to the increased crime in this area? Did you consider and negotiate that with our neighboring cities?

To City Manager, Tony Piasecki. You are so out of touch with the citizens of Des Moines. At the last city council meeting, you felt threatened by one of our citizens, so you requested an officer to be in attendance. This man took time out of his day to attend a city council meeting with his young son. You recognized him from the community meeting held at Woodmont Elementary School. He was vocal about his fears, passionate about his anger and demanded answers from the panel. He spoke for 99% of the people in the gymnasium that night. Instead of listening to his message and respecting his opinion, you reacted in fear and sought protection. Everyone in the Woodmont community is asking for you to listen, respect our opinions, react to OUR fears and PROVIDE protection. The thing is, you get protection by flagging down an officer. We aren’t so privileged. Our safety and welfare will be dependent on the negotiations of a ‘Good Neighbor Agreement’ by the Des Moines City Council and Valley Cities…both parties who have shown no regard for our best interests but expect us to trust them.

Our city leaders continue to show zero transparency with this facility. Further proof of this can be found in our Fall 2015 City Currents newsletter. Did you read the full story? It’s not mentioned on the cover or in the ‘What’s Inside Index’. If you can’t find it, it’s because it’s not there. It is conveniently hidden in a single sentence on page six. Read it and see if you feel fully informed. The bottom line is that we cannot give this project the support it needs. If our leaders won’t make our children and community come first, then the citizens will!

– John Castronover

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11 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘We Screwed Up!’”
  1. RedondoRick says:

    John, You hit it right on the head. The path that our city (government) council has taken us, will be forever remembered as a travesty to all who live here. Your warm and thoughtful comments are in the hearts of all citizens of Des Moines. I thank you…Rr

  2. BirchCreek says:

    Seems to me the City Manager should go. Mayor, what do you think? It is ubsurd that he should request police protection during a public meeting as noted above. Really? Is this guy really that messed up and paranoid? Seems to me his judgement is in question and maybe he should have a job review.
    I think we all should remember that the City Council governs by the will of the people and that the hired employees of the city, are just that, hired empolyees of the people of Des Moines. If I don’t do my job well, I am fired. How about the City Manager?

    • RedondoRick says:

      They all need to go, their all followers. We need leadership that will look out for Des Moines. Not take it down like the Titanic!! …Rr

  3. RedondoRick says:

    To whoever runs the Des Moines Blog. Please be impartial with all comments given by the citizens of Des Moines. As long as there not in bad taste, let our city vent their frustrations out on such a outrages act among our leaders (city government ). This Rehab facility, will ever change the lively hood of this city, thank you. Rr

  4. AB in DM says:

    2015 Des Moines City Council Vision and Mission Statement:

    An INVITING, LIVEABLE, SAFE waterfront community, embracing change for the future while preserving our past.

    We PROTECT, PRESERVE, promote and IMPROVE the community by PROVIDING LEADERSHIP AND SERVICES reflecting the pride and VALUES of Des Moines citizens” (Emphasis added)

    Citation Here: http://www.desmoineswa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2129

    Now that you know what you know about the skyrocketing crime, plummeting # of police and the issue at hand, vis-a-vis this City Council, particularly Mayor Kaplan, X-Mayor Sheckler, and City Manager Piasecki (all the longest serving officials who have overseen the utter downfall of Des Moines), ask yourself this question-

    “Has the City Council fulfilled their mission and vision statement, or is it only lip service?”

    Hold them accountable for their failures.

  5. New Guy Jim says:

    Remember at the start of the school meeting when we were proudly told this was all made possible by grants from King County & the State of Washington.

    I’m pretty sure there is a bank involved somewhere in the funding of all of this. I wonder what there Public Relations department would have to say knowing this is going on so close to a school?

    What do you think about asking our state & county leaders to pull or delay the funding of this “little project”? We have all watched them stop funding on other things. So we know it can be done

    The city is now like our kids when they were younger and they “screw up” – sometimes we have to help them fix it.. Unfortunately this one is not an easy one to fix.

    Thanks for reading my comment

  6. Salty's Dog says:

    I recommend a recall of Mayor Kaplan immediately. Hire an attorney to fight this rehab center in court. Get a protest sign and lets get this out to the street level. 4 police officers! REALLY!

    • RedondoRick says:

      Salty’s Dog, That would be normal to just skim the cream off the top. Unfortunately it goes deeper than that. City Manager should go to, along with some council members. Clean the house. They all have taken us deep into the depp’s that this city has never seen in it’s history. How much more can we take of a city council that’s spiraling out of control. The lies, the deceit’s. Now the latest, the Woodmont Rehab Clinic. This will bring in the lowest of lows into our community. Why all of a sudden, is Des Moines being the dumping grounds for mental health. Don’t we already have enough of these facility’s? Des Moines, ‘Sails With Pride”. They’ve taken the pride out of the sails, it’s time for Mutiny on Des Moines…Rr

  7. AB in DM says:

    “Sails with Pride” by decree; “Fails with Pride” by default.

    So tone-deaf is the City Council (including City Manager Piasecki) with regards to city crime and decay, that they didn’t realize the effect this methadone clinic would have on its citizens. No doubt they were just happy to get some “one-time monies” from its development and did not see the big picture.

    Thanks Mayor Kaplan and X-mayor Sheckler for your outstanding service to the community. Y’all should start your own “Legacy Foundation.”

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