It’ll be Pina vs. Martinelli, Harris vs. Pennington, Buxton vs. Steinmetz & Harper vs. Mahoney Nov. 7

On Tuesday (Aug. 15), King County Elections released its final, certified election results for the Aug. 1 Primary Election, so now we know who will face off for Des Moines City Council in the General Election.

The top two vote-getters – eight candidates in total – will face off for four open seats, with the voting deadline of Tuesday, Nov. 7.

City of Des Moines • Ballots Counted: 5,213 * Registered Voters: 17,416 • 29.93 %

Council Position No. 1:

  • Matt Pina*: 2,651 • 53.81 %
  • Anthony Martinelli: 1,195 • 24.25 %
  • Curtis Harmon: 1,056 • 21.43 %
  • Write-in: 25 • 0.51 %

Council Position No. 3 (not in Primary but in General):

  • JC Harris
  • Vic Pennington*

Council Position No. 5:

  • Traci Buxton: 1,962 • 39.81 %
  • Harry Steinmetz: 1,869 • 37.93 %
  • Patricio Mendoza: 1,078 • 21.88 %
  • Write-in: 19 • 0.39 %

Council Position No. 7 (not in Primary but in General):

  • Chad Harper
  • Matt Mahoney

* Indicates incumbent


16 Responses to “It’ll be Pina vs. Martinelli, Harris vs. Pennington, Buxton vs. Steinmetz & Harper vs. Mahoney Nov. 7”
  1. Michelle says:

    i say vote for martinelli!

    he’s endorsed by groups like the Seattle Police Officers Guild and King County Democrats, and individuals like former Des Moines council member susan white and Harvard professor emeritus dr. lester grinspoon!

    • Dave Kaplan says:

      Yes, it’s nice that Martinelli is endorsed by the Seattle Police Guild, while the DES MOINES Police Guild (the ones who actually provide police services locally) has endorsed Matt Pina. Matt Pina has also been endorsed by ALL of his fellow councilmembers … a testament to his service to the City of Des Moines, and his leadership.

      Also, if Mr. Martinelli had actually bothered to attend a City Council meeting (I’m not sure that he ever has), he’d have heard about potential partnerships with the Des Moines Pool District on possible facilities … including a community center … something that’s been under discussion in one form or another for about 5 years.

      • Hi Dave,

        I watch all of the council meetings from home – as a single father of two this works out best for me; I can even get my kids to pay attention sometimes (starting their civic engagement early)!

        As for a community center, I’m in full support of the idea to expand the Mt. Rainier Pool and move it to the current Des Moines Elementary location (as the school district said at the last council meeting, they’re vacating in 2019 anyway and are in support of such a move). However, I oppose the other discussed option of having it take over Steven J. Underwood Memorial Park, as I think it’s an important part of the community, especially for youth sports (I played soccer there as a kid, and my son plays baseball there now).

      • LionsDen says:

        under discussion for 5 years and nothings happened? a perfect example of how ineffective the current council is..

        • Dave Kaplan says:

          Lion, since it’s the Pool District that is pursuing a new facility, it’s been incumbent on them to figure out what they want to provide in the way of services. The City encouraged them to figure out what scope of services they want/need to provide (strategic planning), and they’ve done that. Also, it takes money to actually build something … whether the City or the Pool District … something neither has had much of until this year (see budget discussions for the past several years.) So, unless you’re personally going to write a big fat check to build a facility, it will take some time.

      • JC Harris says:

        I must partially agree with Mr. Martinelli… at least in the abstract.

        Since most meetings and packets are now available on-line (good), it isn’t always necessary to physically show up. I’m not discounting the value of attending, but the current format doesn’t allow for much interaction so you can’t fault people for not attending when they don’t see a need.

        But who can tell the difference, right?

        Ironically, bringing these meetings into the 21st century may have had a negative impact on democracy–it makes it that much harder for the council to get proper feedback on what the public thinks. I’m not sure how to address this, but I think it matters.

