[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Des Moines Citizens,

It is an auspicious occasion for Des Moines, because the City Council is deliberating on our 2015 budget; allocating precious-few resources to the many needs of our community. This is arguably the most important duty of a City Council, because it requires them to prioritize a list of wants, against a litany of needs; providing us both essential and non-essential government services. A budget is the manifestation of an organization’s priorities. Where the Council puts our tax money, shows what their priorities are. Unfortunately, the budgetary priorities of the Des Moines City Council are manifestly incongruent with their current stated priorities in their Mission/Vision statement, which is the Council’s guiding document and creed, as seen on the City’s website here: http://wa-desmoines.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/89

As of this writing, the City Council’s Mission states they “protect, preserve, promote, and improve the community by providing leadership and services reflecting the pride and values of Des Moines citizens,” and their number one Goal in support of that Mission is to “Protect People and Property.” But I ask my fellow citizens now, do you believe the Council has been faithfully executing those solemn principles? I would emphatically say no, and here is why.

For the past few years, the Council has allocated those very limited monetary resources into NON-essential “services” like remodeling the historical buildings in the Beach Park, in lieu of first providing essential services like the “industry standard” quantity of police officers here. This clearly demonstrates Council’s real priority. “Essential” governmental services are those things which are absolutely indispensable to a functioning city or society. The value-added to the city by just one extra police officer, (let alone the industry standard quantity) deterring crime and arresting those who victimize our citizens, far outweighs any benefits of having freshly-remodeled buildings in the Beach Park, which will provide dubious returns to the city. Put in economic parlance, Des Moines City Council has not supplied (funded) enough police officers, to fulfil the demand (rising crime) for police services. Which essential city “services” would you prefer from your leaders? Cops or structures? Security or vanity?

The Council’s minimal discussion about crime in Des Moines has been dismissive and downright contemptuous of the published FBI statistics which are driving the overall conversation. The most important aspect of which is the shocking rise in total violent and property crime in Des Moines between 2002 and 2012 (+18% and +27% respectively), as well as last week’s release from the FBI, showing yet another 5% increase in the Violent Crime rate here in DM between 2012 and 2013. To put a cherry on top of it all, we had both a shooting AND a murder here last week. For the past decade, the Council has been chronically understaffing the DM Police Department, by at least 10 police officers per state average for a city of our population, presumably to fund their non-essential vanity projects in the Beach Park instead. This is simply outrageous.

After being directly confronted with the incongruences of the City Council’s budgeting and their written creed at the Thursday Nov 13th Council meeting, they reacted. Just two days later on Saturday Nov 15th during their yearly Budget Retreat, they quickly moved to change their creed; to not be seen as hypocritical in their duties to live up to their own public-facing standards. Think about this for a second. Rather than affirmatively DEALING with the City’s problems and actually DOING something, they moved the goalposts. I see this as a serious integrity problem with the City Council. This is not my idea of the “leadership” they purport to provide in their mission statement.

Completely sidestepping the crime problem in Des Moines, the Council also voted at the Budget Retreat to change their top long-term strategic objective from “Increase Public Safety” to “Provide support for programs to improve public safety.” No discussion of exactly what “support” they would provide however (moral support?). Council thought that by overtly stating in their creed they should “Increase Public Safety,” they were admitting Des Moines actually HAD a public safety problem; dismissing all of the unassailable FBI crime data that proves otherwise. For a Council apparently sensitive to bad PR, they just changed their creed and didn’t think how phony and disingenuous doing so would make them look in the end. To verify these allegations, listen to the audio recording of the budget retreat here: http://www.desmoineswa.gov/index.aspx?NID=296

To the Des Moines Police Department’s credit, they are trying to become an “Accredited Agency,” which is essentially just a means for the city to reduce risk and liability. With the absence of provided resources, it’s the best they can do right now. But accreditation does NOT reduce crime; there is absolutely no empirical evidence showing otherwise. None. For the City Council to expect PD accreditation to solve the city’s profound crime problems is pure folly. Like painting over the rust on an old car, it does add temporary value, but the problem still remains.

I have no doubt that Mayor Kaplan or one of his accomplices will attempt to equivocate and refute these allegations below, despite having the ample bully-pulpit of his position on the dais. But it is important for the citizens of Des Moines to hear about the very real discrepancies between what they are telling you in their campaign promises and their explicitly-stated Vision and Mission statement (online), and what they are actually doing with their fiduciary power to “provide services.” Considering the obvious inconsistencies, you too will understand how grossly negligent the City Council has been in executing their moral duties to keep us safe, indeed, “protecting people and property,” just like they promised.

