Des Moines Police investigating neighborhood dog shooting incident

By Jack Mayne

Des Moines Police are investigating the shooting of a woman’s dog in a city neighborhood last week, but no charges have been filed pending its outcome, said Interim City Manager Michael Matthias.

The dog is owned by Mica Purcell, who told the Des Moines City Council on Thursday evening that a 7th Ave neighbor shot her dog. Purcell she was hoping her appearance at the Council meeting would get some support from residents.



On her Facebook page last Wednesday Purcell wrote:

“My precious Roma was shot in the face Sunday night. I am not allowed to take her home per Des Moines Animal Control officer at this time. The man who shot her will not be charged with anything according to Des Moines Police Department.”

To the Council, she said, “my dog was shot (in the face) by my neighbor.”

“I think we should all be concerned that anyone pull out a gun and use it for any reason – I thought there was a law against … discharging a firearm in Des Moines and I know there is but apparently there are reasons that this can be permitted and I just don’t think that other than a human life being in danger I cannot see any reason that we should be able to use deadly force for anything.

“It is very scary for myself, its very scary for everyone who lives in my neighborhood that is not doing very great right now, we are all very uncomfortable with what has happened.

Resident Harry Steinmetz, an attorney, told the Council “discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood has implications that you simply cannot see.” He said a firearm gets discharged and then “the bullet gets pulled out of a kitchen cabinet” across the street.

“Discharging a firearm at an animal that is not threatening your life should not be allowed in the city of Des Moines. It is unsafe for the people of the city of Des Moines.”

Steinmetz said the city should look at whether the city ordinances cover the situation outlined by Purcell, and if the law does not cover the situation, changes should be made.

Sound Transit 3
Chelsea Levy, Sound Transit government and community relations officer, told the Council that the Sound Transit third bond issue request, termed ST3, was a major multi-billion dollar expansion of the currently under construction portion that will continue through Des Moines to the Federal Way transit center. Current expansion will end at Highline College.

The new issue would expand heavy rail tracks, add highway bus routes and add “116 miles throughout the region,” said Levy. The expansion would link Everett through Seattle and King County to downtown Tacoma and eastward to Issaquah.

SeaTac resident Joel Wachtel, during comment period, said the upcoming Sound Transit $54 billion dollar bond issue would take “at least” 25 years to pay off.

“You don’t get what you pay for with ST3,” he said, and added he was representing Smarter Transit, a group formed to oppose the issue. To put the issue into context, he told Des Moines Councilmembers their budget was only $18.8 million.

Wachtel said Sound Transit has admitted that the issue would not reduce traffic “which has been Sound Transit’s main selling point.” Further, the tax will be collected for as long as it takes to pay off the multi-billion dollar issue.

“ST3 is a forever tax without firm termination date,” he said.


2 Responses to “Des Moines Police investigating neighborhood dog shooting incident”
  1. RC says:

    Sooo, your dog was shot by a neighbor who will face no charges according to the PD? This would lead me to believe your dog was doing something a responsible owner shouldn’t allow…running loose? Chasing people? Chasing/attacking a pet or livestock? Being a general nuisance? I suspect there is a great deal more to this than being reported by you at the council meeting or on the blog here.

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    • BirchCreek says:

      I also was wondering what the back-story was. These types of reactions don’t seem to just happen spontaneously.

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