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South King Fire and Rescue provides fascinating presentations free of charge


Are you a member of a community organization or block watch? Have a scout group or business networking group which you would like to educate? 

Did you know that informative, entertaining and lifesaving presentations are available to your group free of charge? Our very own South King Fire and Rescue team are extending an open invitation to community groups who would like to learn about a whole host of valuable topics including disaster preparedness,safety and more.

South King Fire & Rescue was created when the Des Moines Fire Department and the Federal Way Fire Departments combined their resources in 2009. Some changes were easy to see, like the Des Moines station being renamed “Station 67” and the uniform patches. Other differences were actually more significant but less obvious from the outside. Such as, the number of firefighters in the Des Moines station increasing from a minimum of 4 firefighters to 5, assuring that there is always an engine and aid car available 24 hours a day every day.

According to Community Affairs Officer, Captain Jeff Bellinghausen:

“We would like an opportunity to update you on all that the fire department is doing in the community and answer any question you might have like ‘Why do you sometimes respond to medical calls with a fire engine?’ Or ‘What happens if both the aid car and fire engine are on calls and I need help?’

If your group would like to hear about disaster preparation or learn ‘hands only CPR’ we can do that at your next meeting.

We can even discuss the details of our upcoming bond measure and answer all your questions.

All we need is an invitation.”

It’s as easy as that! Just make a quick phone call, or tap out an email and make your next meeting a breeze. Your local heroes are ready to help!


PHONE: (253) 946-7347

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB: www.Southkingfire.org


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9 Responses to “South King Fire and Rescue provides fascinating presentations free of charge”
  1. AB in DM says:

    I’d be interested in a presentation from the FD on why they ONLY endorse Democrats, and ALWAYS have their hands out for more money, while our beleaguered Police Department stays quiet and gets zilch. Where do I sign up for that brief?

    • RH says:

      FD’s cannot officially endorse candidates (only citizens). Are you referring to fire commissioner races? If so, those are nonpartisan races. Also if you research members of SKFR, you’ll find candidates from both political are endorsed.

      Funding of the 2 agencies is completely different. PD is managed by their respective cities while FD is a fire district that is not managed by either city they serve. If you think PD hasn’t requested more funding, you’re sadly mistaken…

      “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts”…

  2. AB in DM says:

    So much for all of those political signs that say “Endorsed by your firefighters,” huh RH? Historically, those FD endorsements have been primarily (D)’s, probably due to their affinity to public-sector unions.

    Because the FD is normally seen as “the universal good guys” (and the police are not seen in the same light unfortunately), every time there is a “Proposition 1,” where the FD has their hands out for more $, they get it unquestioningly. Meanwhile, the DMPD is 20+ officers short-staffed with a run-away crime problem and can’t catch a break. Then again, the DMPD doesn’t have the propaganda machine the FD does, with its newsletters, boot drives and cross-fit junkies selling calendars of themselves in various stages of undress…

    Nothing against the FD, its just that we are WAY out of balance here in DM regarding our PD and FD; a muscular FD and an anemic DMPD. That, and our FD is FAR too political in comparison to our PD.

  3. RH says:

    Endorsement signs are firefighter endorsements, not FD endorsements. Check with local firefighter unions and you will find that candidates from both political parties are endorsed. You can also check with Washington State Firefighter organization (WSCFF) and find that candidates from both political parties are supported statewide. Firefighters support those that support their interest in public safety. Would it surprise you that candidates on both sides of the isle oppose such interests? Hope not, because it happens…

    I can’t speak to why people may not view PD in the same light as FD. Personally, I hold police officers in very high regard. I have worked with DMPD very closely over the years and respect the work that they do a great deal.

    When anything is needed (eg. tools, equipment, vehicles, personnel, etc), it is not obtained without a lobbying effort because quite frankly people need to be aware of the need. Sadly many do not fully understand funding mechanisms, limits, state statute that determines order of funding for FD, PD, Schools, etc. Not sure what you’re referring to when you say that FD gets what they want without question but it’s certainly not the case.

    The boot drive and firefighter calendars benefit charitable organizations. ALL boot drive dollars goes to MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and ALL dollars from the firefighter calendar (which no longer exists in our state) went to WA State Firefighters Burn Foundation. SKFR Firefighters also conduct a firefighter coats for kids project (Operation Warm) that will be done in a DM school this fall. These are all ways that firefighters spend their own time and money to give back to their communities and you speak of it as it’s a bad thing.

    Cross fit junky? Again, you use the work “junky” to imply that it’s a bad thing. Many across the country have embraced a healthy life style that includes a form of exercise. Cross fit is just that and I support firefighters, police officers, teachers, and any one else that makes it a goal to stay healthy and fit.

    It’s difficult to compare DMPD and SKFR. DMPD covers the city of DM while SKFR covers a very large portion of South King County, including the cities of DM, FW and unincorporated areas. SKFR is politically active and I appreciate their hard work educating citizens. Perhaps you could contact DM police guild and see what you can do to help them.

    • AB in DM says:

      Mr. Firefighter propagandist quote:
      “Endorsement signs are firefighter endorsements, not FD endorsements.”

      This is a distinction without a difference. They are one in the same.

      Indeed, “our local firefighters” (as hunky as they may be) have knee-jerk-endorsed local candidates in the recent past without a SHRED of “public-safety” chops. So, your statement is factually false RH.

  4. mikey says:

    “our local firefighters” (as hunky as they may be) have knee-jerk-endorsed local candidates in the recent past without a SHRED of “public-safety”

    source please. Or are you throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

    • AB in DM says:

      Hmmmm, lets see….

      Scroll to the top of this very page, top right. Who is that pictured in the Char Shultz (D-insurance agent)-donated political advertisement? And what does it say on the bottom line? Yep, that’s right “Endorsed by…your Firefighters.”

      Tell me Mike, prior to her appointment on the DM City Council, what exactly did Bangs do to improve public safety here? That’s right, nothing. As delightful as this Kooky Kaplan Klan appointee is, she was ONLY endorsed by the firefighters because…. she is a (D). And this is just the latest example of how radically-skewed “our firefighters” political endorsements are towards (Ds). Clearly, Firefighters DON’T only “support those that support their interest in public safety.” Unless of course, “public safety” also means “union support” in their argot.

      Another quick and easy example is this: http://www.rogerflygareskfr.com/#!endorsements/c129n
      Now, I have nothing against this guy, but please point out a registered (R) on his list of firefighter endorsements.

      Frankly, I would prefer “our firefighters” stick to their job, and stay the heck out of politics. With silly endorsements like these, you look like the Norwegian Nobel Committee handing out the Peace Prize to a certain US president before taking office. Embarrassing.

      • mikey says:

        So you have been in the room and have been privy to the interview of the candidates by the firefighters? I think not. All you have are assumptions. Both positions are non-partisan.

        “she was ONLY endorsed by the firefighters because…. she is a (D)” Wrong!

        So far all you have posted is your opinion without any substance. Firefighters both locally and nationally endorse candidates on both sides of the aisle.

        Keep digging that hole. It’s getting deeper.

  5. AB in DM says:

    LOL Firefighter Mikey, I give two recent/current examples of local FF political bias and you say it lacks substance?

    So blinded are we to a countervailing idea of “our Firefighters” that you fail to see the prima facie evidence? Sad.

    Frankly folks, we don’t have a fire problem in this city, we have a CRIME problem. The crime statistics totally bear this our. Eschew the pre-election charm offensive by our overly-political fire department, and support measures that will reduce crime instead. There should be no such thing as a Democrat or a Republican fire department!

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