Providing the proper quantity of police officers is the most essential of services any government provides its citizens. If the Council can’t get this most basic of things right, by providing adequate safety and security to their citizens, through their most important crime-fighting mechanism (the police), how can we EVER expect for them to get anything else right? Now is the time to demand the Council demonstrate the wisdom and common sense we elected them for.

The Des Moines City Council has their final budget vote next Thursday night (7pm) at the City Hall. Go tell them what you think, and hold them accountable for their promises. Can’t make it? Call or write each of them and tell them to allocate funds in accordance with their (old) Vision and Mission statement. Proper police, BEFORE parks.

Here is their contact info: http://www.desmoineswa.gov/index.aspx?NID=115

James Payne,
Des Moines resident and concerned citizen

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The good folks at our Real Estate Sponsor Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest would like to welcome Chris Dutton of Northwest Mortgage Alliance to their team!

“As a Professional Mortgage Loan Originator, Chris has experience to see you through the home buying process,” reads an announcement. “His purpose is to inspire and provide his customers with above and beyond service. Helping others achieve their goal of home ownership excites Chris and is the reason he loves his work.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home and would like to be pre-qualified before you start looking for a home, please contact Chris, he’d love to help you.


Chris can be reached at:

REMINDER: Police – including the King County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team – will be conducting training at and around the Des Moines Marina (22307 Dock Ave.) all day Tuesday, Nov. 25 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

There will be officers in and around the marina dressed in SWAT uniforms.

You may hear some loud noises (helicopter) throughout the day as part of the training.

“We apologize for any inconvenience that you may incur during this training,” reads an announcement.

For more information, contact Deputy Steve Gowin at the King County Sheriff’s Office:

Special Operations
PO Box 770
22300 SE 231st St.
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Phone: 206-477-6440

From our sister site The Normandy Park Blog:

The Normandy Park Police Department is reporting that around 11 p.m. on Friday night (Nov. 21), Officer Norris and Reserve Officer McBride were dispatched to the Papa John’s at the Normandy Park Towne Center for an armed robbery in progress.

Police say that a white male in his early 20s, wearing a black ski mask, black gloves and black clothing, and armed with a handgun, entered the store with a delivery driver who had just opened the locked front door.

Once inside the suspect demanded cash.

Read the full story here.


The City of Des Moines wants to build a shared vision for the future, and are asking residents to help direct the Comprehensive Plan Update by giving feedback via an online survey.

The Comprehensive Plan sets the direction for how the community will grow and thrive over the next 20 years.

“We want to hear what issues you face as a community member and what opportunities there are to inform public policy changes at the City level,” reads an announcement. “Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.”

To take the survey, go to www.desmoineswa.gov and click on “Des Moines 2025″ (direct link here).

For more information, contact Nikole Coleman at ncolemand@desmoineswa.gov or (206) 870-6551.

WLB Real Estate Sponsor Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Northwest’s Open House – set for both this Saturday and Sunday – is a completely updated large 5 bedroom in Gregory Heights!

It’s got hardwood floors on the main level and new carpeting on the lower level.

The kitchen and baths have been elegantly remodeled and all rooms newly painted.

Spacious rec room opens out to the serene fenced back yard.

Bonus room available for crafts, projects, gear… whatever you need.

Close to Gregory Heights community pool.

This home is move in ready, the work has all been done!

Here are some pics (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):















Here are the details:

WHAT: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Open House

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 22: 1 – 4 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 23:, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE: 1938 SW 166th Street, Burien, WA 98166


  • List Price: $425,000
  • MLS Number: 700749
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 1.75
  • Year Built: 1955
  • Approximate House SqFt: 2,060
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 7,920

Site Features:

  • Dble Pane/Strm Windw
  • Fenced-Partially
  • Gas Available
  • Outbuildings

Marketing remarks:

Completely updated large 5 bedroom in Gregory Heights!

Hardwood floors on the main level, new carpeting on the lower level.

Kitchen and baths have been elegantly remodeled and all rooms newly painted. Spacious rec room opens out to the serene fenced back yard.

Bonus room available for crafts, projects, gear… whatever you need.

Close to Gregory Heights community pool.

This home is move in ready, the work has all been done!

Click here to see the full, detailed listing.

Click here to view all of Berkshire Hathaway’s Open Houses.

