Pokémon Go signs posted at Marina; Facebook page & letter sent out to players

As many of Readers know, the Pokémon Go game craze continues in Des Moines, especially around the Marina and Beach Park.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of “Trainers” (aka Players) continue to show up and wander around the area, playing the game while walking and looking mostly at their smartphones.

As we first reported last week, this revolutionary new game has created a concern amongst residents, who have complained about after-hours players abusing public spaces with unwanted noise, litter, alcohol, drug use and more – often going into the wee hours of the morning while searching for virtual critters.

This week, the City responded by creating a Pokémon Go Facebook page with updates on the situation:


And on Tuesday (Aug. 30), the City and Marina released the following statement from Harbormaster Joe Dusenberry, with a message related to new signage that will be posted in the area:


Good Afternoon Pokémon Go Community

This last Saturday the City put up signs in the Marina asking people to conclude their gaming by 10:00 PM. The response has been very positive and the City appreciates the efforts of the Pokémon Community to minimize the game’s impacts on our Marina tenants and neighbors. We will continue to keep the Community informed about issues in the Marina by posting updates on this Facebook page.

As we stated in an earlier post on this page, the City considers providing safe access to the waterfront one of its primary functions. The Marina hosts many special events during the year and the staff knows how to manage the impacts that large crowds can have. The issue with Pokémon Go is that unlike a regular “special event” that is scheduled for a certain day and time period, the Game takes place every day with no set stopping time. This difference makes maintaining a safe and secure venue for all the visitors to the Marina and Beach Park very difficult and it is stretching the capabilities of our Police Department and public safety staff, which in turn, causes negative impacts in the rest of our City.

It is imperative that the Pokémon Go Community continues to observe the 10 PM closure of gaming activities. Also, it is very important that people do not play the game while driving thru the Marina and Beach Park, This is essentially the same as texting while driving which we all know is very dangerous. This will be a point of emphasis by our Police officers.

On a personal note, I am struck by the large numbers of people, diverse in every way, that come here to enjoy playing the game and interacting with other people in very respectful and positive ways. In my many, (too many) years of working in waterfront facilities I have never seen anything like this. Please be safe and watch out for each other.

The Harbormaster

Also, if you haven’t taken it yet, please cast your vote in our Poll below:

Should the City of Des Moines stop Pokémon Go from being played at its marina/parks?

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16 Responses to “Pokémon Go signs posted at Marina; Facebook page & letter sent out to players”
  1. BirchCreek says:

    Are the Police issuing tickets for after hours parking in the marina?

    • RC says:

      Do we really want our understaffed police department to be wasting their time with parking tickets in the Marina? I’d rather have the 2-3 cops we have spending their time with other issues, forget this non-issue of an issue. Here’s an idea, put up an electronic gate at either entrance. If you try to leave after hours without scanning a Marina pass you have to pay a parking fee.

      • BirchCreek says:

        Well is our city is short on funds……

      • Ann E. says:

        Tow trucks hang out at the Marina after closing and could partner with the city and marina if people are in violation of being parked unlawfully after dark. I don’t know what our laws are here, but some places that’s the standard procedure. Not that I favor the impound of a player’s car but if it says no parking and CLOSED to vehicle traffic, it’s operator at their own risk. I also wonder why 911 or an officer would get dispatched to a non-moving/no danger issue. So with authority to tow, we now just saved the police funds manning the lot issuing tickets (and the much more needed patrol up on 99) to also creating more business for the tow trucks and increasing the city coffer.

  2. Alli Larkin says:

    This poll just shows how successful this global mind control experiment with Pokemon Go has been right here in our community. To do this they first addicted the masses to Smart Phones that work from the wireless technology. There is so much more to this story but most people are so caught up in the benefits from them, they do not want to hear the truth about the harm it is causing. Sure wish people would question more than they are being told and do their research about the wireless technology, Pokemon Go. and also about Wi-Fi in our Schools. It would benefit all of us and our children if we could start a meet up group where we could discuss these things. If you are interested in knowing more about this story I would like to hear from you. Otherwise, please do not reply.

  3. New Des Moines Resident says:

    As a new Des Moines resident, I am completely put off by the response to Pokemon Go players (ie) the general public. Our waterfront space should be accessible to all, people should be made to feel welcome, not intrusive. I may be new to Des Moines, but I am long time resident of the Central Puget Sound. All this does is make a joke out of our City. Instead of notoriety for how great the city is, how liveable, we are now known as the city of no-fun, full of old, weezy bags, who spoil the fun for everyone.

    Perhaps the city should prioritize its economic development and fixing how dead our downtown is. So many opportunities exist, but when we focus on trivial things like this, it takes attention away from where we should be putting it.

    • Previous DM resident says:

      Sadly, you won’t last long in DM with that attitude of inclusiveness. If they could build a wall around the city and put up no tresspassing signs, they would. It’s an entire city of NIMBYs. Good luck!

    • BirchCreek says:

      From what I’ve read, its not the game, it is the time of day disruption. No problem during the day, it’s the night time noise. NIMBY? Maybe so, don’t play it in my backyard at night. The Pokemon signs at the Marina ask people not to be there past 10pm when the Marina closes. it that a problem? Do you want people making noise in your back yard at night?

      • New Des Moines Resident says:

        @ Birch Creek

        Of course I don’t want people playing in my backyard, that’s why I live in a single family neighborhood and not in an urban area of the city near very public ammenities. I bet you have a problem with all of the public activities. don’t like it? move to lake tapps or bonney lake where it is much quieter and you don’t have all of these people around. you live in a multifamily bldg in one of the densest areas of the city for pete’s sake.

        • BirchCreek says:

          Hey “New Des Moines Resident”, assumptions, assumptions, assumptions…
          >You “bet I don’t like public activities”, I love them: I go to the Famer’s Market, Park Concerts, City meetings, walk “Downtown”, eat at local cafes, shop at Good Will, etc.
          >You’ve told me “you live in a multifamily bldg”. Really? Where in the world did you get that? I think it would cool to have the money to afford a condo on the water front, but I wouldn’t enjoy that. I own a single family home in Des Moines.
          >It seems your own world view is full of assumptions about people who have opinions different than your own. Yes a regular joe, who does not live in the condos, can think that the Marina should be quiet at night.
          >I have out of town guests who’ve gone down to the Marina daily for walks and always comment about the silliness of people who walk around with thier faces buried in thier phones instead of enjoying the beauty of this great place we live in.
          >I guess that foot you need to pull out of your Mouth doesn’t taste too good?

    • RC says:

      The Marina only closes to VEHICLES at 10pm, you can be in the Marina on foot as long as you want. So as long as they walk into the Marina there isn’t a damn thing the City can do unless they change something.

  4. John Riley says:

    I would like to see the time for closing eased on the weekends, Open till 11pm Friday and Saturday.

  5. Earl Gipson says:

    Just give time for people to adapt. This little game has only been out a little while and all engrossing for some of the players (for now). It will fade. Wish I had a drone when I was younger. Now that would have been fun. However, I live too close to the airport to even consider it. Always wondering where the next “thing” will come from. Robot landscapers?

    Pokeman players/cell phone addicts: look up now and then and don’t miss the beautiful vistas, nature, and/or the car that may not see you.

  6. Ralph says:

    Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine, if not you’ll be fined?

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