A group calling itself ‘Friends of the Des Moines, Wa. Waterfront’ has launched a new website protesting the City of Des Moines’ plans for development of the Marina. “We recently discovered the City is rapidly moving forward with plans for major development in the Marina which could include multi-story hotel, offices, retail, restaurant and parking structure,” reads a note. “If we act now we still have an opportunity for input. We have more detailed information, a place for your suggestions, and an update signup about this project at the website.” Organizers appear to want to remain anonymous for now, and a WhoIs search of the domain name revealed a private/protected account. “We are “Friends of the Waterfront” who believe none of these options represent the best interests of existing businesses in our downtown nor the citizens of Des Moines,” the website states. More information on the movement is located at www.friendsofdesmoineswaterfront.com or by emailing [email protected]friendsofdesmoineswaterfront.com. We’re hoping to interview the people behind this website, and will do a new story when we reach them.]]>