Press “Play” button to hear live weather info.

by Chris Scragg
Puget Sound Weather Geek

We’ve stepped into the week before Thanksgiving, and nature’s here to remind us what season we’re in. Our big protective hill of high pressure has broken and moved out, which means things are going to change fast. Out with the chilly temperatures and cloudless skies, and in with the all too familiar overcast, rainy, and breezy.

A series of systems are beginning to trek across the Pacific Ocean to deliver our dose of storminess going into the rest of the week and into the weekend.

NOTE: The Stage 2 Burn Ban that was issued Wednesday (Nov. 19) has been LIFTED.

Here’s the forecast layout for the next few days:

THURSDAY: A disorganized storm system is swinging in a weak batch of rain late Wednesday night into early morning Thursday. We’re going to see spotty showers throughout the day with mild temperatures in the low 50s. Things start to dry out in the late afternoon.  Nothing special here.

FRIDAY: Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. As Thursday’s weak front clears out, another stronger, and more robust storm slams into Canada just north of Vancouver Island. This front will leave some pretty hefty rain totals, and usher in some locally strong winds. At this point, the Seattle, Burien, and Tacoma areas look pretty weak for winds. Stronger gusts of 40-50mph could be felt in the northern Puget Sound.

SATURDAY: Another period of heavier rain will fall on Saturday in parts of interior western Washington as an upper level storm culls in some colder air in the upper atmosphere. This forecast is less certain, but will be clarified later.

SUNDAY: Sunday looks like a rerun of Thursday. Another strong system looks to be rushing in bands of heavy rain and possibly some higher winds in spots. This one will be watched as data comes in.

After the weekend, the weather prediction computer models get a bit sloppy, so most forecasters are going to hold off on next week until there’s a better consensus.

For the latest local weather, be sure to follow the Puget Sound Weather Geek:

Thanks for visiting! If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback please email me at info@pswxgeek.com

The Burien Bark Family (Advertisers and friends of the blog) are going to keep the local holiday spirit alive by opening a second Christmas tree lot once again this year.

The second lot will be at the Normandy Park Towne Center. The home base tree lot will, as always, be at “our bark yard,” says Burien Bark proprietor Jeff Clairmont.

Their year-round bark yard is located at 13258 1st Avenue South in Burien.

Readers and Burien Bark loyalists will recall their location in prior years at the former Herr Backyard Nursery in Five Corners, a site no longer available.

Jeff Clairmont searched and found a home for his trees right in front of the Normandy Park Market, the anchor store at Normandy Park Towne Center.

Both lots will open for your holiday tree selection beginning Friday, November 28.

“We’ll have our Christmas store open right next to Normandy Park Market,” Jeff said. “We’ll have gifts and wreaths for sale. And, we’ll flock your tree there, as well.”

They will be carrying a variety of Noble, Douglas, Grand, Nordman and Fraser Firs.

Burien Bark’s main office is located at 13258 1st Avenue South. To get to Normandy Park Towne Center, head south on 1st Avenue South to 198th and turn right.

They will be open 7 days a week.

Deliveries of sod, bark and gravel from the bark yard will, of course, be continuously available throughout the tree sale.

Please call or stop by for delivery information.

Burien Bark
13258 1st Ave South
Burien, WA 98168

(206) 242-6567


On Tuesday Nov. 25, the King County Sheriff’s Office TAC 30 team (the department’s tactical unit) will be hosting a multi-agency maritime operations exercise in the area of the Des Moines waterfront, including the marina.

“Citizens may see our helicopter flying from the Alki Point area south to Dumas Bay,” reads an announcement.

Hours of the exercise will be from approximately 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The main landing zone for the helicopter will be the Des Moines Marina. Agencies participating in the exercise include the Washington State Patrol, Seattle Police, Bainbridge Island Police, the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection and King County Medic One.

There will be numerous law enforcement boats involved in the exercise, along with one boat from Argosy Cruises.

The main landing zone for the helicopter will be the Des Moines Marina.

During the exercise there will be no public access to the pier.

Good news for pets and owners in in the south end: starting Monday, Dec. 1, Advertiser Priceless Pets Veterinary Clinic in Normandy Park will now be open later to serve their client’s busy schedules!

Just in time for the busy holiday season, Priceless Pets will be open:

  • M,W,F: 9am-7pm
  • T, TH: 10am-7pm
  • Sat: 9am-5pm

PricelessPetPeeps2As always, Drs. Patrick and Lee Miles – along with their whole staff – remain committed to providing the highest quality care and friendly, compassionate service for both pets and owners. Their move to extended hours is just one more level of service and convenience you can expect to find in their practice. The also continue to offer walk-in appointments and drop-off service , however, walk-in services end 30 minutes prior to the close of business.

