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URGENT: Volunteers needed for Rotary Club Blood Drive on Friday, July 22

*URGENT: As you may have heard, Bloodworks Northwest [1] recently issued a “code-red” appeal for blood donors after inventories for some blood types fell alarmingly – to just a 1-day supply.

The Rotary Club of Des Moines/Normandy Park, WA [2] is conducting its annual Blood Drive on Friday July 22 and they need 25 donors.

Will you help?

If so, click below to reserve a time:

https://www.psbc.org/programs/drive.asp?URL=4075 [3]

WHAT: BLOOD DRIVE by Rotary Club of Des Moines and Normandy Park

WHERE: The bloodmobile will be parked at:

Des Moines City Hall
Front Parking Lot
21630 11th Ave South
July 22nd

INFO: Our hope is to get 25 people to give selflessly of their time and blood.

Free cookies, juice and chips!

After any Holiday we see an inventory dip for several reasons.

People are busy and don’t donate as regularly planned as well as an increase in accidents needing blood products.
You are able to help out by giving your blood and increase the low supply.

We need to ask for additional help with this blood drive in order to start rebuilding the blood supply for the local hospitals.

Click here to sign up! [3]

16 years and older can give.

“We need you!”

Here’s more from Bloodworks Northwest:

Bloodworks Northwest issued a “code-red” appeal for donors last week after inventories for some blood types fell alarmingly — to just a one-day supply. Normal operating inventory is a four day supply.

Some of our shelves are empty (media invited to Renton to tape). Blood donations this summer are down by about 25%. Summer is always a challenging time for blood collection. We expect donations to fall by about 15% during summer — with schools and colleges on break, and donors on vacation. This year the drop off has been much higher.

The situation in the Northwest is part of a nationwide blood shortage. In normal circumstances we can ask for (and receive) help from centers in other regions who might have extra inventory. That’s not possible this year – everyone is struggling to maintain inventory.

Responding to emergencies requires blood that is already collected, tested, on the shelves and ready for immediate use. With the supply of red cells is at alarming levels, it would be impossible to respond to an unforeseeable emergency. The result could be cancelled or delayed surgeries. Only a four-day inventory allows us to respond immediately to emergencies, or to a dramatic increase in needs from local patients.

Daily collections this summer are averaging less than 700. But it takes about 900 donors a day to maintain a sufficient blood supply for the 90 hospitals served by Bloodworks. The need for blood is continuous through the summer to support the normal needs of the regional healthcare system. Patients continue to undergo surgeries and organ transplants. ERs treat traumatic injuries and people receive blood components for cancer treatment.

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