City announces rate increase for paid parking at Des Moines Marina

The City of Des Moines announced on Monday, Jan. 28 that it is raising hourly rates (without annual passes) at the Marina Paid Parking Lots:

  • 0-2 Hours $2.00
  • 2-4 Hours $4.00
  • 4+ Hours $6.00
  • Lost Ticket $6.00

Annual passes will continue to be $30 for residents, $60 for non-residents. Residents renewing their passes will receive a $2 discount.

Paid parking – which started in July, 2017 – provided the opportunity to issue bonds for the renovation of the north Marina bulkhead.

Here’s more from the city:

As been said in the past, this year was a beta test and we have been very pleased with the results relative to the protection of the integrity of the bulkhead.

We also addressed a number of issues and continue to work with residents and Marina tenants to ensure that we have an effective operation that accomplishes multiple goals for regulating traffic in the Marina, enhancing the ability of law enforcement to police the Marina floor with very, if any, instances occurring after 10:00 p.m. and there is a significant reduction of calls for service.

To purchase an annual pass please contact the Des Moines Marina at 206-824-5700 or by following this link:


4 Responses to “City announces rate increase for paid parking at Des Moines Marina”
  1. S Dahlgren says:

    Next they will be adding paid parking in the DM business district.
    The city’s goal seems to be ‘let’s discourage people from visiting Des Moines’.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m a Des Moines resident and home owner who used to enjoy the tranquility of the Des Moines pier on a sunny day, and I’d take out-of-town relatives and friends there to show them the beauty of the Puget Sound. But I no longer do that since the Des Moines City Council decided to monetize it. The statement that it will continue to “work with residents” on this is dubious, at best. So they can raise the parking rates up to $100 for all I care. I will take relatives and friends to view the beauty of the Puget Sound from other areas and avoid downtown Des Moines altogether. Good strategy for your residents and the future of your downtown area, Des Moines city ‘leaders’.

    • Patrick Nardo says:

      We have always enjoyed our marina, but went there less often for fear of youngsters doing “wheelies” motor bikes shooting around and bouncing off the speed bumps, graffiti abounding, sleepers in autos, and during festivals, we needed to do guard duty for looters. As for paying for parking at the marina, we don’t like it, but do realize the benefits of deterring people that just do not love the marina. There is no more trash distributing around and it is much more peaceful for the adjacent residences, and we do feel sad that some object to the small fee. We do pay around $30.00 for an annual pass, mostly, to use Saltwater Park, and there too, there has been a more orderly, group of attendees. While I do not have the answer to right or wrong on this issue, it is well worth the pennies a day for the improvement, Remember too, we lost the revenue that once came form hundreds of boaters that went fishing, using our old launching system. I do hope all who are objecting to the paid parking will revisit and enjoy as we do. Divide $30.00 by 365 days? I hope my argument is equal to yours, well maybe better? Beer on me one day? (limitations apply)

  3. BirchCreek says:

    Rob, it is curiously sad that you are letting $1 – $2 keep you from enjoying the marina. You will likely spend more money driving to another area where you can freely access Puget Sound. May I suggest Sea Hurst park?
    I believe the parking access card is about $30 a year? (That is about the cost of 6 starbucks coffees?)
    If the fee helps to decrease crime in the marina, then it seems well spent.

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