Rollover accident on Redondo Beach Drive sends one to hospital early Friday

A single-car rollover accident in the 18400 block of Redondo Beach Drive sent one to the hospital early Friday morning, March 18.

There were minor injuries, and driver inattention was the cause, according to Jeff Bellinghausen of South King Fire & Rescue.


5 Responses to “Rollover accident on Redondo Beach Drive sends one to hospital early Friday”
  1. Dennis Wallick says:

    Having lived on the boardwalk for the last 10 yrs, I’m not surprised at all….speeds and near misses are a weekly, if not daily issue. We have zero policing, unless you count the speed trap coming down the hill on 10th age S. Lately not even this street has been speed enforced……with the boardwalk closed and the sidewalk next to the street heavily used in its place, just a matter of time b4 someone is seriously hurt or injured. Those of you who walk this know what I speak of…

  2. RC says:

    I’m sure we can call up the PD and having their traffic unit come down…oh wait that was eliminated years ago due to budget. Well maybe their patrol officers can help, oh wait – I was told 3 of the 4 patrol squads are at their minimum staffing or less at all times due to injuries. Pity the PD won’t be staffed anytime soon to deal with this problem. Maybe when it disolves King County Sheriff will help? Hahaha, I crack myself up.

    • John Riley says:

      Without sufficient Tax revenue, it is hard to have a fully staffed police force. You need to vote yes when these items come up on the ballet.

  3. Des Moines Homeowner says:

    How do you turn a car over on a road where the speed limit is 25 MPH? This isn’t a police issue. It is an example of an ignorant person who decided to not pay attention to the road or break the law by speeding. You cannot have an officer on every road at all times.

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