        I -do- know that there is an widening gulf between what people care about and their level of participation.

      • BirchCreek says:

        Seems many of Martinelli endorsements are from outside of our city. Personally I don’t want Des Moines to be a copy of Seattle…

        • Michelle says:

          theres nothing about his endorsements that scream seattle.


          Susan White, Fmr. DES MOINES City Councilmember

          Elizabeth Albertson, Fmr. KENT City Councilmember

          Stacia Jenkins, Fmr. NORMANDY PARK City Councilmember

          Zack Hudgins, 11TH DISTRICT State Representative

          Jim Moeller, Fmr. 49TH DISTRICT State Representative

          and of course the king county labor council which represents many groups and workers from Des Moines and the surrounding area.

        • Michelle says:

          you said you didnt want us to become seattle. most of his endorsements have nothing to do with seattle, yet now you’re complaining about kent and normandy park? lol

          and to ignore endorsements like the king county labor council which literally represents THOUSANDS of Des Moines workers is silly.

  2. Marty says:

    tough battle between harry and traci but traci has my vote.she has a history of success and seems like a genuinely nice person.

    between anthony and matt my vote goes to martinelli. pina has had his chance and martinelli supports great policies like making Marina parking free for residents, increasing police funding and taxing weed to bring in an extra $500,000 a year in tax revenue.

  3. LionsDen says:

    Agreed Martinelli is my choice for position 1. His vision of des Moines with more police, better workers rights and a revitalized downtown (how is he the only one taking about establishing a community center??) is one I can get behind.

    As for position 5 and 7… still undecided on both, though I do like a lot of what mr. Mahoney has to say.

    • Traci Buxton says:

      Hello, LionsDen!

      Thank you for being a citizen who is interested enough to read and comment about what is going on in our community!

      About a community center: There are many of us interested in establishing a community center and a few of us have actually attended citizen meetings in which we participated in feedback regarding site and design options. I know that Matt Mahoney and Matt Pina were both at such meetings with me. Very informative and fun!

      Most of the candidates on the ballot are avidly behind downtown/marina revitalization as well as increased Police presence on our streets – and I have been endorsed by our own Des Moines Police Guild.

      In addition, I believe that increased safety includes essential support of agencies and organizations that provide education and services to those who are coming out of compromised neighborhoods, lives of crime, and particularly abuse and trafficking.

      I also believe that the most effective way to accomplish this is to engage, network and support the many non-profits who are already out there with passion and empathy. Working together with our neighboring cities of Tukwila, SeaTac, Kent and Federal Way can create a cooperative and synergistic approach to making our Pacific Highway corridor a safe and productive place for our communities!

      Speaking of the Highway, NW Laborers United is moving into the old Citadel building and will be providing apprenticeship training for the trades. This is an incredible addition to our region and I would love to see the Highway lined with similar opportunities!

      Thank you for your consideration on November 7!

      Traci Buxton 🙂

      • Mysty Beal says:

        must agree with you, Traci, but you left out an important arena in which you’ve you’ve been such a huge contributor – the schools! We all remember when our lives revolved around elementary school activities – wow, at that time, it was our priority. Middle school still held our attention, as we watched our kids grow through concert performances and athletic contests. I realize you are a successfully businesswoman, but you’ve always been there with the rest of us supporting our kids in academic and athletic contexts. Please don’t discount that experience.

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    My choice for the betterment and continued good fortune for Des Moines remains:
    01 Matt Pina- 03 Vic Pennington- 05 Traci Buxton- 07 Matt Mahoney
    Thought not a professional political student, I have spent many hours watching and reading about these four, and can find non better qualified than these four. Matt Pina has done wonders for our city, along with VIc Pennington. Both Matt Mahoney and Traci Buxton have literally immersed themselves in the daily operations of our city government, preparing themselves for the seats they have truly earned.

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