Des Moines Police Department rolls out brand new black-and-white vehicles

The Des Moines Police Department announced Tuesday (Sept. 15) that it is introducing a brand new look with traditional black and white patrol vehicles – like this shiny new 2016 Ford Explorer:

New Car

“The Ford Crown Victoria is no longer being manufactured for police use, so the department looked to other vehicle options, and selected the Ford Explorer,” police said in a statement. “The new colors follow a nationwide trend to go back to a black-and-white color design.”

The makeover will be phased into patrol in late September, with the replacement of the department’s 2008 patrol vehicles.

The conversion for the entire fleet may take several years, as some of the vehicles with the original blue will still be seen in circulation, police added.

No details were released on the cost for the new look.


7 Responses to “Des Moines Police Department rolls out brand new black-and-white vehicles”
  1. Amanda says:

    So, Des Moines wants to cut parks & recreation which sustains itself. but the new SUV is in the budget? Cops never show up when you call then in Des Moines but yet new cars for all.
    The town of Des Moines is going down extremely quickly. But I guess they need new cars since they will be patrolling the new Methadone Clinic. Go Des Moines

  2. BirchCreek says:

    I hope the vehicles serve our police officers well. I’ve had them respond quickley to calls I’ve made in the past and appreciate their service. They have a “damed if they do and damed if they don’t” kind of job and I appreciate what they do for our city.

  3. Todd says:

    No details were released on the cost for the new look!!!
    WHY !
    This is a pay off by the STATE for locating the Woodmont Recovery Center in Des Moines. The City is broke and cannot afford to buy these new black-and-white vehicles.
    Thank you Tony Piasecki our City Manager for 13 years of running us bankrupt.
    WOW !
    We get new cop cars but where did the $$$ come from – NO DETAILS!
    When is City council going to fire Tony Piasecki – MY GOD! Tony has had over 13 years to run us into ground. Tell your council member Tony has got to go!!!

  4. AB in DM says:

    We want crime REDUCTION in DM, not a new trendy color-scheme on our cruisers. Since when does the color of our police vehicles equate to actually reducing crime? So, pathetic.

    Yet another example of “fails with pride” (not “sails with pride”).

  5. maggie says:

    The mayor and the city manager says Des Moines is broke and is near bankrupcy! How do you buy new cars when you are in that situation?

    • Kristy says:

      They receive grants for this type of thing. The vehicles were much needed and very overdue. They have been piecing together equipment for these cars for years.

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