Four Mt. Rainier High School students accused of raping two 15-year old girls

Four Mt. Rainier High School students have been accused of raping two 15-year-old girls while on an overnight school trip, according to documents released by the King County Prosecutor’s office, as well as KIRO and KCPQ.

The prosecutor’s office is accusing the suspected teens – two of whom are 17, the other two 18 – of rape in the third degree.

Reports are that the incident occurred after the suspects invited the underage girls to an after-hours party during a conference at a Seattle hotel in October.

Claims are that the suspects provided the girls alcohol before they took turns raping them.

The report says the girls were given shots of alcohol. One of the victims told police she felt “totally out of it” after the drink, and when she walked around she could not keep herself up, according to KIRO.

Police say that both of the girls had rape kit tests done the next day.

The 18-year-old suspects were named as Keegan Tarabochia, who also uses the last name Piper, and Donnie Moore. Both are charged as adults. They also face charges of supplying liquor to minors.

“The safety of our students is our highest priority,” said Catherine Carbone-Rogers, Chief Communications Officer for Highline Public Schools. “From the time we learned of these allegations, we have taken appropriate actions to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.”

Carbone-Rogers added:

“When we were informed of the allegations by Seattle authorities, we proceeded in coordination with the Seattle Police Department. Because this is an open investigation, and to protect the privacy of all students, we cannot share details about this case.”

Highline Public Schools later issued the following clarification about this incident:

It was reported in error by one news source that Highline Public Schools does not require bed checks on overnight field trips. This is not accurate. Please see chaperone guidelines below:

Overnight Trips:

  • All student and chaperone room keys will be distributed by the designated leader. Chaperones will be responsible to get the keys (both their own and their groups’) from the designated leaders.
  • On arrival at the hotel, review the expectation with all students. Those expectations should include:
  • Expectation of quiet and respectful behavior. The hotel is shared with other guests and we are representing our respective schools and Highline School District.
  • Designated time for “lights out” and designated “wake-up” time along with schedule of mealtimes and check out times as appropriate.
  • Physically check attendance (use written room assignment check list) and assure each student is in their assigned room.
  • Expectation of random “room checks” throughout the night. Male chaperones will do room checks on rooms with male students and female chaperones will do room checks on female students.
  • There will be no co-ed time in any hotel room at any time of the day or night, under any conditions, without exception. NO STUDENT OTHER THAN THOSE ASSIGNED MAY BE IN A ROOM.
  • Discuss the condition of the hotel room on arrival with students, and the expectation the condition will be the same at check out.



4 Responses to “Four Mt. Rainier High School students accused of raping two 15-year old girls”
  1. Laurie says:

    Sooooo, where were the chaperones? This didn’t happen in 10 seconds. Very disturbing, and disappointing.

    • Fed up says:

      What kills me about your statement is that you immediately ask where the chaperones were? Yes, that is an issue. But, the biggest issue here is that these boys felt it was ok to force themselves on women. Even if chaperones would have prevented it from happening at this time, those boys would have done it to other women in the future since they didn’t see any issue with it to begin with.

      • Charles Wilkes says:

        What kills me about YOUR statement is that you (like most people) wish to live in the problem and not the solution…………

      • Jimmy says:

        Interesting how some think these girls are completely innocent. When they went and basically brag to their friends at school about what they did before any parents or teachers found out. These girls may have told their parents they were rape. But do you think they would tell there parents oh no we had open sex with 4 guys and got drunk mom and dad.We had a great time. Now also you have to look at things like how the deca program and asb clubs are the ones that buy the uniforms for the sports team and cheerleaders you know the skimpy skirts for 15,16 and 17 year old girls. That are know to jump around a lot. So every little teenage boy see these girls underwear every view seconds. Also a few years back the tyee female softball team had their warm up pants with the advertisement for there team across there butt. Who approves this stuff when ordering these uniform’s.

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