Councilmembers Rob Back, Luisa Bangs & Jeremy Nutting file for re-election

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Waterland Blog allows residents running for office one free post to announce their candidacy:

Monday, May 13 was the First Day of King County Elections Filing.

On Monday, May 13, Des Moines City Councilmembers Rob Back, Luisa Bangs and Jeremy Nutting filed at the King County Elections Office in Renton. We are very excited about our campaigns for re-election and will be proud and honored to serve 4 more years as Des Moines City Councilmembers.

The last 4 years have been very challenging. However, as is expected of us as your elected representatives, we made the hard decisions that brought our city out of near bankruptcy, established trust with staff, and hired an excellent City Manager. With his leadership we have brought together highly professional and extremely competent staff members who continue to work on increasing and diversifying revenue streams and controlling expenditures to put our City in a strong solvent financial position.

As your Councilmembers, we have all been there to make the difficult decisions and lead our City forward.
We will continue to support our Aviation Advisory Committee, and along with our State Legislators we will continue to work to mitigate the noise and health impacts of overhead aircraft operations to and from SeaTac International Airport.

We value our residents’ outstanding support over the last four years and we look forward to your continued support this election year! Thank you and please VOTE!


7 Responses to “Councilmembers Rob Back, Luisa Bangs & Jeremy Nutting file for re-election”
  1. Sheila says:

    of course they’re announcing together. The council is just one big gang that doesnt care about us. They ignore crime and the real issues while giving the city manager a bigger salary than our governor. sad.

    and be careful because both Bangs and Back are connected to Patrick Nardo who is militantly right wing just check his facebook and he has donated a lot to both of them and vowed to get them reelected

  2. Righteous Rick says:

    that picture makes me ill. only smiling because of how they’ve duped teh city. des moines is going nothing but downhill with our leadership.

  3. Heather says:

    We need new blood. Crime is way too awful in this Des Moines.

  4. BirchCreek says:

    Let the conspiracy theorists and nay-sayers commence! Oh my, seems they already have…

  5. Patrick Nardo says:

    Dear Mr. Sheila; As a one time finger print expert student, my studies included phraseology and patterns of speech. Which should explain why my address to you is “Mr.”.
    What our Des Moines needs is more, brave souls, like you, expressing yourself for the good or bad of our community. Surely our council is listening, and will continue the impossible task of trying to pleasing everyone. It would help though, if you could be more specific, as to what you feel is wrong with our leadership, its goals, and yes, its successes. Now, you sound like a really good candidate for council, so, how may I support you, sir? How you speak, and how you express yourself in writing, sir, is much like a fingerprint. Parsing, punctuation, spelling, oversights, all are individualized.

  6. John Scully says:

    I see all these people that are disputing and upsetting people are running for reelection and we need new blood. Now maybe new blood may be in order, but before someone can really talk about new blood, maybe they need to show up to a council meeting and express in there 3 minutes of time what the concerns are and what are current council is not doing. I go regularly and there are things I see and here, but it doesn’t mean I always agree with their decisions. If you want change then you need to be part of the solution not just stating blanket statements of we need fresh blood.

    • Patrick Nardo says:

      Mr. Scully; Your remarks left me without words, knowing that I stand, not alone, in my belief and support of our present Council, all seven members, and our City Manager, Michael Matthias, as well. We do have excellent police security, a well balanced budget, with “rainy day” consideration, new business arriving, and a prosperity not seen for decades. :New blood”. is a great concept, but good blood is what we have and need to keep. So thank you for your support of Des Moines’ leadership from one constituent t another.

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