And as if offering more hours to care for your four-legged friends wasn’t enough, they’ve launched their new website: www.pricelesspetclinic.com, offering a host of helpful information and tips to keep your pet healthy and happy. Clients also have online access to their pets health and exam records. Can’t recall when their last vaccination was administered? No problem! Just log-on to review all those important dates.

We can’t say enough about the great care they have given our own pets. But don’t take our word for it, check out their Yelp reviews here:


We know you will be impressed.

Priceless Pet Clinic is located at 19893 1st Ave. South, Suite #202 in the Normandy Park Towne Center.

Call 206-592-6454 for more information, or visit www.pricelesspetclinic.com.

Be sure to “Like” them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pricelesspet

The bridge over Saltwater State Park – on Marine View Drive from S. 252nd Street – will be closed for a seismic retrofit project until at least the end of April, 2015.

This construction project will cost between $2.8 to $3.2 million dollars.

According to an announcement, the work will include:

“Install new bridge seats. Construct bridge approach slab. Reconstruct bridge footings. Install micropiles. Seismic retrofit. Crack sealing and concrete repair. Site drainage. Waterline reconstruction. FRP column wrapping. Pigmented sealer. Provide temporary fencing, erosion control, and property restoration. Landscaping. And all incidental items necessary to complete the Work as described in the Plans and Specifications.”

Traffic is being detoured via signage.

The Des Moines City Council, along with Recology CleanScapes, recently awarded ‘Waste Reduction Grants’ to Midway and North Hill Elementary Schools.

Teachers, students, and parents at Midway and North Hill Elementary Schools were recognized by the Des Moines City Council and Recology CleanScapes, and accepted $2,500 checks for their efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste.

The schools were recognized and rewarded for their participation and achievement of Level One status in the King County Green Schools program. The first level in the Green Schools program encourages recycling and waste reduction, and schools that participate receive technical assistance and supplies from King County.

“I congratulate North Hill and Midway Elementary Schools, and the Highline School District, for their efforts at recycling. Their reduction of waste contributed to our landfills shows the leadership of the upcoming generation toward a cleaner, and greener future.”

North Hill Elementary has achieved Level Three status in the Green Schools program. The school has reduced its waste by: requiring that printed paper be double-sided; composting food scraps in a worm bin, which has developed into teacher curriculum; and creating an Ecology Club that monitors recycling rates in classrooms.

Midway Elementary increased its recycling by adding recycling bins to every classroom and school office and creating a milk carton recycling program. These strategies increased Midway’s recycling rate to 56 percent during the 2013-2014 school year.

“Schools like North Hill Elementary and Midway Elementary are demonstrating that significant waste reduction is possible with committed teachers and students, a few straightforward, effective strategies, and the support of school officials and parents,” said Recology CleanScapes General Manager Dan Bridges. “We are inspired by these schools’ efforts and their impressive results, and look forward to working with schools throughout the district to adopt Midway and North Hill’s creative strategies.”

The $2,500 awards are part of the City of Des Moines and Recology CleanScapes’ Waste Reduction Reward program, which recognizes neighborhoods and schools for their contributions to decreased trash to the landfill and increased recycling programs.

Recology CleanScapes currently provides solid waste and recycling collection service for the cities of Seattle, Shoreline, Des Moines, Issaquah, Burien, SeaTac, Maple Valley, and Carnation. Recology CleanScapes is a subsidiary of Recology, an employee-owned company that sees a world without waste, where resources are used and re-used in a sustainable ecosystem that strives for their best and highest use.

Friend of the Blog and Advertiser Zenith Holland Gardens in Des Moines will hold their terrific annual Wreath Making Class this Saturday, Nov. 22.

It starts at 11 a.m. and the cost is $49.95.

You’ll learn a skill to use for a lifetime. Students will receive seven Paper White bulbs free (a $6.99 value) AND students get to keep their wreaths!

Also, keep in mind that Zenith’s Christmas tree sale starts this Friday, Nov. 21, and they will be open seven days a week.

Poinsettias, garlands, centerpieces and much more will be available.

Established in 1907, Zenith Holland Gardens is the oldest continually operating business in Des Moines. The gardens house eleven greenhouses on just over an acre of land on the east side of Marine View Drive South in south Des Moines.

