The Grand Opening of Madi’s Steakhouse and Fine Dining – located where Scotch & Vine used to be – will be Friday, Oct. 20 at the restaurant at 22341 Marine View Drive S.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Des Moines Waterland community,” said Mica Purcell, Owner. “We chose Des Moines for its highly dynamic neighborhood. This community is comprised of families and residents who desire simple and delicious food, paired with extraordinary service. We are very much looking forward to serving our guests here in Des Moines.”

Come celebrate the Grand Opening with Mayor Matt Pina cutting a ribbon on Friday, Oct. 20 at 4 p.m.

Following the ribbon cutting-ceremony, everyone is invited to join for free appetizers that will give those who attend a taste of what this new restaurant’s menu will feature.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the ingredients we use and the techniques we use to prepare those ingredients to ensure our customers enjoy every bite. We are truly looking forward showcasing our cuisine to the community,” said Jose Figueroa, Head Chef.

Madi’s Steakhouse
Madi’s will be showcasing our classic Steak, Seafood and Pastas. The formal dining experience paired with our Chef’s “simple, yet elegant cuisine” will set the mood for an incredible dining experience and evening. Our cuisine is comprised of local, sustainable meats and vegetables, the best of the Pacific Northwest.

To learn more, please visit

Madi’s is located at 22341 Marine View Drive S. Des Moines, WA 98198:

Put on your Boogie Shoes for this year’s 18th annual Bayside Brunch DISCO FEVER at Anthony’s Homeport in Des Moines, coming Sunday, Nov. 5 from 9:30 a.m. – Noon!

The Des Moines Legacy Foundation will fill the first floor of the restaurant with disco balls, disco music and Shake Your Booty fun activities…all to benefit programs for seniors and youth in our community!

Complimentary champagne and mimosas, an Anthony’s executive chef Blame It on the Boogie Brunch Buffet, your ticket for our Saturday Night Fever Heads or Tails Raffle, Shake Your Groove Thang Costume Contest, Hot Stuff Restaurant Board, reserved seating and MORE!

Tickets are available at

Space is limited!

Dear Des Moines Residents,

My name is Matt Mahoney and I am a candidate for Des Moines City Council Position 7. Since my wife Beverly (Bev) and I made the decision to run for office in December of 2016 we have dedicated ourselves to getting to know our city and our neighbors by building relationships. This has been an incredible process and we have found the Des Moines community and its people to be amazing. We have been welcomed with open arms and are very thankful and happy to be here. We are very fortunate to be part of this great city and thank you all!

Who am I?

I am:

  • A Washington Native
  • A US Army Veteran
  • A Former Fire Commissioner PCFD #26 and Volunteer Firefighter
  • A member of the Des Moines Citizen’s Advisory Committee
  • A trustee at our North Hill Community Club
  • An avid scuba diver and love the access to the shorelines of our city
  • A father to 4 children and 4 grandchildren
  • An active volunteer in the community along with my wife Bev
  • A Nordstrom employee as a merchant for nearly 20 years. Prior to that I worked at a Native American Fireworks Wholesaler (Salish Fireworks) and Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
  • Very passionate about the city of Des Moines!

Why am I running for office?

  1. To continue supporting the work of our current council ensuring our city remain on the path of sustainability by building a strong business base – This is the honest way to meet the needs of our city.
  2. Revitalization of the Downtown in conjunction with the Marina, Redondo and the use of our commercial property on Pacific Highway – Realizing the vision we all know our city will be. Creating a great economic engine that provide sustainable revenues sources, living wage jobs and opportunities for our residents to thrive and enjoy our community.
  3. Support the needs of our 9 Des Moines Neighborhoods (Central Des Moines, Marina District, North Central, North Hill, Pacific Ridge, Redondo, South Des Moines, Woodmont and Zenith. – Improved City Services, Infrastructure Improvements, Public Safety, Crime Prevention, Parks and Recreation, and Airport issues.
  4. Build Community – Connect our diverse population together thru community activities, meeting places and relationship building.

Who Endorses my candidacy?

  • 6 Current City Councilmembers – Pina, Kaplan, Musser, Back, Bangs, and Pennington.
  • Our Local Des Moines Police Officers Guild
  • Our South King County Professional Firefighters Local #2024
  • The Affordable Housing Council thru the Master Builders Association
  • Our South King County Real Estate Professionals
  • Our Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
  • A large number of Des Moines Businesses
  • A formidable contingent of Des Moines Residents (see all at bottom of this letter)

Why cast your vote for Matt Mahoney for Des Moines City Council Position 7?

4 Reasons: Knowledge, Experience, Maturity and Commitment:

Knowledge: Understanding the city and its challenges, and the history behind it!

  1. A life time of learnings, experiences and applications down a well-traveled life path.
  2. I attend all the community meetings where I listen, learn and participate in discussions concerning our issues, our history, our culture, and most importantly our future.
  3. I research our city continually. For example, on the light rail commute into Seattle I would often be caught reading the Des Moines Comprehensive Plan, Capital Improvement Projects, reviewing the budget or studying our history.
  4. I spend time with key leaders and citizens throughout the community, discussing various points of view concerning our city.

Experience: This background prepares me to execute thought out, purposed and decisive duties!

  1. I have 30 years of business experience – I have a record of growing business, reducing costs, budgeting and coaching and mentoring talent from all walks of life.
  2. A background in development where environmental concerns are involved, i.e. 25-year development plan in conjunction with the US Forest Service and environmental firms for improvements such as the new Gondola and Upper Mountain Lodge while at Crystal Mountain. This experience provides insight to similar challenges we face while tying the Marina to our downtown and along with other development in our community.
  3. Leadership – Learned Confidence by listening, connecting, being informed and influencing others.
  4. Customer Centric Focus – As a Nordstrom employee, I understand and demonstrate the value of serving the customer and can translate that understanding into practical ways for our city to better service our businesses and citizens.

