The Elephant in the Locker Room: What Can We Expect This Year?


By Greg Wright

Well, as I imagine you have heard or read, according to Monday Morning QB there certainly HAS been an elephant in the Seahawk lockerroom. Oh, really? Wow, what a revelation. Anybody who paid attention at all to Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, and Earl Thomas the last two seasons could tell you that without conducting a single interview.

To kind of make my point, let’s start with recapping my biggest beefs from 12 months ago, shall we?


  1. “The question for Graham in Seattle will not continue to be ‘Who’s Jimmy?’ It will continue to be ‘Where’s Jimmy?’ And the answer will always be: Not much of anywhere. It’s by design, and it’s because Jimmy is Jimmy. We’d be better off without him, and so would he.” I will simply point out that by the end of the season, pretty much everyone agreed with me–and that, yes, this was a guy for whom we dished a first-round pick.
  2. “You wanna blame Garvin or Wagner or Thomas or McDougald for that very fine mess of a play [when Aaron Rodgers tossed an easy TD in last year’s season opener]? Sure. Okay. But me? I’m pinning it on the coaches. Dumb-ass stunt against the best in the business.” Again, by the end of the season, apparently the front office agreed with me. Kris Richard was exposed as too inexperienced and too young to handle the complex bunch of prima donna Pro-bowlers we called the Sea-fence. Gone not only are Richard and the other Richard, but Bennett, Chancellor, Avril… and Bevell and Cable to boot. Yes, we had some coaching issues.
  3. “As a homer, I do agree that it’s a major bummer to see [Jermaine] Kearse go. But as an NFL fan, I also realize that this is one symptom of a great franchise. We’ve really been lucky that Kearse is only the second of our Super Bowl favorites to leave town. More will go after this season, win or lose.” Um, yeah. In a big way. See #2, above.
  4. “At the press conference following the game, I asked Germain Ifedi whether he felt it was appropriate to call out [Kris] Richard for a defensive call that cost the Seahawks a victory. ‘The world is my locker room,’ were the words that fell out of Ifedi’s mouth next. ‘What’s good for the moose is good for the gander. If the D doesn’t like the offensive calls, they’re free to spout off at us, too.'” Wow, do I hate being a prophet, even when I’m writing satire. The fact that Ifedi is still on this roster is a mystery, not only to Richard Sherman but to just about anybody with a shred of football knowledge.

Where does all this leave us for the upcoming season? The answer really depends on your level of expectations. If you are expecting the Hawks to be world-beaters, returning to form after cleaning house and hitting the big reset button, you’ll probably be disappointed. On the other hand, if you agree with Richard Sherman and other “Titanic”-jumpers, I think you’ll be eating a small amount of crow.

Years ago, Darrelle Revis said of Richard Sherman that he was “a product of the system” in Seattle, not a true shut-down corner. This is the year that we find out if Revis was right–even if Sherman goes on to work wonders in San Fran. Because either Carroll’s system produced two sequential Super Bowl appearances, or it didn’t.

I am not predicting a return to the Super Bowl this year–though with Russell Wilson at the helm of the team, I wouldn’t put anything past this team. But I think we will find out that one emperor really does have clothes, while another does not. I’m betting on Carroll looking pretty good.

There’s always some key issue that’s getting glossed over. It’s the elephant in the locker room, if you will, and gosh darn if I’ll let that ride. Join us weekly for a little closer look at our NFC West Champions.

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