Chad Harper announces his campaign for Des Moines City Council

Citizen Activist Chad Harper (pictured above) announced his campaign Wednesday, March 1, to run for Des Moines City Council, Position #7.

Although he apparently hasn’t filed yet with the state Public Disclosure Commission, it appears that Harper will run against new candidate Matthew Mahoney:

Here’s more from a statement:

“I am excited to continue my public service in this great community,” Harper said. “We have work to do to ensure Des Moines city government runs smoothly and efficiently. I’m hoping my record of results in public service can help make that happen.”

Most recently, Harper led the effort to pass the construction bond for the Highline School District as the Chair of the Highline Citizens for Schools. As a commissioner for the Des Moines Human Services Commission, he worked to increase the number of non-profit programs that received support from the city while not raising additional taxes. He is also a Highline Schools Foundation Trustee.

Chad was raised by his grandmother in a low-income household and became the first person in his family to graduate from high school and college. He has a degree in Politics and Government from the University of Puget Sound. Chad is a former intern for Congressman Adam Smith, worked in King County Councilmember Julia Patterson’s office and currently works in legal administration at Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt.

“There are so many issues and challenges in Des Moines I’m ready to work on. We need to move forward on the redevelopment of the Marina, increase the number of police officers, and ensure all citizens have a voice in our city process,” added Harper.

Chad Harper has been endorsed by:

  • King County Executive Dow Constantine
  • King County Sheriff John Urquhart
  • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove
  • Rep. Tina Orwall
  • Rep. Mia Gregerson
  • Highline School Board President Bernie Dorsey
  • Highline School Board VP Joe Van
  • Highline School Board Member Angelica Alvarez
  • Fmr. King County Councilmember Julia Patterson
  • Renton City Councilmember Ryan McIrvin
  • Renton City Councilmember Ruth Perez
  • Burien City Councilmember Austin Bell
  • South King Fire and Rescue Commissioner James Fossos
  • Fmr. Des Moines City Council Member Susan White

Harper’s website is


18 Responses to “Chad Harper announces his campaign for Des Moines City Council”
  1. DMResident says:

    Mr. Harper,
    Because I know nothing about you maybe you could answer some of my questions and help me in making my future voting decisions. Can you please just provide a quick response to my questions below:

    Do you support sanctuary city status?
    Do you support organizations such as Black Lives Matter?
    Do you support the U.S. building a wall on the southern border?
    Do you support the rounding up of illegal immigrants and deporting them?
    Do you feel as though police typically overreact and use excessive force?
    Do you believe police discriminate against minority individuals?
    Do you support repealing the Affordable Care Act?
    Do you support expanding homeless shelters and programs?
    Do you support the City of Seattle and King County creating locations where individuals can use heroin under medical supervision?
    Do you support the continued expansion of light rail and other forms of mass transit?

    I’ll stop here for now but look forward to your response.
    Thank you

    • Titor says:

      Get real DMResident, half the questions you propose have nothing to do with the duties of our city council.

      I could give a flip if he wants a wall or not, our town has been under siege from petty theft and mail thieves and if he’s going to do something about it than I’m all for it.

      • DMResident says:

        You may not care about my questions because most aren’t at the local level but it will certainly tell me how he will come at local issues such as: police support, raising local taxes to support more local entitlement programs, support for code enforcement, support for development over non-existent concerns about the environment, etc. It concerns me when the first line of his introduction is “citizen activist” as that is the last thing we need on our council. We’ve been down that road in the past when we had very divergent opinions on the council and nothing got down for the good of the citizens. Everything was at a complete standstill. So these are the reasons I want to know this stuff. I also don’t want him inviting protestors to Highline College or other fanatical things in our community. Also, the last thing I want on our council is what Seattle has in Sawant.

    • Katherine says:

      Your questions are moronic and you’re clearly a bigot. Why don’t you pose these questions to the sitting Mayor Matt Pina?

  2. BirchCreek says:

    I kind-of don’t think you will get an answer.

  3. rrm923 says:

    I have more local questions that I hope you will answer:

    Do you favor repealing or scaling back the new Des Moines city taxes on all utility bills?

    Do you favor repealing or scaling back the $40 City of Des Moines fee for car tab renewals, second highest to only the city of Seattle’s?

    Do you favor allowing competition in the city for garbage pickup services instead of the one company that is forced upon all residents regardless of quality of services or prices?


  4. DMCitizen says:

    He’s married to Dave Upthegrove and he’s 24 years old. If you want to know his position on the issues, start with Upthegrove’s track record.

    • Katherine says:

      Why does it matter who’s husband he is? What are you some kind of gay basher? Or are you jealous that he has a man that loves him and you’re alone? It’s funny that the candidate that Chad Harper is running against has the same campaign donors as Matt Pina. I’m thinking there is a connection.

      • Pat Nardo says:

        01 Curtis Harmon $0.0
        01 Matinelli $1456 0 of 5
        01 Pina $10191 36 of 48 =75%
        03 Pennington $3908 13 of 16 = 81%
        Sub Total $15555
        Tracy Bunton $5357 22 of 33 =67%
        05 Mendoza $1765 8 of 13 = 61%
        05 Steinmetz $4783 22 of 45 = 49%
        Sub Total $11905
        07 Harper $13072 02 0f 98 =0.02% (2 donors out o 98 from DM residents)
        07 Mahoney $8523 45 of 71 = 63%
        Sub Total $21595
        TOTAL $449055
        The amounts and percentages above refer to the Donors of Des Moines

        • Pat Nardo says:

          TOTAL $449055 is my dumb typing mistake, The accrual number of contributions to our Des Moines Candidates is, so far, $49055. Not bad for a little town but it would be good to see more interest in all 9 candidates. Let’s have a contest here?
          With our population of around 30,000, there should be more Des Moines donors out there. Give all the candidates a good look and, most importantly, VOTE!

  5. Wanker says:

    I think him running has less to do with wanting to serve the city of Des Moines, and more to do with him wanting to jump start his political career.

    • Pat Nardo says:

      If you are really interested in getting good, clear, logical answers to questions pertinent to our City of Des Moines candidates for Position #07 specifically, then you should look to Matt Mahoney, Now, Matt Mahoney is receiving funds for his campaign 63% Des Moines Citizens. His fello candidate, Chad Harper is hugely supported by people who do not even live in Des Moines at 99% outside interests.

  6. D. Harper says:

    If you expect Mr. Harper to answer these questions, then I certainly hope that you expect the other candidates to answer them too.

  7. Ssmith says:

    I would suspect He would follow his party line ! The Democratic Party are trying to put progressive Activities on every level to push there agenda. If u disagree with him he can be very vocal with Hated to beware!

  8. Wendy Ghiora says:

    I would like to know what things you will do differently than our current city council. It is frustrating that there is no way to directly communicate with you, i.e. no phone or email contact that I can find.

  9. Pat Nardo says:

    Looking at our primary front runners for positions #01 Matt Pina and position #05, both candidates have in common that most of their funds are from citizens of Des Moines. Matt Pina’s has a 75% amount from citizens of Des Moines, while neither of Matt Pina’s fellow candidates have any visible amount from Des Moines. Our candidate for position #05, Traci Buxton has most funds contributed from Des Moines residents at 67%. Her closest competitor has 49%. Now, while both Matt Pina have the largest “war chest” for election, it is not the amount but rather the source that needs close attention. You may follow the fund-raising progress at this address by clicking Go to page 14 and see the “CITY OF DES MOINES” listing of 9 candidates.

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