Maturity: Level headed, wisdom based common sense!

  1. Composed and Honorable Conduct
  2. Good Decision-Making Skills
  3. Effective and absent of overreaction
  4. Honest and Transparent
  5. A get it done philosophy

Commitment: Demonstration of active engagement in the community over time

  1. I attend City Council meetings, missed two in past 2 years.
  2. I show up and participate at community meeting of every type – Marina meetings, Pool meetings, Port and Airport forums, etc.
    Bev and I attend every community gathering we possibly can, i.e. Charity Events, Parades, Art Walks, Music events and so much more.
  3. I often speak in public forums of our concerns as residents – effects of the airport, crime, mail theft, traffic, safety concerns, etc.

During this campaign, Bev and I take the relationships that we’ve built with this city and many of our residents very seriously and we want to continue those relationships because together we can realize Des Moines bright future So, I humbly ask for the opportunity to be part of the leadership that will steer our city’s future. From a beautiful and quaint Redondo, thru a lush tree filled Woodmont down the path that takes us to our unique Zenith, South and Central Des Moines neighborhoods to a diverse and opportunistic Pacific Highway into our new Business Park (North Des Moines) up to North Hill and ending in our revitalized down town connected to our Marina, we will be the city to be envied!

If hard work, common sense, action and integrity are what you look for in a candidate, then I submit myself as someone who is committed to be that candidate.

Vote for Matt Mahoney for Des Moines City Position 7 this November 7th!

Be sure to visit my website at

Matt Mahoney

Endorsed by the following:

  • Matt Pina, Mayor, City of Des Moines
  • Dave Kaplan, Des Moines Councilmember
  • Melissa Musser, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • Vic Pennington, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • M. Luisa Bangs, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • Rob Back, Des Moines City Councilmember and Business Owner
  • Des Moines Police Officers Guild
  • South King County Professional Firefighters
  • Master Builders Association’s Affordable Housing South King County Realtors
  • Seattle King County Realtors
  • Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
  • Wayne and Susan Corey – Des Moines Residents
  • Norma and Ed Pina – Former Des Moines City Councilmember and School Board President
  • Rikki Marohl – Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market Manager and Resident
  • Michael D Spear – Highline Public Schools – School Board Director District 5 (Des Moines Area Representative)
  • Bill and Patti Linscott – Des Moines Residents, Des Moines Marina and Yacht Club Spokesman
  • Susan and Steve Goegebuer- Des Moines Residents and Volunteers Extraordinaire
  • BJ and Anna Bjorneby – Des Moines Residents
  • Roger and Linda Stull – Des Moines Business Owner and Residents
  • Fran Woodard- Des Moines Resident
  • Mark Proulx – Des Moines Resident and Community Activist
  • Nancy Kuehnoel – Pool Board and Des Moines Resident
  • Jeff Green – Des Moines Business Owner and Resident
  • LaVonne and Truxton Terkla – Des Moines Business Owner
  • Tony Hettler – Des Moines Businessman
  • Charlene Bacalzo – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Marie Dhu Lesley – Des Moines Resident
  • Tad Doviak – Des Moines Resident
  • Patricio Mendoza – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Carri Litowitz – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • JoAnn Elizabeth Rovig – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Ernie and Henie Campany – Des Moines Residents and Business Owners
  • Steven Hatt -Des Moines Resident
  • Carla and Dave Morrow – Des Moines Residents
  • Vince and Michelle Thyng – Des Moines Residents
  • Tricia and Brent Croom – Des Moines Residents
  • Nadya Curtis – Des Moines Resident
  • Pat and Marianne Nardo – Des Moines Residents
  • Melanie and Todd Herman – Des Moines Residents
  • Jim and Vickie Polhamus – Des Moines Residents
  • Don and Marilyn Stickles – Des Moines Residents
  • Esther Harris – Des Moines Resident
  • James and Marla McCollough – Des Moines Residents
  • Keith and Luella Noess – Des Moines Residents
  • Gwen Koch – Des Moines Resident
  • Roger Baker – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Police Chief
  • Bob Pond – Des Moines Resident
  • Mara Mulligan and Nick Terrana – Des Moines Residents
  • Kim and Kevin Watson – Des Moines Residents
  • Kevin Teker – Des Moines Resident
  • Rick Wise –  Des Moines Resident
  • Jeff and Katie Paulson – Des Moines Residents
  • Jeanette Burrage – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Councilmember

By Katalia Alexander

With elections coming up quickly, many Des Moines citizens are in the process of trying to figure out who to vote for. To help with this process, several community organizations have decided to host community forums to allow citizens of Des Moines to meet the candidates and hear their positions on important issues.

One such forum was held at the North Hill Community Club on Tuesday, October 10. At the forum, each candidate gave a five minute statement about their background, positions, and reasons for running for office. After, attendees had the opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them questions. Below are some of the ideas shared by each candidate.

Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District Commissioner Position 5:

  • Nancy Kuehnoel is running for reelection to the pool board to continue overseeing the Mount Rainier Pool. She says “I’ve been honored to serve the community on the pool board since 2010. I am excited to take part in the next phase of planning for and upgrading the Mount Rainier Pool.” She adds that she brings 30 years of Human Resources Management to the team and is committed to finding out what the community wants from the pool. She promises a sustainable budget, collaborative work style, and open and transparent communication. She is dedicated to expanding aquatic and fitness opportunities in our community.
  • Gene S. Achziger is a journalism professor at Highline College and has also been involved with the pool board for many years. “I ran the campaign in 2009 to save the Mount Rainier pool when it was threatened with closure,” he says. He believes in the value of the pool in this community, saying, “we need to sustain swimming in this community.” When he previously served on the pool board, he launched programs to provide pool scholarships to low-income kids and start lifeguard training programs for local teens. He hopes to return these programs to the Mount Rainier pool if he is elected as a Commissioner.

City Council Position #1:

  • Matt Pina is the incumbent mayor of Des Moines, having been chosen as mayor by the council in 2016. He became mayor in a time of crisis – the city was 18 months from bankruptcy and was facing the possibility of receivership – being absorbed into a nearby city. Under Matt’s leadership, the city council prevented this from happening. 11 months later, Des Moines is structurally sound as is no longer near bankruptcy. However, the city still has low reserve funds – something Matt is committed to improving if he is reelected. Other successes while in office include adding six police officers to the force and creating the Aviation Advisory Committee. He is committed to increasing business and development in Des Moines and reducing crime. He says, “we’ve come a long way, but we’re not done yet. I want to see this through.”
  • Anthony Martinelli, the other candidate for Position 1, did not attend the event.

City Council Position #3:

  • Vic Pennington, the incumbent, was not able to attend the forum.
  • JC Harris is a first time candidate who was educated as an engineer. He describes himself as a “change candidate.” While he acknowledges the large feat the Des Moines City Council has accomplished in saving our city from bankruptcy, he believes our city council needs a member who will focus more on the people of Des Moines. According to JC, RJ e average age of voters in Des Moines is 54. “I’m running to represent the next generation in Des Moines,” JC says. He believes that the council should focus on current issues in our community, such as poverty and the mitigation of the airport. “I’d like to be a voice on the council that’s focused on your neighborhood, your street, your kids, and your problems,” he says.

City Council Position #5:

  • Traci Buxton is a long-time Des Moines resident and a jack of all trades. Her main professions are property management and real estate, but she also has experience in insurance, fitness, online sales, mental health, and is currently working as contractor. She believes the city needs to focus on redevelopment and revitalization, specifically of downtown Des Moines and Pac Highway. She says, “I have a lot of business and real estate experience that will be helpful as we move into this next phase.” She adds that she is committed to the police, fire department, and recovery community.
  • Harry Steinmetz is another long-time resident who is committed to serving his community. He also believes we need to develop the Marina, but believes we should also invest in our downtown. “The Marina is a jewel we to develop and use to draw people in, but not to the exclusion of our downtown.” He believes we should expand our tax base and increase sales tax revenue by developing business and believes in keeping a sustainable budget. Harry is a supporter of Des Moines Parks&Recreation and is dedicated to being open and transparent with the community if he is elected to the council.

City Council Position #7:

  • Matt Mahoney is a former fire commissioner, military member, and volunteer firefighter who is very active in the Des Moines community. He is a Trustee for the North Hill Community Club and serves on the Citizen’s Advisory Board for Des Moines. He has also spearheaded efforts to reduce speeding and drug use in his neighborhood. He believes the council’s primary focus should be the people in our community. Matt also brings 30+ years of business experience to the council. He says, “everywhere I’ve worked I’ve decreased costs, increased revenue, and most importantly, cultivated talent. I want to bring that to this city council.”
  • Chad Harper, Matt’s opponent, was unable to attend the event.

The deadline to vote in the General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.

The Barnes Creek Trail project has been completed, and here’s a first-hand account of it courtesy Boy Scout Joel Mensonides:

I and other boys in my troop collaborated and conspired with city employees Brandon Carver, Dan Brewer, Councilman Rob Back and with the particular blessing of Mayor Matt Pina to complete this .36 of a mile trail. With much labor and pain and while dealing with various troubles and toil – we persisted in finishing – after 6 individual Eagle service projects over a 10 month period.

It’s a trail hacked from nothing – now of particular pleasantness. I have observed people and pets enjoying the fruit of our labor and all the scouts of 307 rejoice with this news! It’s a nature trail and you can feel as if you are alone in the woods. Ten foot wide covered in wood shavings the trail features a foot bridge over wetlands, views of the city, and even some wildlife viewing. It is part of the cities master plan to join existing trails together. You can now access the Des Moines creek trail from 220th st. The portion that the Boyscouts of troop 307 in Federal Way are responsible for is between 216th and 220th st. Approaching from 216th it is located west of the post office a few blocks.

Finally, we are having a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 21 on the 216th side of the trail. We the scouts who spearheaded the project Allen Roach, David Runions, Jonah Mensonides, Reece Binder and Avery and Duncan Welch invite the residents and visitors of the fair City of Des Moines to come and use the trail. We want to thank those people who invaluable help was needed and cheerfully given. First to councilman Rob Back helped with the trail with his equipment and personal help, to Brandon Carver to guided and provided city resources necessary, Scoutmaster David Detzler or all his help with resources and time, and to Lou Mensonides for the use of his equipment and to Joel Mensonides and Chris Roach for operating tractors and other mechanical equipment.

From Advertiser Matt Pina:

As a nearly life-long resident, you have honored me with the opportunity to serve my community as an elected official: first on the Highline School Board, and most recently as your City Councilmember and Mayor. Thank you for your confidence in me to help provide leadership to the City of Des Moines.

