Wednesday Sunset Farmers Market has been canceled for rest of 2017 season

The Des Moines Farmers Market board announced on Sunday (July 30) that it has made the hard decision to cancel the Wednesday Sunset Market for the rest of the 2017 season.

Unfortunately, sales and attendance continued to decline, and last Wednesday’s sales were no exception, the board said.

Under these conditions, the food vendors cannot make a profit.

The food trucks will likely go into the beach park during the Wednesday night concerts.

“We wish to thank all our loyal customers for supporting this venture for the last two years,” Wayne Corey told The Waterland Blog.


9 Responses to “Wednesday Sunset Farmers Market has been canceled for rest of 2017 season”
  1. Michelle says:

    and the next to go will be the saturday market.

    pina and those who supported the ridiculous paid parking system are to blame for this!

  2. Dave Kaplan says:

    Huh? It’s not about paid parking! It’s about the fact that farmers are unable to staff their booths mid-week, so they aren’t coming on Wednesday’s. It was the farmers who originally asked to start a Wednesday market three years ago. Parking has had some impact, but only on the location of the Wednesday market (I.e. where it normally is on Saturday’s). Blaming Matt Pina is nothing but a cheap shot.

    • Michelle says:

      the markets been going on for years. this year paid parking is implemented, and the market closes. not a coincidence!!

      the saturday market will be next. ive noticed a massive decline in attendence since paid parking started,.

      • Pat Nardo says:

        Paid parking is the last place I would evaluate the failing of the Wednesday Market. We only strolled by there twice and l left with disappointment at the absence of wares and snacks. While our paid parking has apparently reduced the flow of visitors, it has also increased the more peaceful serenity that truly should be associated with this public venue. Speeding autos, unruly drivers and also so many pokey men zombies to trip over. The pier is also less smelly with offal and clutter of a small number of poor sports who ruin it for the really good ones. Lastly to anyone who would even ascribe the failure of the market to our Mayor Matt Pina, is a moronic, view point that reveals a total lack of knowledge of what Matt Pina has contributed to our city in his short tenure, so far. My open invitation to one of our community dinners, where Mayor Pina may also be invited is yours for the mere asking, young lady.

        • Michelle says:

          i would love an invite. ive called and emailed pina numerous times regarding his opinion of various policies and he’s never once responded. would love a chance to ask him in person.

          and as someone who’s 76, i appreciate being called a young lady, even if you say it condescendingly

  3. That Guy says:

    My personal opinion is that while paid parking is not popular, and no one wants to pay more for something that used to be free, it’s probably the best option for raising money. The fact that non-residents contribute parking fees for their use, and Des Moines residents are not the only ones paying to maintain the marina is great.

    I had looked into going to the Wednesday market the past couple weeks, but after seeing the lineup of vendors, I was not interested. In fact, I went to the marina one of those Wednesdays, but skipped the market due to the lineup.

    I know the market is staffed by volunteers, and I appreciate what they do, but ultimately it was not paid parking that contributed to my lack of attendance. Also, mid-week for those who work Monday through Friday is difficult.

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    My Dear Young Lady, Michelle,
    I love this City of Des Moines and feel sad that you are not as happy here with the leadership which I strongly feel supportive of, and, as for the “young lady”, well I am heading to my 89th birthday now, so there! I will see about a dinner date with you, my wife, Marianne and Mayor Matt Pina at one of our monthly dinners. The next one will be in September. e-mail for [email protected],com. You mind will be definitely changed by this gentleman we honor with the title of Mayor, but even more the honor of his friendship. in the meantime, hold back on judgement until you know leadership first hand, please?

  5. Richard G says:

    I quit going when I had to pay to park. It was bad enough to have to walk a couple blocks but then to pay for the privilege… No thanks. wasn’t worth it.

    • Michelle says:

      this is what i’ve been hearing from everyone. but those who support paid parking can’t see to admit or understand that it IS what killed the wednesday market, and may very well kill the saturday market

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