Deadline to submit comments to FAA Aircraft Noise Complaint System is Jan. 2

The deadline to submit comments to the FAA Aircraft Noise Complaint and Inquiry System is Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018.

Numerous residents have expressed concern over the recent increase in airplane noise from overflights, so it is vital to submit comment(s) before the deadline passes.

“The collection is part of FAA’s goal to more effectively and efficiently address noise complaints or inquiries it receives,” the agency said.

Here is the link for public comment:


4 Responses to “Deadline to submit comments to FAA Aircraft Noise Complaint System is Jan. 2”
  1. BirchCreek says:

    Hey my Fellow Des Moines residents. We need to speak up!

    • BirchCreek says:

      So what kind of DA’s thumbs down our lawful right to bring our grivences to the attention of our government. I guess it is just a bunch of screwed up, nothing better to do in life, internet trolls.

      • jm says:

        I, for one, gave you a thumbs down because Seatac (and its flight path) has been near Des Moines for 70+ years, longer than anyone writing for or commenting on this blog. There are planes and they make noise (the horror!). The airport has been operating beyond its intended capacity for some time because residents of nearby towns oppose expansion (remember that the next time your flight is delayed by ATC).

        I enjoy living so near a transportation facility that gives me easy access to the world outside this tiny hamlet. And so, dear sir or madam, I downvote your calls to action because I disagree with your position on this issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • KL says:

        Surely none of those of us who purchased our houses in Des Moines 20-30 years ago could have been prepared for ever-expanding Sea-Tac Airport and its overwhelming hazards. As long ago as in 1992, a major study, conducted on the subject of Sea-Tac expansion and its consequences to the nearby communities, concluded that ANY further expansion of Sea-Tac airport (and this was in 1992!) would be unethical. The study outlined in much detail all of the evidence-based data, which demonstrated exponential increase in numbers of illnesses and conditions produced by the prolonged exposure to the airport noise and turbine benzene pollution:
        Disturbance to biological processes occurring in the human body
        Measurable impact on mental health
        Increase in cardiovascular disease
        Sleep and speech disturbance

        Roll forward to the 2018 and… here we are today, with airplanes flying over our heads every 1.3 minutes. I requested daily/monthly/early flights logs from Port of Seattle, which produced the data through 2016, at which point SeaTac Airport has officially crossed the mark of 400000+ flights per year with the majority of flights (65%) affecting South Flow Path. Again, we are 2 years past the point of that assessment. No one in their right frame of mind ( I do hope this includes “Jim” with his thumbs down) can “enjoy living so near a transportation facility that gives access to the world outside of this tiny hamlet”, not to mention the fact that no amount of travel and ability to see the world mitigate the slow killing that we are subjected to merely by having a misfortune of suffering the results of unethical expansion of the airport which years ago was deemed already too big.,

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