Over the past 15 years, Des Moines has faced a number of significant challenges. The financial impacts of restrictions and repeals of revenues to our City, hindered our ability to maintain police, park & recreation, and other important services that make Des Moines the most beautiful and livable place in King County.

For years we all heard about the “potential” of Des Moines and just when opportunities were about to come to fruition, the economic rug got pulled out from underneath us.

Eight years ago, things began to change for the better. Your City Council (of which I was a part) began to address long-standing issues, which should have been dealt with decades earlier.

On economic development, making Des Moines more business-friendly was the first step. Improvements to our permitting process, easing the requirements for certain permits, and making our Marina District and commercial zones much more attractive for development have been adopted. We’re just beginning to see the fruits of our labor. The Adriana, Highline Place, Des Moines Theatre, and Seascape (aka “the pit”) have all broken ground, or are on track to in the very near future.

On public safety, we’ve recovered from the economic downturn and have implemented on-going structural revenues to: fully staff our police department, implement a plan to address specific issues in problem areas of the city, join the regional crime task force, focus on emergency management, and leverage technology to make our neighborhoods safer. There’s more to be done, but we’ve made great progress and we’ll continue to seek ways to make the best use of the resources we have.

On livability, we’ve been working hard to ensure that the Marina and Des Moines Beach Park remain an attractive reason to visit our City. We’ve restored several buildings in the Beach Park and they are now generating revenue. We’ve also begun work on a development plan for the Marina and added to our city parks by acquiring the Van Gasken property (protecting views, and expanding opportunities.) Another part of livability is maintaining our infrastructure. For the first time in about a decade, we now have the revenues to begin paving roads again.

Each of these accomplishments would not have been possible without getting the City’s finances in order and ensuring that they are sustainable into the future. Our City Council has worked hard to turn our City from being on the edge of bankruptcy to having a sustainable and exciting future.

We’ve been able to accomplish these things because we’ve engaged with our residents, listened to their concerns, shared our options and moved forward with the best possible solutions.

We’ve turned things around and Des Moines is now headed in the right direction. I want to continue to serve the Des Moines community so we can finish this vital work. With your vote on November 7th, we’ll continue to make progress and help ensure Des Moines long term independence as a city and realize its’ very bright future.

Thank you,
Matt Pina

The Mount Rainier Pool refurbishment project is underway after encountering some unforeseen issues that required repair before reopening. 

Officials say that when replacing the pool liner and tile surfaces this summer, severe corrosion was found in the buried drain lines and circulation piping and the mortar bedding was found to be failing.

The piping had to be replaced.

Despite the challenges that the unknown issues presented, the repairs are moving forward.

When the drain pipe was exposed by removal of the pool shell, major blockage by corrosion was discovered. Unrestricted flow through the 8” pipe is required to reopen the pool.

The main drain and supply line had to be dug out, requiring the removal of concrete.  The corroded iron pipes are being replaced with non-corrosive PVC.

In the deep end of the pool PVC pipe is being installed for the main drain and supply lines.

The pool and its offices are closed during reconstruction and will likely reopen early in 2018.

If you would like to contact a staff member, please call the District Office at (206) 429-3852.

Visit, sign-up for our e-news updates, like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter.

Our mission is to enhance our community’s quality of life through aquatics. The Mount Rainier Pool serves the communities of Des Moines, Normandy Park, Kent’s West Hill, Burien, and SeaTac. The pool is operated by the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District and is funded by property taxes and user fees. The facility provides a pool for swim team practice, and a place for community members to learn water safety, swim lessons, and participate in aquatic fitness programs.

From our friends at WABI Burien:


DATE: This month’s Des Moines Waterland Walk is this Sunday, October 15th, starting at 11 a.m.

TIME & PLACE: Walkers will be meeting at 11 a.m. near the fishing pier at the Des Moines Marina.

ROUTE: The walk will take us up into the neighborhood up above the Beach Park, back down and around the park, up the hill to Overlook Park, south on 7th Avenue, down the hill to the marina, then north along the water back to the fishing pier. Dogs are welcome, and we walk rain or shine.

PARKING: Remember there is a fee for parking at the marina now, and Des Moines residents can buy an annual pass at the marina office.

INFO: As usual these walks are sponsored by the Des Moines Legacy Foundation,

Thanks, Gary McNeil
[email protected]

WLB Real Estate Sponsor Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate will be holding six Open Houses this weekend!

The first two homes – open both Saturday & Sunday – are newly constructed two-story, 5-bedroom homes on the large, level Westview Estates in Burien:

Westview, Lot 3. 1 of 5 homes.

This newly constructed two story is on a large, level lot.

It has five bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms and a 3-car garage, mud room and an option for another bedroom upstairs.

The main floor living space is an expansive open area that encompasses a designer kitchen, dining room, great room and outdoor living space.

The first floor features a guest room or den.

The master suite has a five piece bath and walk-in closet.

Located minutes from downtown, services and airport.


  • Saturday, Oct. 14: Noon – 3 p.m.
  • Sunday, Oct. 15: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


  • 184 S. 181st Court, Burien, WA 98148-1876; NOTE: enter site at 18052 Occidental Ave S. (MAP, or see below)


  • List Price: $769,950
  • MLS Number: 1095190
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 2.75
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Approximate House SqFt: 3,001 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 6,728 s.f.

Site Features:

  • 2nd Master BR
  • Bath Off Master
  • Dbl Pane/Storm Windw
  • Dining Room
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Walk In Pantry
  • Walk-in Closet

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the full listing.

For more information call:

Stuart Steadman
Realtor Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

The second Westview Estates home is also a brand new 5-bedroom:

Westview, Lot 4. 1 of 5 homes.