Holiday Hours (starting Nov. 21):

  • Monday-Friday: 10-7
  • Saturday: 9-8
  • Sunday: 10-6

Zenith Holland Gardens
23260 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines, WA 98198

Phone 206-878-7002


by Dave Markwell

This morning one of my wonderfully goofy 6 am CrossFit girls made me love her. When she looked at me with hope and fear as she asked if we could play her iPod during the workout, I was moved. There was really nothing special about this moment, but 6 am on a weekday morning our standards of love may be unique. As I shook my head and smiled and plugged in her device and Prince came blasting out, I felt love for a person and an ordinary moment in time.

This is not unusual. I feel this way often. My life is filled with people who create moments in which a love can happen. The people we love are made in the moments we share. They change with the times and places of our lives. We can and do love many people, if only for a brief moment. This is ok. The duration of the love is not important. The connection is what matters. I don’t understand how or where or when these connections occur and why sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. I do understand that it’s nice when they happen. They remind us that we’re connected and make us feel good about life. They tell us the truth that life is pretty good.

While parking my truck at the grocery store the other day, an old black guy and I met in the lot as our vehicles parked side-by-side. We walked across the pavement toward the store together chatting about the recent storm as the autumn sun shone on our path. Upon entering the store, we went our different directions with wishes for a good day and grins. I loved this man in this moment. For 30 seconds, we connected as human beings and our lives were moved in some infinitesimal degree by this. It mattered.

We can feel love for people at any time. We don’t choose the times we feel this way. These moments seem to choose us. We can love in a grocery store line. We can love at the gas pump. We can love while walking our dog or doing the dishes. We can love as a memory, as a fantasy, or in a dream. These feelings can surprise us with their power and they resonate long after the moment has passed. It’s a good hangover to have.

[EDITOR’S NOTE:”Feel Good Friday” is a regular column written by Des Moines resident Dave Markwell, who just published his first book called “A Feel Good Life” (buy it on Amazon here). Dave also extols to all neighbors: “Enjoy where we live. Put your feet on the pavement and truly feel how great it is to live here!” Also, you can “friend” Dave on Facebook here. Or work out with him at his exercise company Waterland CrossFit!]

WLB Real Estate Sponsor Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Northwest’s Open House – set for this Sunday, Nov. 16, is an amazing 4-bedroom view home in Des Moines!

This modern lifestyle home has breathtaking, westerly Puget Sound and island views.

Refined and artfully appointed interiors of the highest quality blend with the latest in high technology.

Walls of Venetian plaster and sandstone, with many art gallery-quality etched, leaded and stained glass windows and spectacular chandeliers adorn luxurious interior spaces with soft contours and colors.

Walls of windows & French doors draw in private, spectacular views above Saltwater State Park, all located seconds from Saltys at Redondo Beach!

Here are some pics (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):



















Here are the details:

WHAT: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Open House

WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 16, from 1 – 3 p.m.

WHERE: 848 S. 260th Street, Des Moines, WA 98198


  • List Price: $1,150,000
  • MLS Number: 696482
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3.25
  • Year Built: 1991
  • Approximate House SqFt: 4,390
  • Approximate Lot SqFt: 7,262

Site Features:

  • Wine Cellar
  • Wired for Generator
  • Bath Off Master
  • Built-In Vacuum
  • Ceiling Fan(s)
  • Dble Pane/Strm Windw
  • Dining Room
  • Fireplace in Mstr BR
  • French Doors
  • High Tech Cabling
  • Jetted/Soaking Tub
  • Security System
  • Skylights
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Pantry
  • Walk-in Closet

Marketing remarks:

Modern lifestyle with breathtaking Westerly Puget Sound & island views!

Refined and artfully appointed interiors of the highest quality blend with the latest in high technology.

Walls of Venetian plaster & sandstone with many art gallery-quality etched, leaded & stained glass windows & spectacular chandeliers adorn luxurious interior spaces w/ soft contours & colors.

Walls of windows & French doors draw in private, spectacular views above Saltwater State Park, Ssconds to Saltys at Redondo Beach!

Click here to see the full, detailed listing.

Click here to view all of Berkshire Hathaway’s Open Houses.

The Des Moines Police Department is reporting that a man was shot in the hand Thursday afternoon (Nov. 13) in the 22100 block of 30th Ave South, near Midway Park.

The man was taken to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

This is the second shooting in two consecutive days in Des Moines (read about the previous one here).

