Former Police Chief Delgado gets new gig as Director of Emergency Management

One of the major challenges that has been identified by the City of Des Moines as critical and in need of improvement is planning for an emergency and emergency management preparedness, and on Tuesday the city announced that former Police Chief George Delgado will be its new Director of Emergency Management.

The city said in a statement that a number of city staff recently went to the Emergency Management Institute in Emmetsburg, Maryland, and worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assess the city’s readiness for a large scale natural disaster or other emergency.

“As a result of that opportunity, it became clear that the city needed to reinforce its emergency management planning and preparedness, and to take a more active role in preparing the community for emergency response and recovery,” the city said.

In order to address this vital function, City Manager Michael Matthias announced on Tuesday (May 15) that he has created a new Director of Emergency Management position that will oversee and coordinate emergency management activities and duties between the various city departments and the community.

Matthias assigned Delgado to fill the position effective Wednesday, May 16, 2018, and added:

“George has served as our Police Chief for the last 5 years and 10 months, and has the right skills, experience and connections within our community, neighboring jurisdictions, the Greater Federal Way Emergency Management Task Force, and with the King County Emergency Operations Center. Given George’s work in emergency management, I can’t think of anyone else better to fill this role for our community. Please congratulate George and wish him well on this new assignment.”

Here’s a Tweet Delgado sent out on Wednesday, May 16:


5 Responses to “Former Police Chief Delgado gets new gig as Director of Emergency Management”
  1. Harry Steinmetz says:

    While I think the world of Chief Delgado, I sure hope someone will explain how the city has the money for a new executive position.

  2. Carri says:

    I think if you know enough about the politics in this town…reading between the lines, none of this is adding up! Why are so many of the leaders in this small town leaving their positions? Hmmmm….

  3. Bob Sheckler says:

    Mathias wants us to congratulate George? For what? Losing his job as Police Chief?

  4. Matt says:

    I am interested to know what experience, as listed, he actually has to for this position. Being a police officer is not Emergency Management and certainly does not, on its own, qualify someone to hold this position. Furthermore, response is a very small component and will not provide the Two with the return on investment they could expect with a qualified emergency manager and a focus on prevention/ mitigation.

  5. Pat Nardo says:

    Chief Delgado, an old friend for years now, did not get fired, was not encouraged to leave his very stressful post, nor, does this change of status from Police Chief to the Emergency Preparedness position appear to be anything other than a lateral shift for the good of our City of Des Moines.

    We have the best City Manager, who is keen on homogeneous assignment of personnel, straight forward management, and fiscal responsibility. Watching the latest council meeting, it was difficult to find anything short of commendable leadership on the part of Mayor Matt Pina, and the high morale need to consolidate the purpose of perpetuation forward for our citizens.
    These councilmembers work beyond what most of us see, and give, even from their pockets to our young students with little cash. They preform all the needs of the city with little pay, and at the last council meeting, each of them decided, with a smile, I might add, to donate to the Underwood Scholarship, fund, a generous amount. Not one of our city leaders deserves less than our support, and encouraging to continue the “boom” that we are on the cusp of. Morale? Have you noticed the good humor, and business like behavior, at these meetings?

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