This home offers plenty of natural light & nine foot ceilings throughout.

This two story home has 5 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, and a four-car tandem garage.

The main floor living space is an expansive open area that encompasses a designer kitchen, dining room & great room.

The master bedroom is complete with a 5-piece master bath and a walk-in closet.

Upstairs also features an over-sized leisure loft.

Located on a large lot, all within minutes of downtown Seattle!


  • Saturday, Oct. 14: Noon – 3 p.m.
  • Sunday, Oct. 15: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


  • 177 S. 181st Court, Burien, WA 98148-1876; NOTE: enter site at 18052 Occidental Ave S. (MAP, or see below)


  • List Price: $789,950
  • MLS Number: 1095207
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 2.75
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Approximate House SqFt: 3,306 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 7,848 s.f.

Site Features:

  • 2nd Master BR
  • Bath Off Master
  • Dbl Pane/Storm Windw
  • Dining Room
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Walk In Pantry
  • Walk-in Closet

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the full listing.

For more information call:

Stuart Steadman
Realtor Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

The third and fourth Open Houses are new Build Urban homes in Seattle’s exciting Georgetown neighborhood :

Welcome to Seattle’s most vibrant & exciting neighborhood Georgetown.

Home to Franz Chocolate & Charles Smith Wine.

This fine collection of Build Urban built homes features large Two Bedroom + Den/ Two Bath homes.

A bedroom, den, and bathroom on the first floor.

2nd Floor has your master.

Arrive at your top level LDK with your Skyline Views of the City to enjoy the luxuries of urban living with evenings celebrated on your roof top deck!


  • Saturday, Oct. 14: Noon – 2 p.m.
  • Sunday, Oct. 15: 1 – 3 p.m.

WHERE: 6737 Carleton Ave S., Seattle, WA 98108 (MAP, or see below)


  • List Price: $579,999
  • MLS Number: 1198061
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Approximate House SqFt: 1,439 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 787 s.f.

Site Features:

  • Bath Off Master
  • Dbl Pane/Storm Windw
  • Walk-in Closet
  • Views: City, Lake, Mountain, Territorial

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the full, detailed listing.

The fourth home is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath modern home in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood:

Welcome to Seattle’s most vibrant & exciting neighborhood – Georgetown.

This fine collection features large Two Bedroom + Den/ Two Bath homes.

This home features living/dining and kitchen on the first floor.

2nd Floor has a bedroom, large den, and a bathroom.

3rd floor is your master suite.

Arrive at your top level with your Skyline Views of the City to enjoy the luxuries of urban living with evenings celebrated on your roof top deck!


  • Saturday, Oct. 14: Noon – 2 p.m.
  • Sunday, Oct. 15: 1 – 3 p.m.

WHERE: 6731 Carleton Ave S., Seattle, WA 98108 (MAP, or see below)


  • List Price: $624,999
  • MLS Number: 1183264
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Approximate House SqFt: 1,546 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 1,052 s.f.

Site Features:

  • Bath Off Master
  • Dble Pane/Strm Windw
  • Walk-in Closet

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the full, detailed listing.

The fifth home – open on Sunday – is another new urban home in Georgetown:

Last Home!

With a short commute to the heart of the city welcome yourself to a designer finished home with a GARAGE!

Enjoy a full bedroom off the main floor as you make your way to the second floor LDK featuring a half bath with a fully equipped stainless steel appliance kitchen & two tone lacquer soft close cabinets.

On the penthouse floor enjoy your master bedroom with bathroom & another full bath & bed off the hallway!

Last but not least enjoy your evenings celebrated on your roof top deck!


  • Friday, Oct. 13: 3 – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday, Oct. 14: Noon – 3 p.m.

WHERE: 732-A 26th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98144 (MAP, or see below).


  • List Price: $725,000
  • MLS Number: 1198951
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Approximate House SqFt: 1,520 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 1,371 s.f.

Site Features:

  • Dble Pane/Strm Windw
  • Cable TV
  • Fenced-Fully
  • Gas Available
  • High Speed Internet

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the detailed, full listing.

The final home – open on Sunday – is one of the finest waterfront homes in Normandy Park:

Imagine yourself here!

Step onto the beach waterfront home on Normandy Terrace.

100 (per KCR) of no bank Puget Sound waterfront footage.

Finest waterfront home opportunity in a long while in Normandy Park.

Expansive, wide views of Puget Sound, Mountains & shipping traffic.

Ideal outdoor deck and hot tub.

All located on a large, fully fenced, gated flat lot with ample parking.

Home is move-in ready w/new carpets.

Lot A Beach Rights which includes boat launch.

Easy access to downtown and airport.


  • Sunday, Oct. 15: Noon – 6 p.m.

WHERE: 18505 Normandy Terrace SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166 (MAP, or see below).


  • List Price: $2,290,000
  • MLS Number: 1166940
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Year Built: 1979
  • Approximate House SqFt: 3,210 s.f.
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 28,063 s.f.

Site Features:

  • Wired for Generator
  • Bath Off Master
  • Dble Pane/Strm Windw
  • Dining Room
  • Walk-in Closet
  • Deck
  • Gated Entry
  • Hot Tub/Spa
  • RV Parking
  • Shop

Here are photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Click here to see the full, detailed listing.

