LETTER: There is a grace period for paid parking at the Des Moines Marina

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To the Editor:

After observing the result of the implementation of paid parking on the south end of the marina floor, I’d like to share some information that should alleviate some of the frustration experienced by the public.

If you are using Uber, Lyft or a taxi service, dropping off someone for a meal at Anthony’s, picking up or dropping off someone visiting a boater or simply ended up where you didn’t want to go, know that you can pull up to the entry gates, take a ticket, then leave within 10 minutes – for no charge. There is a “grace period.”

The intersection at 227th and Dock has become a dangerous place for other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. I believe knowledge of the “grace period” would reduce much of of the confusion when approaching the area.

While I don’t use social media, I encourage anyone who does to spread the word!

– Laurie McEachern

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5 Responses to “LETTER: There is a grace period for paid parking at the Des Moines Marina”
  1. Egm says:

    I wish the parking at the matina was like the parking at Redondo where you kust put a sticker on your window. I hate the gates,

  2. Birch Creek says:

    Good information. (I don’t like the sticker idea, invites too much abuse of people not paying up.)

  3. Patrick Nardo says:

    When it comes to paid parking at our marina, we don’t mind the use of a ticket, or pass to enter or leave. It would be much better if they would come up with an identification decal on our automobile window. Perhaps someone can cause this change?
    Alsso, thank you, Laurie McEachern

  4. Jonathan Baird says:

    This is great information but clearly not well known. Perhaps there should be better signage leading to the entry gates? Kudos to Laurie for her letter!

  5. Patrick Nardo says:

    We have a “swiper” to get in and out of the marina, but our neighbors, some elderly, are having problems getting in and out. Most of the problems are with the “validation” at Anthony’s. Most likely it is some misunderstanding. Now, I lost my swiper under my car seat while at Anthony’s and asked for validation, but the ticket they gave me did not work. Our marina employees are very courteous and will help you if you just speak to someone on the speaker at the gate. So, I told my name on this speaker, and that I lost my swiper, and the gate went up. When I got home I retrieved this dear piece of plastic from between my seat and the console. We just need to be patient with this new system, because it is not likely to go away.

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