The Marine View Driver: What Makes You Happy?

In which the author pitches a sure fire way to buy a car.

By Mike Smith

I work in downtown Bellevue. At least, that is where I report for work. Most of you know that I am a part time bus driver for Metro. So I go to Bellevue to pick up my bus for my daily route assignment.

I also often get to work by way of the bus. One of the cool little perks of driving the bus is that I get to ride any form of transit for free. My routine consists of riding the 560 or 566 Sound Transit to the Bellevue transit center. I then walk the 1.8 miles to the bus base on 124th Avenue Northeast and Northrup Way.

If that little bit of fascinating preamble hasn’t hooked you yet I imagine there isn’t much more I can do for you. Except to tell you about this….

If you are ever lost in King County, it might be helpful to know that streets that go north and south are labelled Avenues and east to west roads are labeled streets (usually). And the grid designations, i.e. NE, SE, etc., are listed after the name on avenues. For example, 124th Ave. NE. Conversely NE 124th Street would be an east to west road.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Bellevue is home to quite a few young professionBentley by cool wallpapers (1)als or software geeks or whomevers that work in the high tech field that is so overwhelmingly represented in Bellevue.  On my little walk I pass by Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft, Expedia, Oracle, Google, Amazon, HTC, T-Mobile and various other web-based, tech or tech support companies. Many of them also ride my bus to other various locations around Lake Washington where these aforementioned companies also reside. Those who work at these companies are usually fairly young, from what I can tell. Younger than me. Not hard to do, so let’s move on.

Apparently these jobs pay pretty well. There is a high ratio of expensive sport cars and other exotics driving around Bellevue and its environs. A word of caution for you foot-movers. 124th Avenue NE  between Bel-Red road and Northrup way is a straight line. And it’s about a half a mile long. You can imagine what a straight line looks like to a young dreamer in a Lamborghini. Our word for the day today is: dragstrip. Can you say dragstrip?

There are dealerships a-plenty of course. But on any given day I see Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Maseratis, and other amazing cars speeding up and down the very road I am walking on.  It’s quite a ARGsight. I even see a Bugatti on occasion. Sometimes they appear to be driving in formation there are so many. I enjoy the sights and sounds of these exotic cars as they go by. They must be difficult to drive…

To wit, the next major intersection if you turn eastbound on Northrup Way is 130th Avenue Northeast;  I have counted no less than five auto body or repair shops on this little stretch of road. I also counted one day 17 high-end exotic cars with front ends bashed in, or missing. Axles lying next to the body of a Lamborghini and various other serious injuries to these already astronomically expensive cars. Can you imagine the cost of the repairs? Can you imagine the impact to one’s insurance payments? Can you imagine the heartbreak of totaling-out the car of everyone’s dreams, including your own?crash exotics

I can’t. My 1993 Buick got wrecked and that was enough trauma for me. I can only dream of driving a car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, even though I got to ride in a Ferrari back in high school. It must be exhilarating and inspiring. I think it causes a heavier than normal foot.  It seems like they cannot be driven slowly. I always observe them tailgating some unsuspecting Subaru owner. I’m guessing they are not made to go 25 mph with a stop light at every block. That seems like a frustrating proposition.

I think I’ll wait till I move to the country before I try one of the exotics out. I like the way my friend Greg buys cars. I asked him once why he bought his Jeep. He said he needed a car so he sat by the side of the road one day and waited for someone to drive by that looked like they were having fun. That happy person was driving a Jeep. Greg went and bought one for himself. Seems very sensible. Who cares what your friends or neighbors or competitors think. Have fun. Buy what makes you happy. Like Greg did…

I saw this yesterday.Wiener

It made me happy… Hmm. What do you think?


One Response to “The Marine View Driver: What Makes You Happy?”
  1. Alex says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. You sound very genuine and real. I appreciate how you made your observations about fairly mundane things still interesting and engaging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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