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by Dave Markwell

The other day I put my underwear on backwards. This was not super-unusual. I will often, in my morning haste, put the wrong foot in the wrong leg hole. Typically, I discover this error immediately and fix it. This day, I did not. I spent the first half of my day with my boxers backwards and only discovered this mix-up when nature called and my fly hole was missing.
As I pondered how this could have happened, I recounted my morning, getting dressed with a flurry of thoughts and plans and ideas racing through my mind and somehow missed this fairly mundane, yet not insignificant feature of my comfort. Upon recognizing my oversight, I fixed it, then and there.

Upon reflection, I remember feeling a sense that something was just not right. It wasn’t a big wrong, but I know what normal feels like and this wasn’t it. I couldn’t identify the source, but I was a bit uneasy and unclear. Again, these sentiments are not uncommon, so I just kind of dealt with it. Like a regular day.

Discovering that my grundies were backwards caused me an eyebrow raise. Now, I have been dressing myself for quite some time and, minus style points, have done ok. I know which shoe belongs on which foot and that the tag goes on the inside of my shirts. I had no good explanation for this oversight, except that I got busy-minded. And this might be the problem…
Last week, I ran into an old real estate buddy and a beer-driven conversation ensued. He said, “Markwell, your problem is that you can’t get out of your own head.” The context was in reference to my former successful real estate career and the nominal dissatisfaction I felt about it. ”I need answers and fulfillment!! Damn it!!” was my near indignant response. But, he got me thinking. Jerk.

I (and probably not only me) tend to overthink. I’m not a “flow” guy. I want, very much, to be one. And I have my moments of clarity and insight and truth, but much of the time, I live uncertain. With this in mind, my underwear “situation” may have showcased the flaw in this way of being or at least spotlighted a scenario in which some parallels could be drawn.
In our haste to “get” someplace, we miss important things. These things are vital to our peace and comfort. We often sacrifice them, as a form of tithing, to appease a faulty sense that we must self-emolliate before we can simply be happy. This is wrong thinking, I recognize after remembering a long morning spent with ill-fitting underwear. The distractions of my mind overruled a pretty basic tenet of life: it’s meant to be enjoyed. Gratefully, backwards underwear and a backwards life rely only on us to remedy. We control them.

We know when things fit and when they don’t. Always. We simply need to tune in. Plenty of available distractions exist to confuse this idea. So, the challenge is listening. We know the truth. We know the path and the light. It’s clear when we choose to face the sun with our heads and hearts up. The forever question is how to achieve this ideal with intention, and maybe the forever answer is to stop asking so many questions…

A Hemingway quote from “For Whom the Bell Tolls” I copied in an old journal many years ago resonates maybe more now than ever…

“So if your life trades seventy years for seventy hours I have that value now and I am lucky enough to know it. And if there is not any such thing as a long time, nor the rest of your lives, nor from now on, but there is only now, why then now is the thing to praise and I am very happy with it.”

Well, I may not be much closer to an answer than before, but I’m scratching and digging for one. For me, it may be just a case of the search being the destination. But, I do know that a little more time spent in the actual moment we’re living is not wasted time and being “happy with it” is not wasted time, either. Good things happen here. In fact, everything happens here. And missing a single one can leave us wishing for it back, or at least regretting a long morning spent with backwards underpants…

[EDITOR’S NOTE:”Feel Good Friday” is a regular column written by Des Moines resident Dave Markwell, whose first book is called “A Feel Good Life” (buy it on Amazon here). He also runs the Waterland Arcade, located at 22306 Marine View Drive South. Dave extols to all neighbors: “Enjoy where we live. Put your feet on the pavement and truly feel how great it is to live here!” Also, Dave needs more friends – find him on Facebook here.

From our sister site The B-Town Blog:

SeaCompression – an arts-centric fundraiser festival sometimes called ‘Burien Man’ – is returning to Burien this Saturday, Oct. 14, from 4 p.m. – Midnight.

This year’s event will be FREE, all ages/kid-friendly (yet with a 21+ area), and will be held on SW 151st Street between 6th and 8th Ave SW (map below).

This great arts fest had previously been held at the Burien Interim Art Space (B/IAS), in the lot where The Maverick apartments are now located on SW 150th and 5th Ave SW, so in a way it’s returning to its home. The last iteration of this event in Burien was in 2012 (read our previous coverage here).

Those wacky Kids behind B/IAS and Night of 1000 Pumpkins – Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson, along with Co-Producers Cameron Sherman, Kirsten Mohan and Ben Tramposh and a whole troupe of volunteers – are bringing back Ignition Northwest’s annual fundraiser SeaCompression.

This year it’ll be FREE to the public and kid friendly (well mostly kid friendly), and will include a Giant Monkey bus, a Submarine and a shoe that belches, along with plenty of fire, plenty of interactive art and live performances.

The event will also feature a ticketed 21 and over area with dancing, live bands, beer garden and plenty of art, artists and all the shenanigans you expect from the INW Crew.

Here’s a new map:

Here’s the music lineup so far:

Yellow Brick Stage lineup:

Emerald Stage lineup:

Here is no Home without you – buy your tickets to the event’s ticketed area restricted to 21+ with bars, more of everything and performance stages. Your ticket purchase helps pay for the event, as well as INW’s grants and scholarship programs:

A Shuttle bus will provide transport to and from the event, running from Eden (1950 1st Ave – Official SeaCompression After Party hosted by Slutgarden), SODO lightrail station and Tukwila lightrail station. Departing from Eden every hour on the hour from 3 – 10 p.m., SoDo lightrail 10 min. after the hour. Tukwila 30 past the hour.

WHAT: SeaCompression 2017 will feature a free and open “street fair” full of family friendly art and activities, as well as a ticketed area restricted to 21+ with bars, more of everything and performance stages. Your ticket purchase helps pay for the event, as well as INW’s grants and scholarship programs.

