“Okay, what have you done for me lately?”

With the huge success of Opening Day of the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market last Saturday (June 2) at its new Marina location, people are looking for more exciting things this coming Saturday. “Shoppers really liked the new location on the waterfront and the fact that you could enjoy eating meals from the food court right on the Boardwalk,” said Wayne Corey, Board President. “Having all the prepared food vendors in one place was another big plus. One of the things the market would like to stress is that there will be plenty more parking at the site, as the strong man competition will no longer be there.” Corey adds that one vendor, the Snohomish Bakery, was actually overwhelmed last week and weren’t prepared for the huge crowds. “This week they promise to have plenty of product on hand,” he said. “A lot of vendors experienced the same problem, but a welcome one, as more than one commented on having the best day ever at the market.” As the season progresses, look for more farmers’ booths as the harvest of crops begins to take place. Non-farm vendors will alternate days throughout the season as needed. If you liked the Arts Commission’s artists showing their works, look for them again on the first Saturday of every month. Also don’t forget this weekend and next to bring your used musical instruments for the Highline Music4Life program that refurbishes the instruments and donates them to the Highline School students who can’t afford them. Beginning June 16, and then again every Saturday till school starts, the Des Moines Area Food Bank will begin serving FREE lunches to all school age children. Look for it on the grass by the Marina office.]]>