REMINDER: Port’s SAMP meeting will be at Highline College Monday, Sept. 10

REMINDER: The Port of Seattle will be holding a Public Meeting on its ‘Sustainable Airport Master Plan’ (SAMP) at Highline College this coming MONDAY, SEPT. 10, and all area residents who have concerns or questions about increased expansion, airport noise, pollution and other issues should attend.

This free, open meeting will run from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Highline College Student Union building.

This will likely be one of the last opportunities to show up, hear from the Port, ask questions and get answers to any concerns you might have.

If this meeting is like a previous one held in Burien in July, it will include a long PowerPoint presentation from the Port on the SAMP (perhaps they’ll use larger fonts for this one?), followed by a public comment/Q&A session (to see video from that meeting, click here).

The SAMP is the blueprint for Airport growth through 2027. Sea-Tac has added 97,000 overflights in the last four years – that’s now 1,140 per day, 416,000 annually.

This SAMP proposes

  • (i) no limit on full-time use of the Third-Runway
  • (ii) another 80,000 annual “Near Term” flights
  • (iii) undefined “Phase 2” growth

Scoping ends Sept. 28.

  • How noisy will it become in our region?
  • What are the risks to our health and the environment?
  • How does the Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) impact crime, property values, environmental justice, and our quality of life?
  • What health and mitigation studies are underway?
  • What does the global science say today about these risks?
  • What about the growth beyond 2027?

“Please attend – ask questions and request your concerns be addressed in the environmental review!”

Below is the schedule of the remaining public scoping meetings for the Sea-Tac Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) Environmental Review documents being held by the Port of Seattle in September.

All meetings will take place from 5:30–8:30 p.m.

  • Monday, September 10th – City of Des Moines
    Highline College Student Union
  • September 12th – City of Seattle (Beacon Hill)
    New Holly Gathering Hall
  • September 17th – City of Federal Way
    Federal Way Community Center
  • September 19th – City of SeaTac
    SeaTac Community Center

“These meetings and the written comments submitted during the scoping process will shape the environmental analysis being completed over the next year,” the Port said.

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2 Responses to “REMINDER: Port’s SAMP meeting will be at Highline College Monday, Sept. 10”
  1. Sheila Brush says:

    This is a highly important meeting for all citizens in the South Sound. The expansion plans at Sea-Tac International Airport will forever change the entire regions landscape, impact our health and decrease our home values.

    Parents: Do you want your children to suffer from long term effects of exposure to jet fuel emissions? Would you not want the science before expansion? Did you know the University of Washington is conducting a study on emissions at Sea-Tac? Did you know across the Nation and around the World scientific studies have been completed with alarming results as to the harm in living close to an airport?

    What business would be allowed to destroy the environment without doing proper impact studies first? Not one. Why is the Port of Seattle allowed to keep growing before two studies are completed?

    Sea-Tac International Airport will always be our neighbor. Sadly, this reckless expansion has caused them to no longer be a good neighbor.

    We do not deserve to live next to an airport with the same operations as an Airport like Dallas Fort Worth, yet that is the goal of Sea-Tac’s. DFW sits on over 17,000 acres, Sea-Tac is on 2,500 acres. DWF has 7 runways, Sea-Tac has 3. The only way they can grow is by increasing frequency of flights, there will be arrivals on the 3rd and 2nd runway every .60 to .90 seconds. Those departure flights people are noticing low over their homes? That too will severely increase, with sharp turns over citizens living both East & West of the runway.

    Please attend, see the presentation by the Port, and leave critical public comment. It’s time to come together and protect our children, our environment, ourselves.

  2. Tony Verreos says:

    Please post notice on our current petition to Congress on jet noise; goal Move On.Org set the goals low then keep raising them as they are passed. We want 100,000 voices nationally. We are not getting them, but we are getting a spread. This is the first week of distribution. If you can help – please do.

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