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 14, from 4 p.m. to Midnight

WHERE: SW 151st Street, between 6th and 8th Ave SW, Burien (area map below).

COST: FREE, but it’s a fundraiser so feel free to be generous! This event is open to all ages with plenty of opportunities to support Ignition Northwest and plenty of adult fun to go along with it all.

INFO: For more info, visit

After many years of “Feel Good Fridays,” a definitive collection of Dave Markwell’s weekly column for The Waterland Blog has been compiled and is AVAILABLE for your reading delight!

Through the years, Dave has chronicled the lives of his kids, dogs, and the challenges and joys of parenthood and human-hood, as well as his search for “answers” to the often murky questions of the heart.

“Meaning of life” questions about purpose and value and love and struggle and time are explored with an open-minded curiosity and a wide-eyed marvel at the richness of our shared human experience.

This collection of words and ideas spans the universal topic of “what’s important?”

It challenges the reader to search and find and feel an answer worthy of being called a “truth”.

It’s a gentle reminder of the power of a simple moment and speaks to the voices we sometimes feel more than hear…and it’s kind of funny, too.

Copies of Dave’s new book can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here.

Or…Dave is tending the Sandbar at the Waterland Arcade in downtown Des Moines on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5-8 p.m., and has copies available for sale, which he may even autograph if you say the magic word.

He also likes visitors, so stop in and say “hi”!

Celebrate the new Transportation Gateway to the City in the Des Moines Activity Center on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 at 3 p.m.

Major funding partners will be honored including the Port of Seattle, the Transportation Improvement Board, the Federal Highway Administration/WSDOT, the Washington State Freight Mobility Investment Board, the Panattoni Development Company, the new businesses in the Des Moines Creek Business Park (DMCBP) and King County Metro.

The agenda includes celebrating the Gateway as a major milestone enhancing the sustainability of the City, awards from state agencies, a presentation from the Port of Seattle, status of Des Moines Creek Business Park Phase 4 on the east side of 24th Avenue S., and kick off of King County Metro’s Community Connections pilot project.

A ribbon cutting will follow.

The Seattle Symphony will perform its second annual FREE Community Concert at the Des Moines Beach Park Event Center Auditorium located at 22030 Cliff Avenue S.. this Friday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. 

“Come early – the Mt. Rainier High School Orchestra conducted by Jordan Beckman will open for the Symphony at 6:30 p.m. performing Handel’s Concerto Grosso op. 3 no. 1  (selected movements)!”

Doors open at 6 p.m., and parking is available at the Marina; shuttle services will be provided to the Auditorium beginning at 6 p.m.

The Seattle Symphony’s repertoire is:

  • LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Septet in E-flat major, Op. 20

Des Moines Beach Park is located at 22030 Cliff Avenue S.:

Please join the Des Moines, Normandy Park and Port of Seattle Police Departments for ‘Tip A Cop,’ a fundraiser for Special Olympics on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Cops will be “serving” food (instead of warrants or tickets) and accepting tips in a fun-filled fundraiser at Red Robin in Des Moines.

This event will be held during both lunch and dinner:

  • 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Red Robin is located at 22705 Marine View Drive in Des Moines:

Saltwater Music Series & Des Moines United Methodist Church present:

An Evening of Song with Rachel Duval

WHEN: Saturday, October 21, 20177pm

WHERE: Des Moines United Methodist Church, 22225 9th Ave S, Des Moines, WA 98198

Free Admission – $10 donation encouraged to support hurricane relief efforts in the USA (including Puerto Rico) through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

New York City-based opera singer Rachel Duval, a graduate of the University of Washington, returns to the Northwest to sing her favorite arias and give the world premiere performances of new pieces by local composers Steven Luksan and Dr. Justin Henderlight.  An Evening of Song with Rachel Duval will feature new musical settings of the Psalms, along with the poetry of Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg, and Portland-based poet Val Mallinson.  Rachel will be joined by Steven Luksan (piano & organ), Justin Henderlight (oboe), and Julia Adams (violin) for this one-of-a-kind concert.

Rachel spent the last six years living in Barcelona, Spain.  She gained international attention when she sang on the Spanish Nation Televion (TVE) program Insuperables, a show viewed by five million Spaniards.  Now back in the States, Rachel recently appeared at the Opera Cultura in San Jose, with the Cantati Project in NYC, and at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, NY.

The Saltwater Music Series, now in its second season, is a chance for residents of South King County to enjoy unique concerts of classical chamber music right in their own neighborhood.  Des Moines United Methodist Church hosts the concert series in their beautiful Sanctuary, and all proceeds from the concerts go to a worthy charitable cause.

For more information, visit

The Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce – the driving force of business for Southwest King County – announced that they will be holding a new event and initiative celebrating women in business and leadership in Southwest King County on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

The ‘Celebration of Women in Business’ will be an inspiring event that brings together successful local female leaders, executives, business owners and young professionals to share insights, exchange ideas and empower their careers. Everyone is welcome as we gather together to commit ourselves and our community to mentor, encourage and celebrate women who have and will lead our local economy and community.

Senator Karen Keiser will address attendees as well as Andrea Reay, President/CEO Seattle Southside Chamber.

“Highlighting the work of women in every industry is vital as we collectively work to ensure a more equitable and competitive business environment,” said Sen. Karen Keiser, D-Des Moines. “I thank the South Seattle Chamber of Commerce for their continued partnership to empower and encourage women in our state to make an impact in their professions”

Celebration of Women Event will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 25t, from 4 – 6 p.m. at Anthony’s Homeport in Des Moines (421 S 228th Street).