According to Public Information Officer Sgt. Doug Jenkins, the victim and a relative were walking to the park when they were approached by three males. One of the suspects said something to the victim that he didn’t understand. The victim turned around and a handgun was pointed at him. The victim grabbed the gun and it went off, striking him in the hand. The three suspects fled southbound on foot through the park and onto 30th Ave S.

Two nearby schools and nursing home went into lockdown for precautionary reasons. Once it was determined the suspects were no longer in the area the schools and nursing home were told the could resume business as usual.

The victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of a non life threatening wound.

Officers searched the area for the suspects but were not able to locate them.

The victim and his relative are not cooperating in the investigation and the suspect descriptions that have been provided are minimal.

“We were told the suspects are three light skinned males,” Jenkins said. “No approximate ages or clothing descriptions were provided.”

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Interpreter at the MaST Center?

  • Enjoy working with animals or want to learn how?
  • Not afraid to get your hands wet?
  • Want to learn about the life and environment of the Puget Sound?
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge and helping people discover new things?

Then you need to show up this Saturday, Nov. 15th from 10 a.m. – Noon for MaST;s NEW VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION!

Here’s more from the folks at MaST:

Attention college and high school students—volunteering at the MaST is a great way to build your resume and gain valuable experience for the workplace. You can even earn college credit or work study. No matter your intended major this is definitely an opportunity not to miss—especially if you are interested in the sciences or education.

For more information, please hit reply or email mast@highline.edu.

Minimum age is 14 years old, although 10-13 can team volunteer with a parent or guardian.

Must be willing to commit at least one day per month for one year.

The MaST Center is the marine biology and aquarium facility of Highline. Dedicated to expanding knowledge about the Puget Sound, the MaST Center serves as both teaching institute and public learning center. Located 4 miles south of campus at Redondo Beach, the MaST Center lies halfway between Seattle and Tacoma with easy access to a huge diversity of nearby habitats. The 2,500 square-foot facility offers public space, classroom, laboratories, offices, research areas with state-of-the-art equipment and an aquarium. The Aquarium holds 12 tanks totaling 3,000 gallons of flow-through seawater, and displays over 250 native Puget Sound marine species.

Open every Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to the public, the MaST Center, mast.highline.edu, is located at 28203 Redondo Beach Drive S.–
halfway between Seattle and Tacoma and about 5 minutes south of the main Highline campus.

Directions can be found at http://maps.highline.edu/mast.php

Become a fan at www.facebook.com/hccmast or on instagram @hcc_mast_center

Rus Higley
Manager/Instructor 206.715.0576
Marine Science & Technology (MaST) Center office located at the MaST, rm 109
Highline College P.O Box 98000, MS 29-3
Des Moines, WA 98198-9800


Zenith Holland’s Lyn Robinson

Friend of the Blog and Advertiser Zenith Holland Gardens is the place to pick up your Christmas tree this season.

November 21st is when it starts, (they’ll be open seven days a week), Des Moines is the place … and why stop at just a tree?

Zenith will also stock a wide variety of wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, paper whites, centerpieces and more.

The folks at Zenith would like to share these benefits of purchasing a real Christmas tree:

  1. When you purchase a tree from Zenith Holland Gardens you are supporting local business.
  2. Our trees come from a family owned farm right here in Western Washington.
  3. Our trees are a renewable resource which provides oxygen and protection for the wildlife around the family farm.
  4. Artificial trees are made from PVC, other petroleum based products and lead to make them pliable. They are known to contain carcinogens and other cancer causing agents. They are not recyclable and do not break down in the landfill. Most of the artificial trees come from a factory in China that emits large quantities of toxic pollutants.

Also, Zenith will be offering a limited selection of live trees which can be planted after the Holidays! They are a great alternative to real or fake.

btownblogtreeEstablished in 1907, Zenith Holland Gardens is the oldest continually operating business in Des Moines. Throughout the year they specialize in quality plants ranging from hardy perennials to culinary herbs, colorful annuals, sedums, ground covers and hanging baskets. The gardens house eleven greenhouses on just over an acre of land on the east side of Marine View Drive South.

Zenith Holland Gardens is located at 23260 Marine View Drive South.www.ZenithHolland.com

Zenith Holland Gardens
23260 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines, WA 98198

Phone: 206-878-7002


Holiday Hours (starting November 21)

  • Monday-Friday 10 to 7
  • Saturday 9 to 8
  • Sunday 10 to 6