This week, Don Bowers – who crashed his motorcycle and nearly died on May 28, 2020 – stopped by the Des Moines Police Department headquarters recently to thank the officers who saved his life.

Here’s a letter he sent to DMPD:

“Today was the final chapter in my recovery of my motorcycle accident..

“I went to the site where I had my motorcycle accident on May 28, 2020 for the first time today.. I prayed to God at that site because God blessed me with another day of life. The picture with the concrete wall that’s the wall I hit and lost my leg on that day…

“Then I went to the Des Moines Police Department to meet the officers that saved my life that day.. I went there to thank him and the other officers that were involved personally for everything they did and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be living right now.. God gave the officers the knowledge and the inner strength to help the officers during the accident to save my life.. the officers said that I kept yelling God please save me.. Over and over and over God please save me…. they said they lost me twice and the paramedics were able to bring me back. This was stuff I didn’t even know about until today when the Des Moines police officers told me about it .

“I was so blessed today to meet the officers.. we all took pictures together and we all even shedding a tear.. I wanted everyone to know with everything going on right now in this world with all the police officers.. it doesn’t matter what the situation is when the officers are on duty. They always give it a hundred percent to protect us and also save us .. I am so grateful to the Des Moines Police Department and officers in this picture.. I asked God to bless that whole Police Department and make every police officer safe everyday so they can go home to their loved ones.

“The Des Moines Police Department is going to share my story on to all other police departments for inspiration because sometimes the police department doesn’t get to see the other side of something they always see the bad side.. I wanted them to see my recovery and me with my prosthetic leg to walk in front of the police officers and show them how grateful I am of everything they did for me.. the police officers of the Des Moines Police Department will be my brothers forever.. I love you guys ..and so I wanted to share this with everybody out there that’s been following me from the very beginning of my motorcycle accident of having my leg amputated in this tragic motorcycle accident.. it really changed my life but the Lord has blessed me from this day forward to live a new chapter in my life by believing in the Lord above. please feel free to share my story with everyone out there.. everyone needs to know there are a lot of good police officers out there in this world and hear are some right here to prove that.. I am so grateful to everybody that helped me at the motorcycle accident from the lady that held my hand. To the police officers that help save my life.. to the paramedics who also help save my life.. and to harbor view trauma center for really saving my life… Thank you and God bless everybody for all their support from the very beginning…

“And especially grateful to the Des Moines Police Department and the whole police department you are my family forever. God bless you. Please everyone share my story to others I would love to blast this on social media the Des Moines Police Department deserves the recognition for saving my life…Don Bowers”

Photos courtesy Des Moines Police Department