“Thank you to our host, Anthony’s Homeport, and to our event sponsors Wells Fargo, Crain Photography and South King Media.”

Space is limited at the event so don’t forget to register early to reserve your place.  Register online here:

…or call the office during regular office hours (206) 575-1633 or email Emma Oglesby, Membership Service Director, at [email protected]

About the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce
The Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization that has served the communities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila since 1988.  The mission of the Chamber is to be a leader in Southwest King County and a regional voice and resource for building business success.  The Chamber focuses on business advancement in the region by helping to build and maintain a strong economic environment.

Close to 60 local employers with full-time, part-time and temporary job opening will be represented at Highline College’s Fall Job Fair, set for Wednesday, Oct. 28.

The event is free and open to the public, and will run from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Building 8; no advance registration is necessary.

Employers from a wide variety of industries will be represented. Attendees should be prepared to speak with recruiters, dress professionally and bring extra copies of their résumé.

Free career workshops are also available to prepare for the fair.

Participating Employers:

  • ABM Healthcare Support Services
  • Amazon Fulfillment
  • American Family Insurance
  • Apartment Advantage Staffing
  • Apple Retail
  • AT&T Retail
  • BECU
  • Bellair Charters
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Bright Horizons
  • CarMax
  • City of SeaTac
  • College Nannies & Tutors
  • Columbia Hospitality, Inc.
  • Comcast
  • Compass Housing Alliance
  • Downtown Emergency Service Center
  • Family Resource Home Care
  • Fastenal Company
  • Federal Way Public Schools
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • First Student
  • Franciscan Health System
  • Full Life Care
  • Grace Children’s Center
  • Harris Rebar
  • Highline College’s Community & Employment Services
  • Highline Public Schools
  • Home Care Referral Registry
  • Kelly Services
  • KinderCare
  • Korean Women’s Association
  • Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers
  • Macy’s
  • Northwest Hospital & Medical Center
  • Ontrac
  • Overlake Hospital Medical Center
  • Overlake Terrace
  • Phoenix Protective Corporation
  • PhysAssist Scribes, Inc.
  • Port Jobs – Airport Jobs
  • Primerica
  • Prologistix
  • Puget Sound Regional Services
  • Renton School District
  • Rescare
  • Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Select Staffing
  • UPS
  • U.S. Army Recruiting Station
  • U.S. Navy Careers
  • Uwajimaya
  • Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation
  • Washington Community Action Network
  • YMCA of Greater Seattle

WHEN: Wednesday, October 18, 2017: 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

WHERE: Highline College’s main campus, Building 8

COST: FREE for job seekers

INFO:  View the latest list of participating employers.

All are invited aboard the Argosy Cruise Boat ‘Goodtime II’ for a Marina Development Community Meeting dockside at the Des Moines Marina on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

“The Goodtime II will provide an innovative setting for the community to work through potential development options based on work our consultants provided to the City Council and the public last spring,” the City said in a statement.

WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017: 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Des Moines Marina, aboard the Argosy Cruise Boat, Goodtime II.

INFO: For more information please contact:

Bonnie Wilkins
City Clerk/Communications Director at [email protected] or call 206-870-6519.

An Open House for the historic Van Gasken ‘Red House’ Property will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28, from 1 – 3 p.m. at the house at 402 S. 222nd Street (map below).

“Join the City of Des Moines and Forterra to Celebrate the Van Gasken Property Acquisition.”

As we previously reported, the City signed an agreement with Forterra to purchase the historic property located above the Des Moines Marina, with the intention of expanding the city’s parks and open spaces as well as preserving it for permanent conservation. The property contains the former home of sawmill operator William Van Gasken, was built in 1889, and has remained in the family until it was recently put on the market.

The purchase price was $1.19 million, which was financed by Forterra.

Here’s more info from the Des Moines Historical Society:

This house overlooking Puget Sound was built in 1889 for Capt. William D. Fleming and his wife Jane. Jane, a widow with 2 children, met and married Capt. Fleming in Liverpool, England. The Fleming’s had moved to Oakland, California and Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho before settling in Des Moines.

When Mr. Fleming died Jane’s daughter, Emma, and son-in-law, William Van Gasken moved in with Mrs. Fleming. Jane Fleming died in the family home in 1919.

The Van Gasken’s were among the first permanent residents of Des Moines. A 15 year-old schoolteacher in Delaware, Mr. Van Gasken worked his way west as a camp cook. In the winter of 1886-1887 he traveled to Alaska hoping to better himself. When returning from Juneau he met his soon to be wife, Emma Rebecca Shaw. She was an English born passenger-guest on her brother’s schooner the George W. Elder. The couple married on December 4, 1888 and in 1889 moved to Des Moines to operate a lumber mill. Mr. Van Gasken operated his saw mill on Des Moines Creek from 1889 to 1892. The two moved to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho to run Kootenai Trading Company until 1910. They returned to Des Moines in 1910 with their children (sons-Pullman, Jack, Mark E. and daughter-Harriette) and spent their lives as active members of the community. Emma passed away, a resident of Des Moines, in 1958. Their son Mark E. Van Gasken married a local girl, Gladys Case, and their son, Mark W., was the Mt. Rainier Senior High band director from 1964-1981. The house remains in the family through Harriett Bray-Peterson.


  • Onsite parking is NOT available.
  • ADA parking and shuttle service to the Open House will be provided from the Des Moines Marina north parking lot.
  • Parking at the Marina will be FREE and validated at the Open House.